Avatar the Last Airbender?

Started by Tokyorose627, April 30, 2024, 02:12:22 AM

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I’m surprised I haven’t seen much in therms of group games or solos within the ATLA universe. I love the lore and what could be done with it, as you can go backwards in times or way past what has been done, to even between times to be creative and give a new spin in the world! 

I’d love to write solos with some people if they wanted to, or meet others if a group game was ever a possibility. Creating cool characters that get to be in such an exciting world would be great, but if no one’s into it, that’s just the way it would be. Sadly I’m too busy to mod for anything, but I’m more surprised not much is happening with that world and all the rich lore it has to offer!


I will always go for anything Avatar related though I am not one to mod either. It is a pity it is no getting more rp love.
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I'm not the one to mod either although I can but I have two Avatar-esque stories. One is an Avatar saga before the events of Aang and Korra, and the other is a White Lotus recruiting new members. 👀 They have been on the shelf for quite some time. Years, even.
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They used to be fairly common, back when Korra was on the air, and a bit after. One of my favorite games ever here (and sadly short lived, since a core player left the site) was an alternate scenario where Aang was never found and Azula ruled as Phoenix Queen. It's been over a decade T-T


Mods not needed. There is a game using the PbtA system published by Magpie Games.

Man did I have an idea for a game at one point. I just never developed it.

Set during the 100 years war era a generation or so after the genocide, it'd follow a group of air nomad survivors in a slightly AU type setting. The idea has been back-burnered for a while now!

But the system is cool.
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I've got the Avatar Legends system. Wish I had time to run something but I'd be happy to play. 
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I have the Magpie system for Avatar as well. If something gets started I would love to be a player!