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Author Topic: TBA  (Read 882 times)

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« on: October 13, 2012, 10:17:12 PM »
Inspired by the image set below. NSFW punctuated in bold. All image credit goes to the very talented HamletMachine.
"An ample jewel collection."
"In my room."
"Taking you to bed."
A moment's peace.

As the comic strips describe, my character will be a newly inducted member of a Red Fleet of soldiers. It's commonly known that they receive their name from their level of skill, leaving in their wake a battlefield stained with blood. They operate in all branches of the military: navy, airforce, and army. Corporal Stone is one of the few women in this noble sect of soldiers, and for good reason. She has all the aggressive determination of a man; complete with the confident ability of weaponry, combat, and the stubborn willpower to show her superiors she's a force to be reckoned with. Her closest comrades, in fact, were the men who gave her the hardest time when she was first initiated. After spilling their blood and breaking some bones, the circle of Red soldiers began to see gender a little differently. Indeed, many of them refer to Stone as a man now and find it strange to think of her otherwise. She's ambitious and has her goals set high. Her ferocity makes her a fearful enemy, but she truly is a gentleman at heart.

Indeed, it is not until your character, Miss Petrova, comes into her life that she allows her softer and harder sides to intermingle. A quick fuck was what introduced them, but Petrova's sharp wit and equally stubborn will make her an alluring companion for Stone. Unlike the whining, ditzy women of aristocracy, Petrova isn't afraid to show off her intelligence. She has the forked tongue of a serpent hidden beneath a beautiful, flower-like face. She is defiant of her gender roles in that she studies "man's" subjects: math, science, and those most horrid novels that are "much too sophisticated for young girls." She, too, dreams of leading and improving the conditions of women around her. Whereas Stone's combat lies in her body, Petrova's is with her exceptional mind and unfettered bravery.

What I'm looking for is someone to fill the Petrova role. I'm seeking a man/woman writer that doesn't shy from lesbian plots and shares feminist ideology. Petrova is not a "damsel in distress;" rather, she is a cunning fox of a woman who knows the best luxuries of life, but has the insatiable passion for more--for the knowledge that money cannot buy her. She is a woman that would wed a man to please her father, but would marry the most idiotic louse to keep below her heel. The writer that fits her should be fluid enough in this dominate/submissive role that Stone will undeniably have her in. I'd also appreciate my co-writer to be literate and to take pride in the posts he/she composes. I don't mean to make this a terribly academic ordeal, but I so lose patience with authors who don't put any effort into their posts: passion, after all, breeds passion. I'd like to establish a kind of comfortable friendship between my co-writer and myself. I think a story is best written when the authors of it can cooperate freely with each other. It's a lot more fun to be writing with a friend than just to "a person," right? That being said, this story has a plethora of flexibility in setting as it is a fantasy/sci-fi one. I warmly welcome suggestions on my writing partner's behalf, and will allow you your own choice as to what Miss Petrova's first name is. As far as on's and off's go, I really don't care to list them. I want the story to move without barriers and for our characters' sexual desires to be learned throughout the course of that story. If you are concerned, though, send me your list and I'll let you know if there's anything I'm not comfortable with doing.

If you're interested, please contact me via private message.
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The Mask
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2012, 02:39:03 AM »
"Remove the mask, and I shall do all that you desire."

Madame's is a beautiful, high-end palace where all desires of man and woman alike are met. The house offers everything from fine wines, rich feasts, and the most beautiful whores to suit whatever is your fancy. Madame, herself, who runs the legal brothel takes pride in her business. She runs a clean, five-star establishment and, what's even more appealing to her customers, is that she takes care of her courtesans. Only the most beautiful and erotic, however, are taken under her wing. Influential, wealthy families with too many daughters to spare sought her out, and so it came to pass that the high-born, beautiful girl of the duke came to become a whore of Madame's. The really surprising aspect of the story is what Madame doesn't tell you, but what is gossiped about regardless: the duke paid the woman to take his daughter. Unmarriageable! The girl was sold at 16, an age when it was considered proper for any woman of high birth to be married with several children. By the time her training finished, she would be 18 and would have, at best, only a decade of prime as a whore.

Nonetheless, Madame took her on. She liked the challenge the girl offered her (and liked, even more, the money the duke had given her). When she premiered her at 18, she was in for quite a shock. The man that paid to visit her came in confident, well-groomed, on top of the world. He left with a broken nose, a missing toupee, and hastily putting his shirt on (backwards, I shall add). Outraged to have such a well-paying client depart in such a manner, Madame barged into the woman's room. She found her serenely sitting upon a bed: naked save for a rather ornate mask upon her face. Madame might well have thrown her out had it not been for the bloody customer's valet returning. "A tip, mum. Master said he never had such a good row in his life. He sends his regards to the miss." Blushing at the sight of the naked woman, he bowed and made his exit. Madame looked at the outrageous tip for an outrageous visit, and left the masked woman smiling victoriously.

News spread of this wild courtesan. She was a woman of high intellect and wit with a beauty to match. What drew men to her was what drew the first customer back: the challenge. The woman became a modern day "sword in the stone." She offered a treasured prize for a feat of valor and strength. Like the legendary sword, no man had ever been able to bed her. Each of her customers leave her either bleeding, crying, or crawling. Men bantered with each other, egging each other on playfully to try her. Men who were poor sports or tried to cheat her always got the worst of it; for these men, shame was literally put upon their mashed, bruised, swollen faces. She was always harshest when she felt she was being treated unfairly. Therein, this courtesan developed not so much a name as a reputation. For the Venetian quality of the mask she wore, people called her V. The name stuck as did the challenge. If man or woman could remove the mask from her face, she would do what they wanted. But they had to prepare themselves, for it was well-known that her fists struck as hard as her sharped, snarky insults. Before they got a piece of the treasure, they had to first slay the dragon.

Men and women are welcome to contact me via private message if you're interested in this plot. However, I refuse forthright to promise any outcome to the story: whether or not your character wins depends entirely on him/her. No godmodding is permitted on either party, so the duel shall consist entirely on the actions of V and her customer. I should note, also, that Madame has a strict no weapon policy. Your character will have to use brains or strength to outmaneuver the cunning V. This is not a first come, first serve story and is restricted to one player only. The more original your character is, the better! What better way to win against a strange woman than to be strange, as well?
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The Experiment [M/M]
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2012, 12:46:32 AM »
[in progress.]
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