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QuoteIf there was some expectation hidden deep within her heart that the bullying problems would go away or that it would lessen because college life was different, it dissolved a while back and now she could only sigh the next time she heard her son's voice. The not-quite-ready-for-manhood sound of irritation, an anthem of the young. He was complaining about something and it was so strange, it took a few moments of more careful listening- and removing her headphones-  to fully register what was being said. Not because it was out of pocket for him, but more because… well, what was he all twisted up about?

"No, you're right. I know it was a big date but... maybe we just shouldn't go to the movies," her son was saying. "If he says he'll ruin a date, I'm sure he... I'm sure he means it." The telltale pause and uneven inhalation of breath.

It wasn't that her son hadn’t always been a bit of a whiner, but... well, it didn't help that the bullying had been going on for a good while. It was easy to surmise that he was on the phone with his girlfriend- the mousey-looking girl with the glasses. She was cute enough, in that bookish way but still at those gawky ages where she was sort of struggling to find a place. She’d stuck with him after high school though. Even now that he was older and going to college full-time he was kind of still getting a hard time all over.

"Got to a different movie theatre," a voice piped in- a husband, trying to sound as if it mattered at all to him, but still baffled that it was a problem now.

"I'm on the phone, dad," The bully problem had been a constant in their lives- his parents had been popular, but their son had been born a premie, and that had somehow meant he was born with a kick-me sign on his back. Nothing seemed to work, not haircuts, not changing clothes, nothing. No amount of PTA meetings had made him socially… well, at least average would have been fine.

"Bet you are, sport," another voice intoned with almost a verbal eye-roll. Her husband had never really been too interested in the bullying problem their son had. At their age, they’d already been married and building a family, so he was perplexed by this sort of… continuing issue. He’d never say it, but he was the type who’d peaked in high school a little, so he just… couldn’t relate to the son who had been born with a kick-me sign on his back or the wife who seemed to bothered by it.

"And I can't go to the one across town, they're not showing the anime movie we want to see."

"Just a movie. Call him back, just tell him to fuck off,"

"He didn't call, he just DM'd me on Facebook." the boy whined. There was some chirping on the phone, but it was hard to say overmuch what the girlfriend was saying.

"What, did he say he wanted to see your little movie, too?"

"No, he just said he was going to come and ruin the date,"

"Ruin it. What's he going to do, read the subtitles out loud again?"

"He's not you dad!" The voice chirped back and her husband only laughed.

“I forgot, no one talks on the phone anymore,” the older man could almost be seen rolling his eyes about it.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, and she set had set her jaw firmly, annoyed. Some part of her wondered if her son had been switched at birth sometimes but that was her baby. Some were slow starters, but it wouldn’t have killed her husband to seem like he cared.

She plucked her phone up from what she’d been doing and swiped her podcast away.

The bully had a facebook, did he? Well, she’d certainly heard the name enough- she knew who to look for, and who to confront. When you wanted a weed pulled, you had to pull them up root and all. At least that’s what she thought she needed to do- she’d have to ask the gardener later or something.

Hey, I am some dickhead in Ohio who's been playing games like this for a bit too long. I've been writing on my own more lately and kind of hit a wall and this is always the best way to knock some of the rust loose-

At the bottom, I'll link some samples and urge you to really just skim them- they are 100% first posts that are mainly used to set the tone and get things going, it's most likely not going to be 80% of the time, it's just to get a feel. This isn't Nanowrimo and it shouldn't be - really, it shouldn't! The length will vary but I'll try to do my best to just match up with you! One of my favorite things to do is pick up prompts that you wanted that never really took off- it might need a touch of work, but I'm sure I can get into it and we can get something going.


I want you to be someone quasi-consistent, with something interesting. You don't have to have that dog in you but something unique would move the needle a little. First, I'd like you to send me a sample but to show me you read this, a joke or a quip would really do it for me.. I know it's dumb, but it brings me joy. Inbox or chat, it doesn't matter that much for me!

I ask that you be at least semi-literate and write in third person.

Only message me if you can do this and only in 3rd person! I have a few scenes in mind but my ideal play will be including the characters here and a pair of others. If you made it this far, send me a quip or a joke, that’s how we’ll know!

If this is still up, I either forgot about it or I’m still looking!

I haven't posted here in like... years, so I'll upload some fresh samples under here but they're really just for you to skim and go 'oh okay' if that's what you're looking for!

Kinks: Cock Worship, Dom/Sub dynamic, Cheating, Public Sex, Drug Play, Breeding, Corruption, DubCon, Rough Sex, Group Sex and more!

On's and Off's~? 
On's and Off's~!


“Well, don’t act like I made you wait long. Lots of men might have had the colder bed a bit longer.” She chided, though he hardly had much of a response as she took his cock in her hand, giving it a few lazy strokes, smoothing her fingers from tip to base, thumb capturing the snotty precum and holding it so they could both see it. Before he could find enough wit to comment, her tongue had snatched the droplet up and she took the jar from the floor, putting it on the bed at his hip. 

