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May 22, 2018, 11:10:46 AM

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Author Topic: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*  (Read 83 times)

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Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« on: May 19, 2018, 11:35:47 PM »
Required Questions and Answers:

Not entirely sure how to start this, so I'll just jump right in!

1.    Tell us how you found us, please?

Google search for "best roleplaying forums."  I thought I would look into some different forums and see if I could find another site to write on. I've been writing roleplay stories for 15 years now. It's my favorite hobby!

2.    Confirmation that you understand our rules.

I got the rules. *thumbs up*

3.    A confirmation that you are over eighteen (18) years of age.

I am well over the age of 18, the drinking age, and the extended masters degree age.

4.    Your native language(s) and what region you are from.

I am a native english speaker from USA.

5.    What are your reasons for joining Elliquiy, and what aspects of our community are you interested in?

I am here because I've not had any luck finding a compatible partner to write with on another forum I frequent. I'm really picky when trying to find a partner to write with, we have to click just right and they have to be willing to communicate. In addition, I'm a slow writer. I've got a full time career and a life, so I can't always post daily. Sometimes its once or twice a week. So, finding a partner who is understanding and still eager to work with a slow rper is hard to find, but worth looking for. I'm hoping that this intense weeding out process means I'll find serious adults on here to write with.

I am interested in writing medieval, low, and high fantasy one-on-one stories. I love dark and gritty drama-romances, inspired by things like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc. I am flexible in the level of fantasy, whether we have full out sorcerers and dragons in a story, or are pure medieval fiction. Some of my go-to themes are sorcerers, knights, curses, fair folk/fae, warring clans, werewolves, conquest, forced marriages, and the like. I like immersive stories with lots of characters and a strong plot, with the occasional  rated R scene, :P.

6.    Are you new to roleplaying?

No. I've been roleplaying for over 15 years.

7.    Elliquiy consists of a wide array of sexualities, personalities and enthusiasts of various kinks. How comfortable are you interacting in such a community?

Uh, yes please. I love smut in stories! Just not smut-a-thons. I do like it with a thick side of plot.

8.    How do you feel about males writing as female characters or females writing as male characters?

Doesn't bother me a bit. I am a female who often plays males as well as females. I don't care what the real-life gender is of my writing partner. All I care about is their ability to write convincing characters and write in a way that meshes well with my own writing.

9.    Let us know about your pet peeves or other things that bother you.

I can't stand anime. I don't like stories that are all porn. I think its fine to admit we botched a scene and re-do it if we think the failed scene might train-wreck the whole story. I can't stand partners who just drop off the face of the earth - we all get bored or busy, its fine, I'm an adult and understand. I like communication with partners.

Optional Questions:

A.    Would you like to disclose your gender identity?

I am female, and do prefer to write females. However, I'm totally cool and enjoy playing males as well!

B.    What are some hobbies or activities you particularly enjoy?

I love video games like World of Warcraft, Ark survival evolved, and Skyrim. I am a cooking and fitness nut, and do meal prepping and planning with my boyfriend every week. I'm a crazy cat lady with two fat boys (a tuxedo and gray tabby!). I've got a masters of science degree and work for a museum, so science (biology and geology) is my nerdy thing. :) (Also I binge re-watch Parks and Rec and The Office (USA) constantly).

C.    What would you do if a writing partner suddenly, and without prior discussion, included one of your major offs in your roleplay?

I would not respond to the story without discussing it out-of-character first. I am fond of re-writing botched scenes. They happen. Stories fumble, we just have to discuss and re-write the scene to make it work with the plot.

D.    Please describe your writing style and preferences.

I prefer third person stories. I write fantasy stories almost exclusively. I love playing a female enchantress or a werewolf from a clan of werewolves. I love playing Warlords and Warladies. I like for myself and my partner to have multiple characters to satisfy the story having a big cast. I like to have a main couple for my romance-drama stories, but like secondary couples too, to mix it up a bit. I love to write long passages just as much as I like to read long passages. I want to pretend that we're writing a novel together, something I would normally pick up at the library and read.

