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May 07, 2021, 09:22:56 am

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Author Topic: [F4M] Swidi's Dark Ideas  (Read 645 times)

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[F4M] Swidi's Dark Ideas
« on: March 28, 2020, 06:52:30 am »
Please read my O/Os thread to further understand what exactly I am looking for. Link is in the signature.

What setting do I usually write in?

I do have a few ideas on my mind that I'd like to explore, which will be set in modern times.

Where do I write?

I prefer writing through PMs on elliquiy or through discord. Google docs is also an option.

What part of writing do I enjoy the most?

The part where the world is built for us to play characters in as well as the way our characters react psychologically to the rules and ways of the world that we write in.

About my post length

I am a multi paragraph writer and I have plenty of samples of my work to share if you wish to see if we will be a good fit as writers. If we are setting up our characters initially, you can expect more words that paint a picture but it usually gets shorter as we move along with the plot, where I match my writing partner's preferred length to strike a balance. When our characters interact in the story, the post length would be shorter obviously if they are interacting with each other.

I prefer plenty of plot and smut but I am someone who needs to be reined in every now and then so that I focus on what we are writing. Sometimes I get carried away with the plot/characters and forget about smut and need to be nudged to get on with it and get to the fun parts. >_>

And here are some plots that I have come up with recently:

Plot ideas

An Eye for an Eye - Craving

Billy's hand was clenching her damp hair at the nape of her neck as he reluctantly thrust into her, slowly at times and powerfully in other moments, his thoughts as jumbled as his rhythm was. He struggled to focus on the woman under him, who placed desparate kisses on the prickly stubble along the strong jawline of her best friend's father between moans, hoping that he would pull her hair harder.

Of course, she was frustrated at the lack of rhythm but she knew that Billy could flick a switch in his head at any moment. And not a moment later, with one hand still tightening around her hair, Billy shifted his weight on to his knees and pushed her up on the bed, her head awkwardly half resting against the headboard. His other hand gripped the headboard above her head and he began thrusting into her like he was a much younger man, prompting her to close her eyes and bite her lips while her moans echoed around them, only interruped by the sounds of skin slapping against skin.

Billy's mind went blank for a few seconds when Abigail gently sucked on his left nipple from under him, which let him briefly find his rhythm and ram into the moaning woman's tight opening with urgency. Before long, Billy bit down hard on the young woman's shoulder, grunting and groaning.

"Oh Abi...", he moaned before his aging frame collapsed on top of Abi's as he found his twisted release, shootng his hot seed deep inside her womb.

The two dressed up quickly, ready to head out to visit a support group for the grieving. Billy didn't really pay attention to Abi's words when she muttered something about grabbing things from her house next door before a quick departing kiss, his hand lightly resting behind his back.

And she was gone, along with one of his darkest moments as a man.

Billy painfully punched the teak wood table in front of him. It didn't hurt him enough so he punched again. And again, until he felt the skin on his knuckles peel, while tears streamed down his heavily lined face. Abi had been right there, her petite hands caressing his face while his hand rested on his kitchen knife that was tucked into his pants behind his back.

It would have taken him not one second to slice her throat open but he had returned her kiss instead, while still wishing it had been Abi and not his daughter who had died.

The Lamb - Pending plot edit because it is all over the place, confusing and not focused. Rough drafts suck.

At first there was a man who built an empire from nothing and in time his telecom business passed on to his two sons.

The eldest was a quiet man who was full of envy and self loathing that had built up throughout his life. After all, the only thing that he had done to be in his position was to have been a squirt that escaped his father's loins.

He was a man of short stature and a plump build who was married to a gregarious but a rather plain looking woman. Usually, when people looked at their larger than life family portraits painted on their mansion's walls, they remarked that he took after his mother with a kind smile on their faces, which made him fume inside because he had grown up styling himself like his father in front of his mirror, convinced that he had his father's eyes even when everyone told him that he didn't.

His narcissism steadily grew to the point where he was simply known as "The Fool", over the years without him ever hearing about it, thanks to the yes man who were always around him, using him to get ahead.

The man's younger sibling was a striking young Olympic athlete who had the good looks of his late father - the same chin, the same jawline and the same eyes and the same knack for business. Although he burned brighter than a billion stars in his youth, it was not meant to be for long. Because, when the younger sibling became comatose after an accident in his late thirties, the elder brother shamefully felt relieved at not having to feel inadequate anymore at times, happy that he would be the only man to further the family's bloodline.

