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Started by Missy, November 26, 2023, 07:03:54 PM

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Overview in Breif

Overveiw in Detail

It has become more and more pressing a matter in American society that Republicansm, one of America's only two major political programs has conducted itself in increasingly overt and unabashed attitudes of Facism. This fact has been recognized by experts since before the trump 'presidency', but what has started with trump has infected the whole of major partisan actors among the more conservative branch of American political discourse. These are not small things, nor are they things which impact a small number of people, they instead fully intend to wrest control of government in favor of Fascist dominance for perpetuity, imposing policies across the board to impose the will of a few, and specifically the most extreme and intolerant of American society. If permitted this collective of far-right aggressors will legislate American society into a backwards reflection of the most bigoted of it's offerings, impacting everyone from the single mother to the queer alike. To ignore these facts represent a course most perilous, to America as a whole.


I am relieved someone post about this - it needs to be discussed. This is a plan by Heritage Foundation to force US into a tyrannical theocracy and nothing is safe. They wanna classify all LGBT+ content as pornography legally and since they are setting this legal precedent this is making me fear E. It is my main source of writing and one of my coping mechanisms. I am outright terrified even while in Scotland, UK. 

I realize it is easy to miss this, but this is not just threat to USA it's threat online space.

I beg for assurances if this happens and unless some miracle happens, Trump will do this, but they don't need him any GOP who wins, would do this. But I beg please, that E will be safe that there is precautions for this?
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Yeah - I think most people think stuff like this is just hyperbolic, or maybe they think it's real, but just don't take it seriously cause they think it's impossible or something. Regardless it is quite real and the sad side effect of partisan duopoly, the fact America lives in a partisan duopoly like this is all the more reason to take it seriously. The scary thing is in teh partisan duoply having one's own party 'in power' (really just the presidency, but Americans treat the presidency as if it's bigger than it really is) makes the 'in power' party supporters complacent and the 'out of power' party supporters more active. So it's actually a little frightening that people want to pretend it's not a big deal or not worth mentioning or something???


Putting more thought into it, I suppose it's possible some people are just despondent and think there's nothing they can do about it - and I mean alone they'd be right. sighs


Good news, Missy - this is getting discussed more.  I've found myself explaining the comprehensive, Christofascistic* design of this plan to people in spaces online and physical for the last couple of months.

Unfortunately, there is very little that I know of that can convince the Trump supporters that I know that Biden and the DNC are not the real fascists, usually because GOP/Right echochambering is truly awful.

Now, I know I can be prone to being in an echo chamber of my own - I'm prone to paying attention to leftist and liberal news sources more than conservative and fascist ones - and I have bias sourced in the misinformation silo my once-loving father has fallen into, but my feeling is that the information sources supplying the US Right - Daily Wire, Jordan Peterson, etc. - are very effective in isolating their audience.

Bad news - that debate is going to demotivate Biden's voting bloc.  To what degree I can't say, but to some degree it is certain.

*I am Christian, I've said it before in this space.  I can recognize the Christofascist heresy when I see it and I will call it what it is.

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Yeah that's what I'm afraid of, I fully get Biden isn't folks first choice, he's not mine either, his biggest issue is his oratory abilities have gone with his age, what most people don't recognize is his abilities as a statesmen haven't and still far outwieght trump so massively the only reason to recognize trump is he's the only other person in the room.

I just hope knowledge of Project 2025 activates enough people to keep it from becoming a reality, if not we're on the road to fascism. Guess I should revive my plans to emigrate and get the hell out of here while I still can.


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If I remember correctly, John Oliver did an episode of his show about Trump team and their Project 2025.

I can't say if he tackled the topic with the right attention, depht and detail (I don't know much about USA politics), but for sure it drew my attention. That political project sounds chilling and reeks of authoritarian regime even from across the ocean. Not that in Italy we can preach to anyone about neofascism, looking at our government... 
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I'm prone to disagree that Biden has lost his ability to speak or debate. But he did not come out with any win with the lack of energy. 
Neither did Trump win that debate in truth since he could not stay on topic and constantly lied on the soapbox. His base might be emboldened in the short term but 45 always had the loudest people. Not the most.