E.    Please describe your ideal roleplaying partner and their character.

Hard to describe. All my best partners have been social and fun, eager to get to know me and work with me on creating fun characters and stories. They are vocal about what they want, what they don't want, when they can't post for a while, etc. I've gotten to know all my favorite partners, we become internet buddies. I think it helps us get more invested in the story. My ideal partners are able to create characters and stories that compliment me, so we come up with something great together.

F.    As part of the application process, our members like asking fun questions of applicants.

            F1. Please let us know if you would you prefer: fun/silly questions, writing prompts, both, or neither.


            F2. If you would like fun questions or a writing prompt, please start by treating the following as either a question, writing prompt, or character building exercise, and remember to keep it PG13: People start waking up with superpowers, but they are mostly useless. For example, the power to be immune to every third bullet, or the power to force people to do the chicken dance whenever the song is played. What would your ‘mostly useless’ power be, and how would you use it?

My most useless power would be that I attract cat hair to my clothes like a magnet attracts metal. I would use this power to clean my house of cat hair, and charge a service fee to clean other homes.

            F3. If you prefer no crazy questions or prompts, you can still include a sample of your writing, if you would like; we would love to see your writing style and creativity!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She could see pale, ghostly fog rolling over the bright green spring hills from her bedroom window. The cool spring morning was quiet and calm, the fog seeming to muffle all sound, or else the animals feared to make a sound in such an otherworldly environment. It was eerie and beautiful in its own right, how the white blanket sank down the little valley, a white wall that was as unstoppable as it was gentle. The valley was framed on both sides by a thick line of trees, dark brown oak, gray birch, and wiry ash rising high over the green grassy depression.

A road winded down that valley, leading up to the gray Keep Elain Callaghan called home these last four years. The fog was steadily creeping along that same lonely road towards her home, and the sky above it was overcast and gray. Gray. It was such a miserable color. The walls of her home were steady, tarnished gray blocks of limestone, weathering black and earthy from the elements. With the exception of the bright splash of spring green, the sky, the home, and even some of the trees wore oppressive shades of gray. She hated every bit of that damned color, despite the fact her own eyes wavered between a shade of gray and a shade of blue depending on what she wore. Gray was the color sinking heavily in her soul, it seemed.

She rubbed her face tiredly, moving away from the window framed with pale blue curtains, and sat at her vanity. She did her own hair these days. The singular maid she had managed to retain had too much to clean and do to bother with braiding her Lady’s hair. So Elain combed her long wheat colored hair, frowning at the tarnished, warped image of herself in the old mirror that perched atop the dark mahogany vanity. Her hair had once been golden, so pure it made the metal itself shrink away with jealousy. Lately, the soft strands had become dull and miserable as the wheat that grew in the nearby fields, a yellow color that was a dime a dozen in these parts of the world. She wondered how much longer it would take for that yellow to become gray like everything else. She was young yet, almost twenty-four summers, but she felt older in her bones. This last year had at least added a good ten to her lifespan.

Elain’s slender fingers deftly braided the flaxen strands away from her face, knotting the long braid with a bit of dark leather. She sat there a moment, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She remembered first seeing her face in a mirror years ago and gawking. She had thought to herself that she was indeed, a real, rare beauty. Her husband had thought so too, she remembered with an ache in her breast. But the woman who looked back at her now she scarcely recognized. Her sweetly round face had become sharper, and stricter. Her cheekbones seemed a bit too prominent, her full, youthful cheeks gone and leaving a miserable hollow. Her once gentle jawline seemed too strong now, too harsh and angry. This combination of features made her mouth and eyes look too big for her face. She naturally wore a weary expression, one that spoke of disappointment and an eternal melancholy. But did beauty matter anymore? There was no one to impress with beauty in an ugly land of gray.

She had no husband to call her beautiful anymore.

Elain dressed in a deep green wool gown, pulling it over her chemise and wriggling for a few moments to tighten the strings in the back. She stepped into leather slippers and headed out of her lonely room. The hearth was a pile of gray and white coals, having died sometime in the night, leaving her to wake in a big, cold, empty bed. William wasn't there to laugh and tug the blankets away from her when she hogged them in her sleep. The room was quiet without his laughter.

