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Author Topic: Looking for a Batman! {F for M}  (Read 279 times)

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Looking for a Batman! {F for M}
« on: April 19, 2015, 10:53:41 PM »
Welcome, potential Batman

This won't be nice and it won't be pretty but... here's hoping a quick request to hopefully catch some biters will do the trick; any man (or woman) who wants to play the dark night, please continue. Now, you all should consider yourselves lucky, for I rarely do anything with established characters. However, I've been craving Bruce Wayne's alter ego in my own character's bedroom (or the other way around.) I'm only going to be taking on or two RP's, so it really is first come first serve. But enough of that. Now for the plot ideas!

Investigative Journalism
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A young woman, fresh out of college moves to Gotham in search of a job with the local newspaper or newsroom as a reporter. Secretly, she has an ulterior motive driving her. The Batman. She absolutely adores him, idolizes him. She would love nothing more than to plant her lips on his, take that mask off and show him what he deserves as a hero.

One night, she's walking the streets alone, when she's tugged into an alleyway and started to be undressed forceably by an unknown aggressor. All seems lost, until, to her surprise, her hero comes to her rescue, beats up the rapist and takes her to safety. She wanted to return the favor with anything she could have offered, but as per usual, he disappears again.

Frustrated, she goes on a wild hunt for the man, getting herself in all kinds of trouble until eventually she can corner him and confess her feelings.

This could potentially lead to her becoming a little OC Batgirl

Under the Nose of the Fool
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She's always been a little weird. Especially growing up in the middle of Gotham, where crazy shit happens almost on a day-to-day basis. Strangely enough, Gotham acquired it's own vigilante hero, and it made her very, very interested. She studied him. His enemies, his mannerisms. And she got an in with the Joker and his henchmen. She didn't much care for them or their cause. She was just in it for the chance to be close to the Dark Knight. Ever cunning, ever brilliant, she manages to get herself in a one-on-one with him. But instead of talking with fists, she pounces him and whispers in his ear about how she just wants to help him root out evil and how she could be his perfect little sidekick. Obviously she gets tossed aside, so she ends up having to repeat the process many times until finally, the Batman submits and let's her on as a double agent within the Joker's ranks.

The Harlequin
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Basically the same plot as above, but with established character, Harley Quinn.

Harley finds out the Joker is a massive pushover and isn't really all to interested in the body she had so blindly thrown at him time and time again. She realizes she'd have a better chance trying to seduce Batman than the insane Joker, so she double crosses him and starts spilling to Bats.

If none of the above are interesting, have some pairings
-Batman/Harley Quinn
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