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Author Topic: Broken Toy - Extreme  (Read 904 times)

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Broken Toy - Extreme
« on: November 27, 2011, 09:03:27 am »
Alyssa had a tough life, booth her parents were alcoholics so she pretty much had to raise herself since they were out most nights and slept it off most days. There was many a night where she'd go to bed hungry. They lives in a poor neighbourhood, one of those ones where misery loves company so no one tried to better themselves or get help for anyone else, a few times when her mother made her lunch for school, she'd open her bag to a bottle of booze. She vowed to never drink. Never end up like her parents.

As she grew she became rebellious, fighting at school, running away...Her parents started to punish her, locking her in her room. Shouting, a few times lashing out and hitting her. She was forced to see a youth worker, all the things she did, talking back, shouting, hitting...It was all to get attention. At least that's what she was told. Ally found something else to vent her energy. It started when she was shaving her legs and cut a little line in her leg. So started the routine, every time she felt frustrated and alone, Ally would cut herself. It started with her thighs then moved to her arms. No one knew. She was calmer and seemed happier in school.

She grew out of the phase. Finally when she was 18 she moved out. Got a job at a restaurant where she wore a revealing uniform to get tips. She was struggling to survive in a disgusting apartment that really should have been torn down, but the rent was cheep and here was a roof over her head and that was good enough for her. It was  lonely and depressing existence, but it got better. She was introduced to the world of drugs by a work mate. First it was pills, then it was powders.

Sometimes she'd go out with her work friends and wake up in a strange place with strange people. On those days she told herself she'd stop. That'd be the end of it...That would last maybe a day before she started to feel horrible, the only thing that would make her better was more.

Eventually she lost her job, no money was coming in and she was desperate. She was out of work, out of money, out of drugs and soon out of a roof over her head. At rock bottom, Alyssa had a clean out. Anything valuable she owned was taken to a pawn shop. TV, jewellery...She didn't argue when the jeweller offered her 50 for the lot, she just took the money and went on search of a dealer.

It was late about 3am when she finally found one. She was in bad shape, had the shakes pretty bad when she approached the man. She offered him the money. He didn't have any pills...didn't have any powder...but he did have heroin.

He took her to an alley way and showed her how. He tied a tube around her arm, found a vein, stuck the needle in and emptied straight into her blood stream. She didn't handle it well when her body started to shake and her eyes rolled back the dealer took the money and fucked off. She was on deaths door. It was a miracle that she was found.

Days later she awoke in the hospital, she was sent to a group home type place with other addicts and had to attend mandatory group meetings.

That's where she met Him. He was her saviour, or at least that's what she thought when they met. He'd been sober for a couple of years and came to the meetings to help support others. That was the cover anyway. He's one of the types of people who likes suffering in others. He couldn't keep a girlfriend because he was a bit...mean.

Growing up he had the perfect life. Went to the right schools got everything he wanted, had a powerful father and a home maker of a mother. They say behind a great man is a great woman...well, that was bullshit. Behind a powerful man was a woman to tend to him. His father spent years turning his wife into the perfect woman for him. She let him sleep with other people, she entertained his friends, she cooked and cleaned and dressed the way he liked. Sometimes he hit her, sometimes he lost it and beat her, but she stayed with him. Loved him.

That's what he wanted. A woman that would do anything, endure anything because it's what he wanted. That's why he came to these places. His idea was to find a woman who was pleasing to the eye and was at the bottom of the food chain. He'd find one, take them out a few times, be their sponsor, help them through withdrawls and them get back onto the drugs. He was an addict. Addicted to addiction. It was easy to get what he wanted when someone was completely dependant on him.

He's done this a few times, his last girlfriend was now a cheap street whore.

Ally was perfect. After a couple of dates she was already ready to move in with him, he'd get her pills, she'd give him sex. He saw the cuts on her thighs and arms and convinced her to let him cut her. She was like a toy now. His personal toy to play with or discard, share or lock away. She took his abuse, when high she got off on it. The perfect relationship.