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Author Topic: Stories Stories Oh and More Stories  (Read 1019 times)

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Stories Stories Oh and More Stories
« on: September 01, 2016, 11:54:19 PM »
Feel free to send me a message me if you like one or more of them

Prefer a long term semi/detailed roleplay which I equal input into and not just run it, a roleplay that is NOT constant sexual, prefer a plotline and story.

Liar Liar … Heartbroken
She is with the man who she thinks is the love of her life, though he has a secret he’s keeping from her. She lives with her father and a woman she thinks is her mother but she’s really her stepmother. She is intelligent and naturally beautifully but is also a tomboy and safe about guys. She had a best friend when she was a child who was a boy, he had to move away and they drifted apart.
Years later her man asks her to marry him but along the way his secret comes out and she can’t trust him anymore, her parental secret comes out and she can’t trust her parents. But her childhood friend comes back into her life and that screws everything up, as they had feelings when they were younger.
An Arrangement That Needs Revising
It's a typical arranged marriage between two nobles in the time of men yielding swords, though he has supernatural abilities as do some of his council. She moves to his home where she is nervous and her new husband's behaviour doesn't help. He has a female childhood friend who isn't a noble but has more confidence than his wife, which he spends his time with and trains with. She could learn his ways but she starts to become psychological stressed. He wants a child and forces himself on her so she'll fall pregnant, though he leaves her alone during her pregnancy even while she miscarries on her own. He throws her into household chores as she's good for nothing else, not that he knows she has been reading up on his laws and rules. He leaves at times with raiding parties to conquer lands and his friend is left to rule even though he has a queen he thinks is useless but he has broken her.
It can be discussed but ... one day maybe they are in a fight or she has hit rock bottom but he realises there is more than war and he needs love and she is the one to love him he can just heal what he has broken.
Life Essence
It's a time where vampires and magic are known about and it all walks around free, though still judged. Except mages in this time have an enslaved vampire as their charge, the mage uses the vampires life essence to make their most power and energy taxing spells easier to use. The mages go through an academy to learn their skills and spells, they are given their charges, who haven't been given human blood in a long time so they are controllable. The vampires also wear a leather bracelet which helps embed a crystal into their skin to help with controlling them.
Not sure about where to go with this I am somehow seeing the mage and his vampire fall in love and start to work together once she has her strength back.
Gods Divided
The children of two gods are born into our modern world, not knowing of their real parents. A prophecy that the two will bring peace and light to the world. One the child of Apollo and the other the child of Ares. They will bring a balance to the world. Meanwhile other gods and forces are out to keep them apart.
What A Shock
A federal agent is sent on an undercover job just a year after getting married to an on off girlfriend. He is sent to gather information on the operation of a division of the mob and its boss. He gets to the position of top security for the mob family. He's offered and takes the job of bodyguard to the boss's daughter. Every so often he's given time off and goes home to his wife and son. As time goes on he gets closer to the daughter and they start a secret relationship while he's working.
When he's gotten enough information the agency decides its time to raid the compound. During the chaos of the raid the daughter tells the agent that she's pregnant to him. She's put under tight protective custody and the agency isn't told about her pregnancy by her.
Shall we see how he reacts to the news and what will he do now that he has a second family on the way?
The Arrangement
Two crime families are at odds for years, through generations, until one of the leaders loses too many battles and gives up. An arranged marriage is made for the daughter of the loser and the son of the winning family. The son is a womanising player at first …. but will he change once they start living together?
Secrets Are Brought To The Surface
The children of two crime families meet each other unaware of the families they belong to. Becoming friends they are happy and gradually they fall in love with one another. Eventually their families and them find out about their history, the pair are kept apart but meet up secretly. The girl eventually falls pregnant to the boy and chaos begins again …..
The Hostage
There's a bank robbery and one of the employees is taken hostage for a clean get away. Couple days after the robbery one of the robbers tracks the girl down and starts to talk to her, they spend time together and get to know each other. Eventually they fall for each other, all the while the rest of the robbers find out and get paranoid she has seen something and is a plant for the FBI. They are both attacked and taken hostages ...... (just a basic idea can be thought out more its new)
What Have I Done?
At a party a young guy gets drunk, a girl attends that likes this boy, he ends up raping her and not remembering it. Sometime later he hears this girl is living on the street as her father is the local pastor, once he finds out she’s pregnant he does anything he can to help her, giving her a place to live. (might get closer and become a couple and live through life)
Protecting A Broken Heart
An undercover government is placed in the house of crime family, as a bodyguard for the leader’s wife. During his time in the house he sees the wife used as a punching bag. He takes his chance and takes her out to be a witness against her husband. She’s put in a safe house and protected till the trial, while her husband sends people to take her out.
An UnDiscovered True Love
A married man with a high profile (senator/billionaire) starts to see an escort and eventually becomes her only client. They kinda fall for each other but don't really mention it. His wife has tried and failed to have a child, the couple talk about surrogacy and after being told the escort offers to carry their child, little does anyone know but its not the wive's baby. once pregnant though the husband and escort come clean about their feelings, they start a secret relationship. After the birth the escort is paid off and is left with nothing. Worried the man visits her while she's dealing the post natal depression, he's hurting seeing her like this. he decides to leave his wife and then a fight begins for the baby. Will they get their baby back?