“They don’t… ah, leave the jar, ever?” 

“Mmm? No, not that I’ve seen. Maybe they like it,” She said, eyes on his. This time, she used her nails to get two ‘halves’ out of the jar. One, she squeezed and let ooze out of her palm, dollops of it landing on his cock and sliding down in slow dribbles, until she was sure she’d wrung the last droplets she could over him, she gave his cock a few more strokes, this time a bit faster with her mucus-y palm before she grinned, cupping her breasts up in one arm. 

He raised his eyebrows as she raised the other handful of slime and squeezed it out, wringing it over the valley of her breasts, using her palm to smear the mucus and liquid over her, until she was kneading both of her breasts with either hand, eyes on his as he marvelled. She took a few long moments to work her breasts over until little dollops of the mucus had to be scooped up from her thighs where it landed. 

Grinning, she leaned forward and used her breasts to either side of his cock, pinning it between the slick, messy mounds of soft flesh. He groaned a little at the sensation of his cock being trapped in her sticky hold, but more so as she shifted so she could ease her breasts up and down over his cock. Doing so required her to cup her chest a bit awkwardly, but it was worth it for the way he groaned and stared down at her. 

She smirked at the expression he gave, using her breasts to squeeze, rock and pump them in alternating motions here and there, enjoying the expression he made as her messy chest worked over his equally messy cock. She supposed that she really couldn’t have done this before- without somehow exposing her belly, and the scar that shamed her. She hoped it would suffice for a reward. 

“Amazing,” he murmured, thumb and forefinger finding one of her nipples and squeezing her a bit, which made her suck in a breath and release it in a groan. 

“Right?” She grinned. She was breathing heavier as she worked herself over him, eyes dancing and reflecting the dim light. He could feel parts of his cock throb and tighten, hips moving in stiff jerks he tried to control. She sensed it and her grin broke into a more pleased smile. “You can move- actually…” 

Abruptly, she moved back and gestured for him to rise, which he felt he nearly did just out of jerking his hips in time with her chest, which made him chuckle a bit awkwardly. It made her remember how young he really must be as she shifted, turning so she could lay back on the bed, one leg hanging off. She smoothed palms over her chest slowly, appreciating the slick firmness and looking up at him.

She could almost feel his eyes slide over him, and her stomach flexed a bit under his gaze- for all the awkward discomfort it caused her, he had to admit- she was more fit under those dresses than he had ever realized. Really, he doubted he’d have noted the scar overmuch.

“Don’t stare, just come here,” she muttered, eyes moving away from his. The expression of her feeling some embarrassment made him grin privately in the dark before he obeyed, letting her guide one of his knees over her so he could straddle her waist-  there was a bit of shifting and arching as she got settled and drew the pillow behind her head. That done, she was able to cup her breasts back and hold them up, eyes returning to him.

“Come on, then,” she cooed. “Show me.” 

He needed little other encouragement to shift forward, using a hand to guide himself back into the slick valley of her tits, sighing at the perfect pressure surrounding him. He made a low, appreciative noise as he started to rock his hips just a little- and that was fine, though she quickly tired of waiting for him to get more into it.

“I know you can do better than that. What, are you afraid you’ll reach me mouth and I’ll give it a kiss?” 


“It’s fine,” she said, huffing a little and puckering her lips in a kissing motion. “Fuck them, stop playing. I want to see you cum,” 

Albert licked his lips thoughtfully a moment and then nodded. Taking her advice, he shifted forward, planting a foot on the floor and his opposite hand on the headboard. She flicked an impressed glance upward and returned it to him as his free hand settled to cover one of her fleshy mounds, fingers atop her own where his palm was too wide for the space left over. 

This time, when he moved his hips it wasn’t an almost-involuntary jerk or a rock, he simply thrust forward and shoved his cock into the slickness where she had pressed herself together. The first one was followed by a pregnant pause where her tits were pressed flush against his hips and his thick cockhead had greeted her, slick and messy with slime. Her tongue flicked out over it, eyes mischievous as she did so- and that was all it took.

Abruptly, he was thrusting his hips steadily to bounce her against him, though he could feel her practically massaging her chest and kneading her breasts together while he fucked the space between them, making noisy, light pecks where she could, or letting her tongue loll out so she could taste it, however briefly. Soon, he was panting and he could vaguely feel that he’d slammed the headboard down on his fingers and the wall at some point but it hardly mattered, as his sex tightened back up and he knew that soon she’d have a very different slime on her chest. 

“I’m going to-”

“I know,” her breathy voice cut him off. A hand slipped from her breasts to his thigh, gripping him and keeping him from pulling back, though he hardly did that at all. “Cum,” She demanded, voice a husky whine.

On's and Off's~? 
On's and Off's~!


Tentatively- I think I have the partners and roles I want for the bully roleplay. 

I'm only really looking for Superhero OC plots, Monster plots, longish term partners and I'm open to the 'plots that never took off'- I'm not really that ashamed about it. 

Please understand! 
On's and Off's~? 
On's and Off's~!