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November 29, 2021, 02:38:57 pm

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Author Topic: GM looking for M or F  (Read 673 times)

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GM looking for M or F
« on: August 31, 2018, 01:51:33 am »
     Hey there. Thanks for stopping in and taking a look at my seeking thread. This is the first thread of this type I've written. So if you see anything that you think could be improved, please send me a PM with what you see.

I'll be updating this thread as I come up with new ideas, to change existing ideas, or remove ideas that have already been taken. If you have an interest in any of the ideas, then please do send me a PM explaining which idea/ideas interested you. Perhaps even elaborate on what you had in mind relating to the idea. If none of my ideas spark an interest then thanks for stopping by and reading through it.

For the most part my ideas will be genre/character based. If I do end up with any fan based stories, then I'll include those beneath all of the rest.

   1-on-1 GM based adventure – This is the idea that spurred this thread's conception. I've been acting as the dungeon master for my group of friends for a few years now in games of D&D and Pathfinder. I would love to share that skill in a one on one story with some sexual themes. I've attempted this same concept quite a long time ago and it fell off due to my own lack of commitment. I imagined this in a fantasy setting, but I'm open to other settings as well. I'll elaborate on the possible elements below.


   Fantasy – This is the typical expected setting for D&D/Pathfinder, although that doesn't mean that I'm opposed to it. Imagine a setting with all the classic tropes of fantasy; castles, villages, halflings, elves, orcs, goblins, gnomes, fairies, pixies, adventure filled with quests, thieves, and maybe even dragons. Character choice will be up to whatever you'd like to play, but it will of course be limited to the setting. So once again, follow those fantasy tropes; rangers, rogues, fighters, paladins, wizards, warlocks, sorcerers, etc.

   Modern Fantasy – This is a setting I don't have a ton of experience with, but is something I've been delving into a lot here recently due to my sudden interest in Vampire: The Masquerade. That being said my sense of modern fantasy will be a bit more Gothic than your typical young adult novel. A modern world, but filled with creatures such as vampires, werewolves, lizardfolk, and ghouls. Although this setting wouldn't be free from faeries, elves, and the like, but they would all be a bit darker than the setting described above. All of these described races and others would exist within the setting with their own established underground societies. If your image of modern fantasy is different than what I've described, then you're welcome to pitch that in a PM. I'll let you know if its something that I think I could still do well.

   Sci-fi – This is perhaps the genre I have the least experience in, but I would love to dabble in it and explore if you had a concept you wanted to play in. But you would definitely have to bring a bit more to the table with you if you prefer this genre. At least provide some kind of hook or concept that you were hoping to play out. That said, I would have a blast mixing and creating races and space/spaceship adventures for you. Its just not my area of expertise, per se.

Rule-Set: There are a few options to decide how you would like to play, I will describe those below.

   D20 - These are using the kind of strict framework that you've come to associate with D&D, pathfinder and any d20 based roleplaying game. This would use a digital dice roller and the assumption of honor from the player and myself to only click each roll once. Due to the requirement of honor, but also due to the high number of rolls required, I would prefer not to play this way. Nonetheless I am willing to give it a try as it's something I've never attempted over a forum. Since I've never tried it, maybe it wouldn't be as slow as I imagine it might be.

   Reasonable Discretion - This is the rule framework that most forum combat systems use. Both parties simply agree to only do things that are within reason. This rule-set would mean that the DM allows the player to take actions that their described character would be capable of. On the opposing side, the player wouldn't try to retroactively alter what the DM has described to occur. This is my least favorite forum of rule-keeping, as it lacks framework, and it lacks precedent. I prefer both other methods to this one.

   Freeform – This is of course my favorite rule-set, for forum based roleplays. This rule-set simply means that the player commits to obey the DM's rulings in most situations, with the assumption and understanding that the DM is only looking to move you through an adventure that is exciting and that showcases your character. Of course if there is something that I do when we are playing under this ruleset that you dislike or disagree with, then PLEASE I encourage you to message me and let me know what happened. I have no interest in making anyone feel out of their comfort zone, or make anyone feel like I'm writing a story designed against them.

Character Choice: This is entirely up to you, and I encourage you to be as creative as possible. Once we've nailed down what you're interested in playing I'll devise a campaign, hook, or anything required to build a fun adventure for that character.

That's about it. If you're interested in the idea then please PM me and include the below details:
  • What setting you're interested in, and elaborate a little on what you like about that setting so that I can cater to your interests some.
  • Include what rule-set you favor, and any drawbacks you may have about it so that I can alleviate them or if nothing else, be cautious of them.
  • Include what character you're interested in playing. This should be what you spend the most time thinking about and developing. Since it will be the most impactful factor.
  • Now, I haven't mentioned it much in here, but there will be sex! After all that's the fun of doing it on here, as opposed to a different forum. So please include what kind of sexual fantasies you like, and most importantly, include anything that you really want me to steer clear of. Also include the sexual orientation of your character. I'm comfortable role-playing any pairing, just need to know what you're interested in.

If you're hesitant on any of these decisions, or would like my help deciding on setting or character creation, then feel free to include what you're unsure of. I'll do my best to assist with those decisions.

For now that'll be it. After all, it is the reason that I came back over here to E. Happy to be back by the way!

I never specified whether I was seeking a male or a female character, but I genuinely don't care either way. I would love to write a sexual campaign for male, or female characters. As long as you are comfortable with a male writer behind all of your opposing female characters. I think it goes without saying, but the gender of the writer behind your character doesn't matter to me any. Just let me know what you're interested in playing.
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