Your first memorable original character?

Started by Lyndis, May 06, 2024, 03:54:25 PM

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I know I've been around various RP sites and servers for as long as I could write, basically. Might be the same for a lot of you all here too. Which means many years and many, many different characters have probably come and gone in all that time. Even if you've only just started roleplaying as a hobby, I'm sure there's characters that you've grown attached to in that way as well.

So! Who was your first truly memorable RPC?

The earliest one I remember was way back when I was a wee-babe Lyndis trolling around RP chatrooms. A spunky half-demon thief character named Ryo, with long braided hair being her only consistent physical characteristic. Possibly inspired by too many YuYu Hakusho reruns. Ryo didn't have a story of her own, but was adventurous enough to plug into almost any fantasy group RP. Sometimes a friend, sometimes a foe, equally as prone to leaving her companion's pockets empty as she was in stealing from the enemy.


My most memorable RPC I would have to say is my first. Albel Elmson. My Aasimar Prince who disguised himself as a Ranger to hide his true identity to join the Hero's Party. He was a gruff and silent man, but loyal. He was known for being protective of those he held most dear. He was quite the handful for our poor GM, often getting himself into unexpected situations because of that fierce lion-like loyalty of his.

Sara Nilsson

Snogflog Nosebiter.

He was a goblin in a Birthright AD&D campaign I was Gm for. Worked in a brothel as a cleaner and general manservant, and one of the players fell in love with one of the working girls and Snogflog joined her when she moved into his castle. And he really grew as a character, always obsessed with cleaning, and having a speartip hidden in his mop which he used efficiently :)

The name has since lived on and Snogflog has been the name of many of my orc and goblins, both male and female. :)


Zel Gaius Mar of The House of Mar!

My DND 4e Battlemind Character who was attempting to reclaim a restore honor to his household and reclaim his lands. Probably the first character I played as a truly noble and good with a few vices here and there, Like having a fer for Drow women. Basically first non-Murder hobo character.  Had a campaign centered around him reclaiming his home land and reuniting with his childhood friend (Who happens to be drow). Unfortunately, my DND group decided to move on to 5e. Which is fine because combat in 4e was horrendous.


My most memorable character is my first! I named her on a whim, trying to make a username for a chat app I was using, and because I was indecisive, I made her a shapeshifter who, despite living for centuries upon centuries (by mistake, in her defense), is terrible at navigating the world, and sates her unending curiosity by locating wiser creatures and bombarding them with questions.

She was part self-insert, part "oh, that sounds interesting!" and was my main, if not sole character for like,, four years? Her only goals were to be helpful, make friends, make those friends feel loved, and to learn more about the world that has changed so much around her. Love her with all my heart, I've grown through her. ^-^


All my memorable RP characters are ones I have but never got to play. 

If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.