The hallway was dark and quiet, the braziers and lanterns on the walls empty of light. The grand Keep of Coldmarch had once been thriving with life and bright yellow light. Now, with a staff of four and an owner of one, the old stone walls were silent, barely bothering to moan in the wind. The wooden floor beneath her feet creaked as she made her way to a corner stairwell. The old stone spiral staircase led her down to the main floor, and she crossed the grand entertaining room. It hadn’t entertained in a while now, the benches and tables sitting empty along the walls. There was dust on a few of them; there was too much for a single maid to keep clean.

The kitchen was warm at least, a bright yellow and orange light flickering from the big hearth. There were two hearths in the big space, and three big tables for cooking. Elain remembered a time when the kitchen bustled with bodies, almost oppressively hot but worth standing because the smell made even the pickiest of tongues water. She smelled fresh bread that morning, and that was it. A solitary cook sat at the table, the portly old woman picking at her own breakfast.

“Oh, pardon me my Lady,” the cook startled, getting to her feet quickly and wiping her hands on the white apron. The woman's hair was silver and brown, most of it hidden behind an old white handkerchief. Elain managed a smile and waved a hand dismissively.

“Good morning Agnes,” she greeted cordially, helping herself to a fine ceramic plate out of one of the cabinets. Agnes had boiled eggs, fresh bread, and smoked ham on the counter for breakfast. What would the other Lord’s and Lady’s think if they knew the Lady of Coldmarch supped with the kitchen cook? She bet the other nobility would snort and laugh, daintily covering their mouths to hide their stupid grins. She began to fill her plate, before the silence of the old cook began to wear on her shoulders. She lifted her chin, a slender eyebrow lifting as well as she observed Agnes. The portly woman was still standing, uneasily shifting her weight on her feet.

“What is it?” She sighed, setting the plate down and scowling. “What now?” Her tone was a bit harsh, but Agnes did not blame her. The old woman’s cheeks turned ruddy with color.

“It’s Connor, my Lady. He didn’t show up this morning. Ethan says he’s quit,” Agnes sighed. Elain stared at her. Connor was the remaining guard she had for the Keep. Once, the Keep had four men at all times guarding the great entry way, and patrolling the lands. Men loyal through and through to the Late Margrave William. Now, she had a single guard as protection – or, rather, none. Soldiers were not loyal to widows, it seemed. Ethan was the stable boy. The stable master had quit three months ago.

“Connor wasn’t going to tell me?” She snapped angrily, lifting a hand to press her palm to her eyes. She watched little colors burst behind her eyelid.

“I suppose not, my Lady. If I might be frank, it did spook everyone, what happened with Martin…” Agnes murmured. When Martin, the stable master, had approached Elain to tell her he was quitting, there had been some rather harsh words spoken. Words no Lady should utter, but Elain had shouted them easily, unleashing her rage on the poor man.

“I know. That asshole deserved every one of them,” Elain muttered, sinking down onto a stool. Agnes sat slowly as well, cheeks still burning to hear the foul language that could stream out of Elain as easily as it did from a soldier’s mouth. Elain dropped her hand from her face, feeling even more exhausted and it wasn’t even mid-morning yet. “So you mean to tell me, we do not have a single guard watching us right now?” She looked to Agnes, who shook her head miserably. “Of course we don’t,” Elain mumbled, lifting her fork to poke at her breakfast, but she wasn’t hungry. She had lost what little weight she had in the last year, the curves that had pleased her husband flattening out to a thin shadow of a body. It was hard to stomach anything, let alone keep it down.

She finished her breakfast, or at least, most of it, and then headed back to her room to grab a cloak. The wool cloak was gray like everything else in this world, but ringed with white rabbit fur around the collar. Though it was spring, it was still a bit chilly and rained often. She would need some protection from the elements. She changed into boots, lacing the calfskin leather above her slender ankles.

The grass outside the door crunched under her feet softly as she headed to the stables. The loyalty of her staff was really starting to show. A single maid, a single cook, and a single stable boy. How many staff had run this Keep when she had first arrived? At least eighteen men and women had been housed, paid, and fed on this land. Now three revealed themselves to have loyalty that ran deeper than their pay.

