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Author Topic: Rayne's newest search -several ideas and pictures, F looking for M-  (Read 935 times)

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Offline RayneTopic starter

Hey, so I'm heading into winter break and deciding I could fit one or two more rps into my life. So check out my on/offs in my rabbit hole and my preferences if you're interested. Even if you don't see anything on this list that sparks your interest, if we seem like a good match definitely send me a pm.
I only play females, I like my males to be male, and I like to play a submissive. However, as to my preferences and stuff even though I like some kinky and sometimes rough things I do not like abusive domination, humiliation or cruelty towards my character on any scale. I like to have fun, I like positive rps... even if they get very crazy or seem like non-conish situations. Well, with that, here are the ideas:

Picture plots- basically a picture that I really want incorporated into a scene. If the picture gives you an idea I'd love to hear it, but otherwise I have a main concept for most of them

Craving NSFW 1 - Basically want to do an idea with a very kinky farm. Was thinking the girl could either end up at a farm looking for summer work or sent out of the city as punishment by her parents. Could include beastiality, or could just include a girl and farmhands or the farm owner, depends what sort of thing we want.
Also a twist on the farm idea where it could be a science lab turning girls slowly into animals- mainly 'cow'girls. NSFW 2 

School Girl NSFW Could be the generic student/teacher match up or student/student. Basically looking to do a lot of 'secretive' public stuff like this.

Insect more NSFW Basically a girl wanders into a forest where the bugs are a bit larger than normal, and take her captive. Could be a hive needing a new queen, or a sorcerer using these creatures to capture his victims.
NSFW 2 Insect
Taken as a stand alone, but still welcome kink as a part of a larger rp

NSFW bedroom 

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Offline RayneTopic starter

Re: Smut please -several ideas and pictures, F looking for M-
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2011, 09:58:56 PM »
Fantasy not quite modern setting
Perhaps she is a new slave at market about to be sold to a notoriously cruel man, or perhaps she is traveling and jumped by bandits, or maybe she's just having a really bad day- just to name a few ideas. Either way your character steps in to lend a hand, and an immediate chemistry seems to spark between the two. One thing leads to another, and the girl ends up being offered a place to stay for a few days at the man's house.

Ideas for this: It can either be a slower developing romance, or something quicker. But either way, I'd see it getting rather kinky -bondage, toys, settings outside the bedroom. Also definitely a dom/sub relationship, though a romance, not a master slave set up.

Some pictures to do with the idea, all NSFW:
Pic 1 Maybe once they get comfortably in a relationship he talks her into attending a party of some sort where exhibitionism performances like this are part of the entertainment, and she's one of the entertainers.
Pic 2 yes the school pic if you clicked above, but basically the bondage idea, not the outfit.
Pic 3 Another exhibitionist kink idea.
Not quite sure it'll fit but still into the idea

The Blood Donor

In the mood for a bit of a vampire roleplay. My idea is that a vampire works at a blood bank -hey look free food-, when one day a girl comes in that attracts his attention. Sure, she's attractive... but the main thing that has his interest is her blood. For some reason or another, it just tastes better.
Eventually, he decides he wants this girl for himself and, after one of her donation trips, he kidnaps her and takes her to his home to keep prisoner and provide him with fresh blood whenever he desires.

-I'm not interested in torture or tons of pain, certainly no death. The idea is that she becomes a treasured possession to him, something he feels he needs, and eventually it shifts towards romance. I'm very open to suggestions, ideas etc on this one.

Who Says It's An Addiction

Content: Bondage or Light

Scenario: Basically both of our characters, one way or another, are part of a Sex Addicts Anonymous sort of group. However, neither of them think they're addicts or want to be there. It's just about having fun, how can that be bad, after all? Clearly, they don't intend to change, they're just making their family, friends, what have you, happy, by going to the meetings. And when they get paired together, as a 'support system'... well abstaining from sex is the last thing they plan to do.

A Cold Winter's Night

Content: Light/Bon -more a short term rp-

Scenario: She was driving to a friend's cabin in the mountains when her car skidded on ice and went into a ditch. Luckily a man lived nearby and heard the crash, going out to check. Shaken up but otherwise fine, the woman still wouldn't be reaching her friend's house that night.
What starts out as a kind offer to let her stay till the morning turns into a night of enjoyment for them both.

Skyrim plot- This can be explained if you don't know what I'm talking about, but if you do it does make it a lot easier-

 The 'A Night to Remember' quest with the Daedra Sanguine given a new twist. This could probably have some extreme kinks, Sanguine being the prince of debauchery and everything. Could see him kidnapping the adventurer and having fun with her in some alternative realm of his and her trying to escape... or not.

Adventures in Sexland
Basically Alice in Wonderland but gone perverted, anything perverted imagined can be found in this world. There is a manga/doujinshi whatever that fueled this idea, but I'd like to avoid following it really if you've by chance seen it. We can work out details, but looking for a guy to play the random creatures and characters my 'Alice' encounters. Or, I was also interested in playing an Alice x Mad hatter sort of relationship, so either is fine.
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Re: Smut please -several ideas and pictures, F looking for M-
« Reply #2 on: December 26, 2011, 08:08:18 PM »
Added the Saved plot and details to the farm picture plot
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Re: Smut please -several ideas and pictures, F looking for M-
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2011, 07:56:35 PM »
And added Adventures in Sexland plot