Now as for whether Biden's lack of energy was from being sick or fatigued, his rally afterwards showed he can admit he had a bad debate but can recover. He certainly had a lot more fight in him at the rally than the debate. Would love to see that energy next time. 

Basic jist I got was that neither side gained much traction or lost any. It'll take time but I feel Biden can bounce back especially if Trump keeps shooting himself in the foot. 

Just like sports, it's how you finish, not how you start. Next time though, get the figurative foot on the throat Joe.

Laughing Hyena

As to go back on topic, what was it I was hearing about changing up the generals in the military chain of command if 45 got his way? The justification was on the grounds of being "woke". Isn't that from the 2025 playbook? Any credibility to that?


Yes, he said he'd do it. He announced as much through his own social media - I shan't link it, I don't want to give the man the clicks.

This is bad for two big reasons:

1) the military is and should be "woke", defining wokeness as aware and alert to systems of oppression and disenfranchisement - from a strictly military view, no less. The designed purpose of the Green Berets is to make contact with and provide support to those outsider groups - to remove awareness of that is counter to US military interests

2) replacing the generals with loyalists is a major predicat step for a self-coup.

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Quote from: Missy on December 29, 2023, 11:38:32 AMPutting more thought into it, I suppose it's possible some people are just despondent and think there's nothing they can do about it - and I mean alone they'd be right. sighs

Worse. They're confident that the only thing they have to do about it is vote for Biden, because they're equally confident the only problem is Trump.

And that's it, that's their only plan. 

There's no effort now, nor plan for the future to shore up these vulnerable areas. The Heritage Foundation literally has the whole "Project 2025" thing outlined in a page-by-page plan. They're not shy or secretive, they published a fucking book. If Democrats were actually concerned, they would push back, page-by-page. Biden is president right now, they don't have to wait for him to be president in February.  At the most generous read of their "plan," they just naively hope that the Republican Party will "give up" if Biden should win. There's certainly no plan for if he DOESN'T win (except maybe blaming TEH JOOZ again, I suppose.)

But of course as we're seeing right in front of us, the executive branch is probably the least important element to the "Project." After all, they have the Supreme Court and the Legislature, who needs the presidency? 


On the 'average person' level (i.e., not Congress, not state officials, but the people you are currently meme-shaming)

What actions would constitute 'effort', in your opinion.  Points will be deducted for 'and then a miracle occurs and society is rewritten.'
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Quote from: Oniya on July 01, 2024, 11:55:01 PMOn the 'average person' level (i.e., not Congress, not state officials, but the people you are currently meme-shaming)

What actions would constitute 'effort', in your opinion.  Points will be deducted for 'and then a miracle occurs and society is rewritten.'

Here's the situation.

Joe Biden is probably going to lose in November. That probably means Donald Trump is going to win. That's where the numbers are pointing, anyway. Even if Biden manages to turn that around in three months, the recent showing of the Supreme Court kinda underscores the point I raised about the presidency not really mattering that much. And even if that weren't true, if Biden's first term is any indication of his second, we can pretty much expect the "Project 2025" stuff to go on largely unhindered. I'm not gonna say it's set in stone, but at the current look of things, I'm not optimistic.

If you want to figure out how to actually respond to this situation, well, Missy already gave you a hint:
Quote from: Missy on December 29, 2023, 11:38:32 AMand I mean alone they'd be right.

The key is organization. 

And no, "get out the vote" efforts aren't it. I mean genuinely, go out and build groups of people to actually do things. Don't ask me "what things," you're a smart person and I don't know what your community might need. But anything from disruptive action, to safe houses for vulnerable to people to emergency response groups for when the system inevitably fails (think Texas in winter 2021.) All sorts of things. 

I wish I could give you more direction, who to talk to or work with, but hey we're in a mutually vague situation here. But I think we can agree we're divebombing face-first into unambiguous, naked fascism currently. And we're not going to be able to "just vote" our way out of it. 

Build a community, make plans and precautions. I know. "Sounds crazy!" but if this outlined plan genuinely worries you then you need to act with genuine worry.


For those concerned that nothing is being done to prepare in case Trump wins.