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October 19, 2021, 02:45:03 am

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Author Topic: Trapped in the Game and the Influencer (Romance, tech, transformation)  (Read 460 times)

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I've thought of a few more game ideas and was wondering if anyone would like to write with me.

Begin of Story Concept A-----------
Sasha looked at the prototype. They appeared to be Oakley sunglasses, maybe slightly thicker on the arms. They were jam packed with tech though, all off the shelf and mostly bought over the internet. The secret sauce was the code that she wrote to have all of the devices communicate in real time and project an overly on top of the glasses at HD quality, in real time. She checked her phone for the established connection, which was registered as 5 solid bars according to the app on her phone. She clicked the on button on the side of the device and slipped the sunglasses over her eyes. Everything dimmed for a moment. There was something bright coming from the middle of the glasses, but only for a moment as they scanned her retinas. A crude version of Wildfyre loaded up. Sasha was prompted to pick her character. She looked at what she wanted with her eyes and the cameras registered that. To go back a menu, she had to make a gesture with her hand.

She choose a towering succubus that had fire for hair and was impossibly beautiful.

She motioned with her hand, spelling edit with her finger and the game went into edit mode.

She looked at the modifications and checked them off, applying them to her character in real time.
Breast Augmentation from a flattish A-Cup to a round, perky H Cup.
Lower back muscle augmentation to better compensate for the larger, heavier breasts.
Spinal Augmentation for structural strengthening, and to better anchor the stronger muscles.
Augmentation of the upper leg muscles, to make for a rounder, firmer rump, as well as better support of her other augmentations.
Re-positioning of her Intestines to allow for a slimmer, more toned waist.
Enlargement of her lips via a collagen cloning process.
Sweat gland and pheromone modification
Removal of her skin freckles.

As she exited edit mode, everything started to flicker and flash around her. She passed out.

When she awoke, she was inside of the game, with no idea how to exit the game and get back to her life.

End of Story Concept A-----------

Begin Story B
Elanit had always wanted to become famous. When she started seeing reality star celebrities making a lot of money as an influencer on social media, she decided she wanted to do that too. She's been saving up for the past three months and finally has enough money to travel to one of the big influencer conventions, sort of like a reality star boot camp. She has been posting pictures on social media for months. Your character finds out about her and pushes her to start webcaming on her site and acts as a mentor to get her site more views and make more money. 

Your character starts to bankroll her transformation and becomes her main source of income. He gives her gifts, but also makes requests, especially more exotic and permanent changes like experimental Japanese implants that are based on your actual tissue and adjustable, laser hair removal, lip injections, as well as fetish type clothes, lace and satin. Eventually her encourages her to embrace the hedonistic life style, fucking everything in site and drastically changing her appearance for the aim of better pleasure, sex, and more page views and paying customers.

What changes do you see for Elanit in her future?
End of Story Concept B-----------

I have space for a few more games here on E. I'm looking for a partner that writes well, posts 3 to 5 per week, with complete sentences about 5 sentences per reply (one minimum). Gender doesn't matter of the writer but I'm thinking a heterosexual relationship- I could be convinced if she has a female friend that starts off as a girlfriend then becomes her lover. I'm flexible and would love to hear about your ideas and write with you. You can look through my previous posts and check my Ons/Offs to see if we're a match.

If any of the stories have piqued your interest, please PM me and tell me what sort of character you want to play and what what you will contribute to the story. The game would be hosted in the channels here on Elliquiy, as opposed to instant messaging, email, or anything else.

Thanks in advance and I hoped you enjoyed reading my ideas!