And because of those reasons, the elder son's apple of his eye was his own daughter, a woman of twenty-two who was fancied by any man who's blood ran red. She had the striking features of her grandfather, was an exceptional athlete who was naturally gifted and was the smartest woman in any room that she found herself in. The only tragic thing about her was her loyalty to her father and her two younger sisters, who were her blind spot. Sisters, who curiously looked so unlike her and so much like her parents.

Although she didn't notice it, something in her father changed over the last year.

One of her father's friends had remarked that his eldest daughter looked so much like her uncle, which had made her father seethe while he ordered DNA tests in his paranoia. When the results came back, he never looked at his wife or his first daughter the same given what the reports seemed to say. But he knew one thing, that he'd be damned if he let his little lamb have any bit of power or his family name in the future.

And the plotting began to take her out of the picture...

What I am looking for in the male character (YC):

Older male who is at least over fifty years of age. YC would take orders from MC's father and do what he wants to her during sex, which would be a live feed connected to MC's father's office.

YC is a cutthroat majority shareholder in the rival's business. A guy who is sadistic and would do anything to achieve his ambitions.

MC's father only wanted to see MC punished for a while and be snuffed in the end. But, YC has his own plans that include plotting to kill MC's siblings and making MC the heir apparent, before MC outlives her usefulness ultimately after giving YC a heir who can inherit both businesses.

Frozen Dreams - Pending plot edit because it is all over the place, confusing and not focused. Again, rough drafts suck.

The young engineer to be usually scrolled down hundreds of web pages every night, not realizing that the clock had ticked past midnight making her a woman of twenty years. Thoughts jumped around in the young woman's head while her sad unfocused eyes hid how her mind was filled with hatred for how hard life had fucked her from a young age. Was she brave enough to do things at a young age, which society said that she shouldn't? Yes. Did she suffer for it? She still did in a way. But did those things mean that she deserved to be branded as a lost cause by her family? Certainly not.

While her older siblings had their achievements displayed proudly in front of the family home, hers were discarded. While her brothers' trophies were regularly polished and displayed in an oak wood cabinet, hers lie in some scrapyard sold for a pittance without her knowledge. The woman had given up on trying to make her family accept her or trying to seek their validation. Hell, she had pondered ending it all more than a few times but yet, she kept going, uninterested in letting things as insignificant as a broken family be the end of her.

But yet, it did define a massive part of her.

Recent developments at the home front had made her laugh out loud though. Her father had suffered a stroke that made him paralyzed and barely able to speak slurred words with great difficulty. And it fell upon her to take care of him because all of her siblings had refused to come back home to care for their father. So in a cruel twist of fate, it fell to the shunned daughter to do everything from changing his diapers to wiping down her father's body with hot towels, and she was none too pleased with taking care of his every need while juggling college. However, the woman's days felt slightly better now that she did not have to listen to his racist world views while he landed the hard Rs so that was a plus.

But given how her father was still a detective, it was not uncommon for his old friends from the department stop by frequently, rarely to see how he was doing but mostly to make him blink - once for yes and twice for no - to fill in some necessary details before handing over his open cases to someone else. After a few months though, the woman began to notice weird things. For instance, her father's superiors who were easily older than him let their friendly and 'concerned' hugs to her linger longer than necessary, as did their handshakes.

The exhausted woman did need a break and her schedule didn't exactly grant her time to let her hair down...and, she had ambitions that required for her to leave her shit hole town, to try and dream again after it felt as though all hope was lost with her having to care for others and never for herself.

What I am looking for in the male character (YC):

Older male who reads MC well and pushes her buttons correctly to manipulate her.

1. Maybe a man with a criminal background who went to prison because of MC's father.
2. Or one of her father's superior officers who wants to get his hands on old case files because he wants to destroy evidence of his corruption, while corrupting MC.

PS: If you have read through my Ons and Offs thread and this thread, you will pretty easily get an idea of the kind of themes that I go for so if you have an idea that you wish to talk to me about, please send me a PM and we'll see if we can write something interesting.

Also, the ideas for your characters are not strict rules but simply some guidelines. Would be open to listen to ideas that could make things more interesting.
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Re: An Idiot's Ideas [M/F or F/M]
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2020, 11:32:45 am »
Added a plot, tidied things up, created my O/O thread separately etc.

So I guess this will be my bump for the month. :3

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Re: [F4M] Swidi's Dark Ideas
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2021, 10:47:47 am »
Removed all old plots and added the following plots:

The Lamb

Frozen Dreams

An Eye for an Eye