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November 19, 2018, 06:01:43 PM

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Author Topic: Tunes of a sexual nature. (M looking for F)  (Read 438 times)

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Tunes of a sexual nature. (M looking for F)
« on: July 31, 2010, 11:56:26 AM »
Hello gals and guys, new here so bare with me as I fumble my way through my first thread.

Just a couple of ideas I have currently floating around my head, if any interest you, feel free to PM me to discuss, I shall add more as they come to me.  :-)

Life in Parole.
Ok bit of a long set up...
Your a young, single mother at 20 years of age and to say life has been hard, would be slightly understating the fact. You recently came out of a six month drug charge term in prison; taking the wrap for your abusive, fuck-up of a boyfriend for fear of what he would do to you and your four year old little girl. Whilst you were sharing prison cells with women who had more hair on their forearms than their heads, the waste of skin had managed to get himself killed in a gang shooting. He was a bastard, but he was your bastard; he was your only source of income and coming out of prison you found yourself having to secure a job, a flat and somehow manage to convince social services to let you have your baby girl back. By some ass backwards version of a miracle you managed to do all three.
The father of someone you knew at school owns a porn DVD shop and needed an attractive woman to serve behind the counter. Its the slimiest example of a porn shop you can imagine but it is a job. Better than that you heard that the cow of an old lady who was your social worker has finally croaked, meaning that someone new would be visiting your house to make sure your taking care of your child properly. Hopefully you will get a break, right? Hopefully he/she will be a sweet soul who will see that your doing everything you possibly can to make sure your little girl does not have to go through what you went through.
The reality however, is Jock. He is a monster of a man, 6ft four with a powerful body that almost looks comical squeezed into his brown, cheap suit. He has no morals, no pity and worst of all, is convinced you are the worst of scum good for only one thing. He has complete control over your future, one phone call from him could land you straight into prison and wrip your babygirl away from you forever. Unless, of course, you do exactly as he says...

Takes a Crowd to Please...
This is pretty much the closest thing I have to a 'quicky' it's more of a concept really than a specific role, if you like the sound of it PM me and we can specify details.
The role starts straight away with you inside a crowded, suffocating, public place. It could be a crammed train, concert, club, sports arena, or anything else you fancy. The swell of bodies around you pin your arms to your sides, towering over your small stature. You feel the body parts of complete strangers press into you. Hands stroke over your ass, waist, hips and stomach as people pass you making their way through the crowd. Then, the unmistakable feeling of a strangers hands stroking intentionally up your thighs.
As I say, tis more of a concept, the details of which can be hashed out between us, the basic idea is however several people within a crowd taking advantage of you and stripping you down within a public place.

Thats all for now, feel free to PM me.  :-)
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