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Author Topic: Vessie's thread, new idea in each post! FxF, FxFuta, MxF  (Read 906 times)

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Vessie's thread, new idea in each post! FxF, FxFuta, MxF
« on: December 16, 2015, 11:48:58 AM »

So I figured that it was time to mix my thread up a bit… by which I mean remove all the previous content and replace it with something that will likely prove equally unpopular! But before my blunt brand of sarcasm scare you off, allow me to explain…

What I’d really love at the moment is a roleplay in a school setting between a bully and her victim, with the characters being between 16-18 years old. The bullying in this situation is stemming from one of two reasons:

A)   The first option is that the victim is openly lesbian, and of course in the eyes of the bully that makes her fair game for all sorts of taunts, derogatory comments, and possibly physical confrontation.
B)   The alternative is that on top of favouring the fairer sex, the victim also has something that most girls don’t… which is to say, a cock. She’s a futa and everybody knows it, with the bully having yanked her pants down in public, or intentionally giving her erection and then calling attention to it.

Either way, the victim has had enough of it and decides that enough is enough. She breaks into the bully’s locker intending to steal something for revenge, but instead finds something much better than she’d hoped for, blackmail material. This could be nude photos of her bully, drugs that she’s holding for a friend,* the question papers for next week’s exam, a note from a teacher requesting another clandestine meeting… you get the idea.

With this little treat stolen, the victim decides that she can do one better than theft. All the bullying about her sexuality? Well it’s time for some payback. If the bully wants to keep this a secret, she’s going to have to learn how to be a good little slut for her new mistress.

In case you hadn’t guessed, this will carry heavy dom/sub overtones, and will almost certainly include forced homosexuality… unless you’d prefer that the bully has been lashing out because she’s jealous that the other character dares to be so open.

I’m happy to play either role in this, but if you’re going to ask to RP then read my preferences and o/o list!

Oh, and of course there are my preferences...

I'm still relatively new to this so I'm going to keep it simple. I'd like the roleplay posts to be 2 paragraphs or more, because I'm not really a concise person. I'd also prefer that my partner has decent grammar, I can be more lenient with spelling but grammar is important to me when reading. For this particular roleplay, I'd also prefer that my partner was female given that you'll be playing a futa, something which I view as more or less female.
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Gender-swapping RP
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2015, 07:08:01 PM »
So I'm just looking for something rather specific in this post, it'll most likely just be a short-term roleplay because I'm looking to try out a certain theme and kink, which is to say, gender-swapping!

We'll start the RP as a MxF couple who are quite sexually open in the bedroom, willing to try new things together. They reach the point in their relationship where the question comes up as to whether they'll try anal, and the answer is yes, they will. Given that she's never done it before and her partner is fairly well endowed, my character (female) asks your character (male) to be careful, and of course he agrees to, but despite his best efforts things get...uncomfortable. My character blames YC for being too rough, whether or not he actually was being rough.

Before they fall asleep, my character idly says "I wish you knew what it felt like! You'd be more careful if you did".  Now I assume we'll include some sort of cheesy plot device like a fortune cookie that says "Your wishes will all come true!" or some such, but that's not really the relevant part here. The point is, that somehow, when they wake up your male character will have been transformed into a girl! My character on the other hand will have become male (I could be persuaded to go futa, but male is the preference) or maybe they might just wake up in each other's bodies. It isn't long before my character realises that she has a chance to make your character realise what it feels like to be fucked...

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Re: Vessie's thread, new idea in each post! FxF, FxFuta, MxF
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2015, 05:43:59 PM »
New craving here: Mostly a story-driven idea that slowly builds up to a three-way F/M/F incestuous relationship.

Okay so I have a slightly oddly specific idea that revolves around a family consisting of a mother, a daughter and a son who all live together (fancy that, a family who live together, whatever strange concept will I think up next!). The father has been out of the picture more or less since the younger of the two kids was born, having decided that he wasn’t cut out for being a dad and bolting.

The family get by well enough and have all they need, with the mother having a good job and receiving the occasional alimony payment from her ex-husband. That being said, they’re not exactly wealthy either, and so when the son has an accident that leaves him with two broken arms they’re able to pay the medical bills… but hiring a nurse or carer to take care of him is out of the question.

That means that the burden falls to his family, or more accurately his mother for the most part. Tasks like feeding him, dressing him, and bathing him are now all hers to deal with for two months, while the casts that he has to wear prevent him from moving his arms. When work gets in the way, his sister also helps out, but they try and leave the less ‘involved’ tasks for her.

((Edit: Just to clarify, I'll be playing the mother and daughter.))
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