“Ethan?” She called, pulling open the old wooden barn door and stepping in. They were down to three horses now, from the original eight. There had been no point in feeding so many useless animals. A ginger head peeked from above a stall, and the gangly boy of eighteen hurried out, wearing his old linen shirt and brown pants.

“Is this about Connor? I am so sorry Lady Elain, I was going to tell you when I finished mucking-“ the young boy began to babble as he approached her, but she forced a smile and waved a hand.

“It’s over and done with, Ethan. Do not trouble yourself. But listen, I have a chore for you today,” she instructed. The boy was taller than her. He hadn’t been so tall when she had arrived four years ago. “I need you to visit the neighboring farms. I need more maids, as many as you can hire. Look for farmers with second and third daughters. Tell them they will be paid as well as you are, and that there is safe and dry housing, and food here. Can you do that for me?” She raised her brows and Ethan gaped at her for a moment, before nodding.

“Of course I can…But why second and third daughters?” He asked curiously. Elain fished about inside her cloak, looking for her coin purse. She pulled it out, and poured a few coins into her hand, counting out what might be enough to help convince some new recruits. She pressed the coin into Ethan’s long, cold fingers.

“Farmer’s prefer an abundance of grain, not daughters. Trust me on that,” she frowned faintly. “Take the brown gelding, he needs a good workout, and come saddle my mare,” she instructed, moving to the tawny mare she called her own.

“Where are you going? We don’t have Connor anymore to accompany you,” Ethan complained, following at her heels like a puppy after its mother.

“We need a guard, and I know someone who owed William a favor,” she murmured. Ethan frowned faintly, grabbing her saddle after pocketing the coin.

“Who? That old knight? But he’s all the way in the forest. Let me accompany you my Lady, I can look for new maids tomorrow. I will leave at dawn,” he insisted, putting the blanket and saddle on the mare. Elain smiled gently and relented, though she did assure him that she would be fine on her own. “The forest is nothing but trees and birds.”

Only, the forest was so much more.

Before long, Elain was astride her tawny mare and she and her stable boy were moving down the forest path. Fingers of fog wove among the trees, pooling in low areas. It smelled thick of humus and decaying vegetation. Birds called softly. Squirrels rustled the branches, enjoying the fresh budding leaves on the branches. Elain sat stiff on her horse, mouth a thin line as she moved between the trees. Forests were not places for people, but for animals, and other creatures. These trees did not offer food, or comfort, or a home to her; this land was not for people.

Her skin prickled, and she bet there were a million eyes on her now. Forests were the realms of Fae. They were in the gossamer of the spider web hanging dewy in the morning light. They were in the green of the leaves, their eyes little black beetles perched on the green plants. They were in the dark bark of the trees, their arms and legs just as rough and spindly as sticks. Common folk liked to threaten their children that the Fae would eat them if they wandered into the forests and fell into a fairy circle. The common folk liked to say the Fae would steal babies from cribs, or cause wayward travelers to leave their lovers. Sirens would sit in ponds in the forest and drown the nearby, thirsty traveler.

These were just stories, of course. The lower Fae were not much to bother with, simple beings, who were as much like the rabbits and squirrels as they were part of the trees. The high Fae, however, were another story. Far rarer, they were more cunning and more along the lines of something that would make a traveler go mad with wild stories of women in spidersilk gowns, and men with crowns made of stag horns. Elain would much rather throw her lot in with a barkskin fairy than deal with the high Fae. No, forests were not for humans to stray into. William had been aware of her fear of the forest; and he had learned quickly not to tease her about it when she refused to accompany him on hunts.

Her skin crawled anxiously, stomach churning uneasily. But what other choice did she have? A bed, food, and coins was not enough pay to keep servants, and her Keep needed protection. She needed protection. Rumors held far more sway over stupid farmers than money did. Rumors couldn’t travel through these trees like it could through the villages. She didn't command much loyalty out of the locals, but William had. Her husbands name still held weight to it. It was one of the few things he had left her with. Matthias has been loyal to her William, even if he hadn't come to the funeral. Perhaps having a familiar name and face in her Keep would still the rampant rumors. Maybe people would listen to Matthias.

