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Author Topic: Seeking female partners for multiple RP's  (Read 441 times)

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Seeking female partners for multiple RP's
« on: February 25, 2014, 08:44:19 PM »
I didn't have too much luck with throwing out single ideas, so I thought I'd brainstorm a few rp's and throw them out there.
Most of my rp's feature anthros, but I do also have rp ideas for humanoid characters in the fantasy genre (ie. elves, halflings, orcs)
I will post whether or not an rp is available for a partner or currently taken.

(Available) Shiver Me Timbers: (a pirate rp that needs someone who is comfortable playing multiple roles) This is the link to check out the description

(Available) The Crossroads: Lem Rockfoot the halfling bard decides to spend the night at a roadside inn and managed to persuade the owner that he could pay for his nights stay by performing for the crowd. Little did he realize his tales drew the interest of a young, elven sorcerer by the name or Myria Longleaf when he mentions remenants of an ancient myth. With Myrias subtle nudge of encouragment (a sack filled with gold) he decides to band with her in pursuit of adventure that the normal life of a bard could never give him.
(This rp is based in the fantasy rpg universe of Pathfinder. The relationship dynamic between the two can either develop into romantic interest or just stay platonic as far as I'm concerned)

(Available) An Isle of Snakes: Jared never imagined that his ship would be taken by pirates, nor would he have ever imagined being cast off into the sea, left to die at the gaping maws of hungry sharks. But he washes ashore on a mysterious island and the natives decide to allow him to stay, so long as he can accustom himself to their long held traditions and promiscuous tendencies. So he trains with the natives to learn the mysterious ways of the island and become a true warrior.
(Jared, the main male role, is a horse anthro and Salia, the one who nurses him back to health, is a snake anthro. Many of the natives are snakes like her, but there are castaways as well that are different species.)

(Available) Queen of the Nile: Queen Epotet rules her kingdom with grace and benevolence, however a party of raiders were captured within her lands. most of the raiders were killed in the confrontation, but there was one survivour. She discovers that the human named Rayne is the prince of theives and though he warns her he will try to escape her, she has him chained and sent to her harem so she may "deal" with him at her leisure. Rayne persists in his reluctance to be turned into one of the queens obedient little "pets" and she takes it upon herself to break him personally.
(The queen is a snake anthro, also while some of her harem members are male, there are also female members leaving the opportunity for multiple interactions)

(Taken) Rose from A Theif: A sly rogue prowls the rooftops of the city of Ranth in search of riches, but one night he discovers a rare gem. A beautiful bardic woman named Vi leans on the balcony of the local inn she performs at each night and sings sweet melodies to the moon. Smitten by the beauty of her voice, he leaves her a token one night of a red rose on her balcony before she comes out to sing.
(I really want to reveal more plot, but I don't want to give away too much other than that a curse is involved)

(Taken) The Clockwork of Tsundere: Tomo Robotics introduces the Tomobot. This fully articulated machine counterpart comes in the style of either preference of male or female, can speak over 50 fluent languages and learns to do household maintenance through the process of information absorption. Just sit your Tomobot in front of the TV during a popular cooking show and voila! You have your own personal iron chef!
The Tomobot is also fully functional as a life partner and develops a personality based on the preferences and mannerisms of their owner, it can even be used as a sexual partner! Now it can be yours for the lowest price of $5,950.99!
Akira Toriyama was a bit annoyed when he found out his parents had bought him a Tomobot, he was perfectly capable of living on his own, but his parents figured that he could use better company since he almost never went outside. The day of the arrival comes and after signing off for her, Akira brings her inside. What happens next shocks even him! The Tomobot's personality is the complete opposite of what he expected it to be, figuring this has to be a malfunction he calls the manufacturers and they assure him it will just take some time for his Tomobot to adjust to his personality.
Against his desicion, the Tomobot names herself Momo and begins chiding him on his lifestyle and treating him with disrespect, refusing to do chores, cook or even agknowledge him most of the time. (Yes, Momo has a very Tsundere personality. I'll discuss more of the plot.)

So those are the current ones I've come up with. If you like any of them, or have any questions regarding the spin of the plot, then please message me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible with the details!
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