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Author Topic: Obscure Cravings.  (Read 3550 times)

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Obscure Cravings.
« on: December 08, 2010, 04:46:01 AM »
Well first of all I want to add in here that I will be changing this post frequently: when I get new ideas or they get taken up. So keep an eye on it if you like.

Second, I only Rp via Thread at this time. I post quite frequently usually every day in each thread, or I try to. I don't expect the same but every couple days is nice, unless we discuss it ahead of time.

Now I'm a chill guy, I love chatting OOC and getting to know my partners but I'm here for RP. If you just want to chat, by all means feel free to, but you are not getting the priority of my attention.

Literacy: I need to be able to understand spelling, grammar, and punctuation to be able to work with your post. But I am also not a nazi, I have my own errors like everyone else. If you put in effort and I can understand it and it doesn't fill your entire post, then I'll usually overlook such errors easily.

Length: I like to get a solid three or so paragraphs but I can post more if needed. I give back what I get and I have both my creative streaks and my braindead moments.

Finally! Cravings

The 13th Warrior (The Eaters of the Dead)

I have always loved the movie, I've seen it dozens of times and just find the intricacy of an Arab being for all purposes Shanghai'd into a mission with a group of Norse men to battle back an army of cannibals deep, interesting and in all words awesome. So I don't really have a plot build out to be honest, and it would need work but I'd certainly love to talk to someone who'd be interested in it.

Wraeththu Unfortunately to get into this idea, you need to have read the series please. I I know it limits my partners but the books are vital to understanding the entire world properly, that would otherwise take a while to explain.

For this is another loose idea, I really want to do though. This is a rare one that I would do with a guy. It's not really my preference but like I said above, they'd have to have read the novels. If you have anything against hermaphrodites or the novels and the idea, is not for you though. Plot could be anywhere in the series but I loved the earlier days the best when everything was just starting. Feel free to PM me and we will work it out.

Dark Water Well, I've got a small fixation on it recently; I've been searching for someplace to re-watch them online. And I'd definitely be interested in rping something of it with someone who remembers it a bit (and would help me find and re-watch them?). The greatest part is that the series cut off at 8 of 13 stones so if anyone wanted to help Ren find the last 5 of the stones, toss me a PM. This is very loose, very open to ideas and suggestions and very casual. I was about…3 when this first came out, so actually remembering things vividly is not necessary. I'd love to find someone that can go "Omg! Dark Water! Yes!" like I do whenever I come across the starting theme of it.

Picture Prompt!

Samus Aran has ALWAYS been one of my favorite Nintendo characters, I’ve replayed Super Metroid and Fusion more times than I'd like to admit as well as the Prime trilogy. I LOVED Other M and how it brought back the basic goodness of the game, though it was a little short for my liking. ANYWAY, I can play a convincing female character, especially Samus. I'd like to find an RP with a female for a obvious FF situation, maybe my partner has a bounty out on her head? And Samus is the one hunting her and comes to side with her, finding that there's a scheme going on to frame said partner? Details can be hashed! But, LOVE on this picture nonetheless! I have many more Samus pictures, this one just is my recent fix because it’s all Samus badass glory.

Alright, a new picture prompt! I imagine this as being a Native American of some sort, with some sort of elemental wind power. But plot and ideas can be considered once I find a partner to discuss them with.

NEW picture prompt!

I imagine this beautiful maimed sci-fi character having quite a intricate twists to a back story, that I’m still working on in my head! All credit due to artist, referenced in the Wiki upload. Anyone interested PM me!

There is a certain appeal to this blatant disregard for the angel in this picture, don’t know what strikes me as much but interested in talking about roles for it.

Please this is not on a first come first serve, I will pick who suits best for it, and it may take a intro-post for feeling, if it works then I'll play it out, I'm not picky or harsh, but a couple Rps I’ve started recently just felt wrong and were difficult for me to be involved in.

PS: Please PM me, do not post in this thread.
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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2011, 09:55:34 AM »
I like your idea and I think we can work something out for this char. Do you have any ideas for a story?
Picture Prompt!

I would love to do an RP with my partner playing this girl! Of course a bit Historical, we can go fantasy or not, or we can play it classic White man coming and falling for a Native American woman, Pocahontas sort of thing. I'm open to ideas for this one, as the image is what is catching me.

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2011, 10:50:45 PM »
Updated general conditions of cravings post. Added Samus Aran idea/picture. Closed Dune, Closed Native American picture prompt.

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2012, 10:28:39 PM »
Something of a bump, buried under months of lack of inspiration, the ideas that are up still stand, hoping someone will catch interest.

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2012, 12:34:49 PM »
Another small bump, I find myself pulled more towards my Samus game again, hoping someone will have some interest in it, or perhaps the Open Future one, though it's shown to have something of a rocky start. I'm more posting because I'm simply very open to some new games and ideas, and hoping getting my cravings up will draw people to me, even if its with ideas of their own, which im VERY open too!

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #5 on: December 25, 2012, 01:05:39 AM »
I don't know what it is with me, but Sci-fi futuristic games, are an addiction that I can't really shake, but they seem so hard to be successful, I am, and have been craving a good well written Sci-fi game, my Open Future game is open again, unfortunately, and i found another picture that i kind of feel fits it some. 

Still this is something of a bump, maybe i'll catch someone.

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #6 on: June 10, 2013, 01:02:13 AM »
So I cleaned up the thread some, cleared off a couple old ideas, didn't add any new ones in particular, but some of the ones I still haven't filled are up. My games have cleared out a fair bit, and I'm always pretty available anyway, so I thought some new ones might spark my interest.

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #7 on: November 30, 2013, 01:34:01 AM »
Testing the waters, have some open slots..

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Re: Obscure Cravings.
« Reply #8 on: August 28, 2014, 09:45:08 PM »