Elain stayed stiff in her saddle, eyes forward on the old path leading into thicker and thicker forest. It was darker here, the gray light from above barely making it through the thicket of branches overhead. Elain brushed a stray strand of hair from her face, eyes narrowing as she thought she saw a building through the trees. Relief began to flood her at the sight of that old hall. A new nervousness grew in her bones. What if this venture into the woods was a fools errand? She slowed her horse, the animal snorting and bobbing its head. She thought she saw something move in the corner of her eye, but when she turned to look, there was nothing. Perhaps the horse was as nervous as she.

Elain slipped off the saddle and straightened her green skirt, and gray cloak around her shoulders. How long had it been since she had seen this old hall? A few years, at least, and even then she had only visited it with William once. The hall looked darker somehow, as if the forest was trying its best to swallow it. She wrung the leather in her hands before handing it over to Ethan. She moved up to the old wooden door, eyes roaming over the old architecture. Gray.

She lifted her hand and knocked heavily.

“Hello? Sir Matthias?” She called softly, not daring to raise her voice any louder lest she summon anything lurking in the nearby forest. “It’s Lady Callaghan. I need to speak with you.”

G.    Do you have any questions of us?

Not really. Just eager to peek around the forums and get to meet people!

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Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2018, 12:11:11 AM »
Heya, welcome to E! :)

What's the single coolest thing in your Museum?

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Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2018, 12:12:32 AM »
Hello, Acro! I’m Amaris, and I thank you so much for filling out the questionnaire! I absolutely loved your useless power! Very clever to also charge for cleaning other peoples houses of that pesky cat hair.

It's wonderful to see new people who are interested in Elliquiy. I hope you will enjoy your time here.

Just a few things I'd like to make sure you know ahead of time. So if you don't mind a little copy and paste, I'll try to make this as painless as possible! ;)

Please remember to keep everything PG-13 in the public areas that are available to you currently. We encourage you to come say hi and socialize with us in the Doormat and any of the other forums that are visible to you. It is a  good way to start getting a feel for things. Please keep in mind that approval generally takes 48 hours to a week or more and is not guaranteed.

We like to think we’re pretty friendly, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  If you'd like further information on the approval process, please check this.

If you are looking to roleplay while you wait, I would suggest looking at the Non-Adult Roleplay Requests forum that you have access to. Here you can look at other people's requests and even post one of your own. If something catches your fancy, please use this forum for such pursuits. We also have daily activities that you can take part in! Word of the Day, where you can learn new words and challenge yourself to write a piece with the term. Also, Forum Games/Socializing board, which is a excellent way to pass the time and meet new people!

You may also visit The ShoutBox (You may or may not see me roaming around there). Before doing so though please read over the ShoutBox Rules. Also make sure to check in here, your introduction thread, on a regular basis to stay on top of any replies.

With all of that said, here is a question from me :)

If feelings had colors, what would the color of betrayal be?

I hope you enjoy our application process!


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Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2018, 12:55:06 AM »
Welcome to E! Good luck on your approval process!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Online Saika

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2018, 01:31:00 AM »
Greetings Acro!

Though at first glance I thought your name was Agro lol Well since you don't like anime (pouts), got this for you instead.

You said you are over the extended Masters degree age ( got a good chuckle there), if you could tell your past self in school anything, what would it be?

Offline AcroTopic starter

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2018, 08:06:48 AM »
Heya, welcome to E! :)

What's the single coolest thing in your Museum?

Hello everyone! And oh, what a fun question ^*^! Coolest thing in our museum is a baby plesiosaur skeleton from Antarctica. Baby fossils are fairly rare and this one is in good condition, plus, from a really cool place!

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Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2018, 08:11:23 AM »
Welcome to E! Good luck on your approval process!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

(Doing this on my phone so hang with me haha! Only just figured out how to quote multiple people...)

Oooohhh um... vanilla. So simple, I know.

You said you are over the extended Masters degree age ( got a good chuckle there), if you could tell your past self in school anything, what would it be?

Good question. I would tell myself to figure out my bachelors degree before I decide to go for a masters in a different field. I screwed around not realizing the full weight of student loans. I would tell myself to focus and not take out loans for useless classes.

Online Otto26

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #7 on: May 20, 2018, 08:50:46 AM »
That was an impressive bit of sample writing.  Thanks for sharing it.