Saving A Bully
During high school she would pick on him due to her lonely homelife he grew hatred towards her. Though after high school she would go through some traumatic moments. After a few years he would walk past her as she stood on the sidewalk, she steps out into the traffic without even thinking as if to end her life. He would save her and take her in to try help her recover, she sits alone in a room rocking in a corner. She had changed from her confident dominaring self to this cowering quivering woman, and after a while she talks but doesn't want to be alone.
Letting The Walls Fall
A girl is hard up for money and takes the job of her friend as an escort for one night. She is to attend a party with a millionaire playboy. After the party she goes for a job interview at a company and finds out that the playboy owns it. She gets the job of course and becomes his PA. She works extra hard for him, as she has a sick father and most of her money goes to his medication for caring for him but this is her secret. Falling for the playboy and him for her, her truths come out to him and he cares for her.
Love With Distance
A guy and girl meet online, they chat and get to know each other, they fall in love and start a relationship. After a while the girl goes over to where the guy is and spends some time together. She returns home and goes back to her life then discovers she's pregnant and informs the guy. What will they do????
His True Colours
A modern day playboy prince travels overseas, he finds a girl who isn’t impressed with who he is and finds this intriguing. He talks to her whenever he can, eventually starting a relationship with her, little does she know that this will be the hardest relationship she’s had, thanks to the paparazzi and cameras following them around.
A Rose Among Weeds
An emperor/king has some concubines but he wishes for a bride and queen. While he walks through the village he finds a girl that he can see his future children in. He tries to get to know her after she moves in, but one of his concubines convinces the girl she’s a servant and abuses her badly. The emperor/king helps her back to health and she sees he’s not as much of a tyrant as she has heard.
The True Heir
A kingdom is invaded and taken over, the king and queen killed. The new king is tyrant and has his own family. When the prince is older he meets the servant girl and gets to know her, while going through suitors to find a wife. Eventually he beds the servant girl and sees  a birthmark that is familiar, he does research and finds she is the daughter of the king and queen his father had killed.
The Rightful Heir And The Bastard
A prince marries a foreign princess and becomes king, though an arranged marriage they did have feelings for each other. After years and years of trying to have an heir the king is impatient and goes to a commoner, having a son with her. Bringing the pair into the castle, spending time with the woman and boy, though he still beds his wife. Eventually the queen falls pregnant but is too afraid to tell him.
The Unknown Gift
A princess, who is the only girl out of 5 children, is given to a neighbouring king who is know for his rough brutal nature, as gift so he will not conquer the land. Once they've left the castle the king can do what he wants with the princess. Though she was given away cause her father couldn't understand a gift she had or where she got it from, though being the only girl she got it from her mother. (I guess the mean king could find out about it)
Her New Bodyguard
Modern day princess gets to live a normal childhood with friends and normal school, having a guy best friend. She moves away part way through high school with a secret, which he finds out later on when he is hired for royal security and ends up as her bodyguard. There’s tension between them as she didn’t tell him the truth.
Her Hell
A crime boss has a girl kidnapped, he beats on her to break her spirit and make her his human pet, to be used for his pleasure, or as a punching bag when he’s upset, and to pleasure a important guest he has over.
(this is a prequel the next idea)
Her Heaven
A marine team goes to a warehouse and finds a girl in a cage. They take her back to base and there she’s given medical treatment and the help to recover, one marine in particular helps her around socialising with her and teaching things she needs to know to be a human being again.
Finding Her Way Home
A businessman travels to Asia and while there he’s taken to an auction room where girls are sold. He uses most of his travelling money to buy the American girl there. He keeps her in his hotel room then he takes her back to America, helps her out to recover and even find her family, a relationship forms between the two and she stays with him.
(These ideas are not sexual completely, the female characters need care and rehabilitation)
The Love Of Two
She met a guy and finally she had found someone who made her smile, they would talk on dates and get to know each other and they all in love. All the while he was the new leader of a vampire coven after his father had been killed. But his brother wanted to be the leader and when he finds out about the mortal he was dating he tries to get her to fall for him as well. A battle and love triangle begins.....
Taking Payment
Generations of a royal family have an agreement with a vampire coven-the vampires don’t feed on too many of the villagers and the army won’t hunt them. The current king is arrogant and makes sure his villagers are protected and can’t be fed of, so the vampire lord takes the one precious thing to the king, his daughter.
The Secret In The Coven
In a coven there was a hidden human, her scent was hidden by the coven leader as he felt sorry for her, her mother had given her up as payment so she could get a fix of being a vampire. He keeps the coven a secret and has a cover story that the girl believes for a long time.
The Hostage Witch
A group of vampires invades a village, killing some and taking some to feed off and use as servants. One strong willed girl attacks the leader and he has her taken as his pet. After a while he finds out that she is a witch and thinks of a vampire with her powers would be wonderful.
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Re: Stories Stories Oh and More Stories
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