What's your favorite character to write?  Why?

Offline Arianna

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #8 on: May 20, 2018, 08:54:30 AM »
Hello and welcome!

I hope you are enjoying E so far. I do have another question for you, if you don't mind.

Fascinatingly enough, you actually have a good reason as to why you were found downtown at 3 AM, dressed like a dinosaur and wearing a pair of rain boots, chasing pigeons armed with a broken umbrella.  What exactly is this reason?

I wish you luck with your approval and hope you have tons of fun!


Offline Deante

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #9 on: May 20, 2018, 12:23:49 PM »
Babby dinosaurs! :)

Can you really be a crazy cat lady with only two cats?

Anyhow, QUESTION. You like cooking! If you could cook with any outrageous ingredient real or fantastical--dodo meat, soup from gryphon bone stock, etc--what ingredient would you pick and what would you cook with it? Must use for cooking; no selling mammoth ribs or putting in museum.

Offline AcroTopic starter

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #10 on: May 20, 2018, 05:33:08 PM »
If feelings had colors, what would the color of betrayal be?


Hmmmm. Dark forest green.

That was an impressive bit of sample writing.  Thanks for sharing it.

What's your favorite character to write?  Why?

Thank you! :3  My favorite character right now is the character in my sample, Elaine. I have a blast writing her character, she's by far the most enjoyable personality I've come up with to write about.

Fascinatingly enough, you actually have a good reason as to why you were found downtown at 3 AM, dressed like a dinosaur and wearing a pair of rain boots, chasing pigeons armed with a broken umbrella.  What exactly is this reason?

The local pigeon community is being terrorized by a vampire pigeon. They have hired me, an expert vampire pigeon hunter, to find and destroy the evil blood-thirsty pigeon-beast. I'm out hunting at 3AM because that is when the vampire pigeon operates. I'm dressed like a dinosaur, because as a relative of the pigeon, my appearance won't immediately frighten it or make it think something is amiss. I'm wearing rubber rain boots to soften the sound of my step, so I can sneak up on this dangerous bird. My umbrella is broken so that on the off chance I meet the vampire pigeon, I can stake it.

Babby dinosaurs! :)

Can you really be a crazy cat lady with only two cats?

If you could cook with any outrageous ingredient real or fantastical--dodo meat, soup from gryphon bone stock, etc--what ingredient would you pick and what would you cook with it? Must use for cooking; no selling mammoth ribs or putting in museum.

Taking that as two questions...

1) YES! Absolutely! I'm so nuts about my boys. They cover all social media of mine.
2) I would cook a rhino steak, which sounds absolutely horrible, I know, I'm sorry! My master's thesis was on rhinos so I'm totally obsessed with them, and in my lab we have a running joke that we all want to find out what our study animals taste like.

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Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #11 on: May 20, 2018, 05:34:49 PM »
Hello Acro, welcome to E! Good luck on a speedy approval process. I hope you’ll indulge me in a question…I also hope you don't mind that I tend to ask the same question. I'm a bit OCD and I get to look back over the hundreds of answers and do some comparing. So, onto the question...

I'm a huge sports fan - have been all my life - if you could pick one professional sport to play, what would it be and why? To make it easier, you don't have to be good at it and it doesn't even have to be a real sport (eg, dust bunny hunting).

For me it's hockey for a whole smattering of reasons. I've played it all my life. I like the words "puck," "zamboni," and "slap shot." Locker rooms are amazing places, even in a PG13 sense. The uniforms rock. It is associated with where I live. The list is endless.

Offline Deante

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #12 on: May 20, 2018, 05:47:17 PM »
Rhinos! The real world unicorns! I also admire your pigeon-vampire vanquishing methods. :D

It's time to brainstorm an RP! How would you set something up with these elements: Geology, Workplace comedy/romance, pet kitties, in a multi-race fantasy setting.

Offline Dark Rez

Re: Hello! Fantasy fanatic here! *o*
« Reply #13 on: May 20, 2018, 06:11:39 PM »
Vanilla! Nice! I like simple.

I see that you don't mind both questions and writing prompts, so I think I'll leave you a small writing prompt.

A C.I.A agent that is secretly a ninja.