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Author Topic: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)  (Read 2797 times)

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Offline CarnivalOfTheGoatTopic starter

This campaign will be Extreme/Small Groups due to body horror, monsters, possible sex with monsters, and the monsters possibly not asking nicely first.

Then again, given some of the players I've met, it might be the players not asking first. Poor monsters!

"The world is all gone to shit. A few hundred or more years ago something pretty bad happened. No one around now remembers it, and they sure as hell don’t like to talk about it. All you know is that the people who came before were some perverted assholes, and whatever they did fucked the world good and proper, and left some nasty shit behind.

Folks these days are pretty careful about not letting that happen again. There are rules, and if you break those rules there are consequences. There’s the rules for men, and the rules for women, and as long as everybody sticks to the rules and does what they’re supposed to and doesn’t act like a pervert or a freak or a psycho, you figure everyone’s safe. But fuck me if it’s ever that simple. Truth is, the world is full of fuck-ups and weirdos, and folks break the rules all the time. Sometimes it’s just little things like a husband who lets his wife call the shots, or a woman who has to do a man’s job to feed the kids. That’s bad, but hey, we live in the real world. It happens. But other stuff happens that’s much, much worse. Men fucking other men, women carrying swords and fighting in battles, chiefs who are cowards, husbands letting their wives go hungry.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the shit that lives under the ground would make you want to go back to bed and stay there. Freaks and weirdos run off from villages and hiding from decent folk, perverts and psychopaths, the lot of them. And then there’s the real monsters. Alien shit that doesn’t belong in this world. Maybe they were left behind from before everything went to shit, or maybe they were part of the reason everything went so wrong. Whatever they are, wherever they come from, they live in the dark places in the earth, and fuck and fight and eat each other down there, except for sometimes, when they come up here into the daylight, and then the real bad stuff happens.

Whole villages have just disappeared overnight. Sometimes all you’ll find is bodies hanging from trees stuffed full of eggs and ready to burst. Or sometimes just one man will go missing, and he’ll come back a few days later but he comes back wrong, and then he starts eating people or fucking everything in sight or else some thing rips out of him that’s been riding him around and it’s wet and slimy and strong as a horse and it kills people.

So that’s the world we live in, and fuck me if it isn’t a piece of shit but it’s all we’ve got."
-- Dungeonfuckers: the Setting

If there was ever a PbP forum where one could play DUNGEONFUCKERS, Elliquiy would seem to be it.

I'm curious to know who else might be up for this? It's been described as D&D meets David Cronenberg...People who don't fit into society going into the moist, dark, fecund places of the earth where the monsters grow and coming back with something...Or not coming back at all. Plenty of opportunities for gender-role strangeness, putting some really scary and gritty swords-and-sorcery queer into Queer, and fantasy body-horror.

Dungeonfuckers has three kinds of characters (note that I'm not married to gender-assignations, you can have a female Crow-Feeder or a male Troll-Wife, as long as it tells an interesting story!):

Crow-Feeders are men who went too far. Men who killed a man in a fight when they didn’t have to, or killed a woman by mistake, or who fucked the wife of a chief and won the fight, or anything else where they’ve done wrong, but for the right reasons, or else they didn’t have any other choice. You can’t kill a man for that, and he’s still a man, but you can’t really just let him stick around, causing bad blood and starting feuds. So they become a crow-feeder. They dress in black and take up a sword, and they go out in the world and they leave their family behind and they try to do some good or try to find a place they fit in.

Mostly they end up as sell-swords and henchmen, working for coin doing dangerous jobs that any man with a family would refuse. That means that when trouble is stirring down some deep hole and people are getting murdered or worse, it’s the crow-feeders who’ll end up, sword in one hand, torch in the other, going down there and putting an end to it.

When a man breaks a law of nature, performs a perversion, or succumbs to cowardice, he becomes no man at all. Others are born unable to live as men, cripples or freaks of nature. These are Nith, un-men. Nith are forbidden the work of normal men, their wives and property are forfeit, and they are outcast from their villages. No decent man has truck with them, though they can sometimes make a life for themselves in the bigger cities, cleaning stables or carting dung or working leather.

For the most part, they wander as beggars and tinkers and performers, scraping by on kitchen scraps and refuse grudgingly given, or else stolen. The worst Nith become bandits and thieves and vagabonds.

Unsurprisingly, when the time comes to face the horrors of some dank pit, or when some awful thing is terrorising a village, Nith will willingly fight for coin or food. They may not have the courage of a crow-feeder, or the skill in battle, but they’ve often picked up other things in their travels that can make them an asset.

Troll-wives are the weirdest of the lot, and folk don’t talk about them much if they don’t want funny looks and a reputation. Sometimes women just won’t settle into the life they’re born into. Girls who want to play boys’ games, or wives who think they know better than their husbands. Women who won’t work or who can’t work or who never find a husband. Some of them linger and make trouble or become scolds or spinsters. But others just disappear one day, leave their lives behind and go to the mountains to become Troll-Wives.

Who knows what they do up there? Maybe they really do marry trolls, or maybe there are whole villages up there of women who don’t fit anywhere else. Mostly they never come back, but sometimes they do, and mostly people wish they hadn’t.

They learn things out in the mountains, things about herbs and berries and medicine, things about mens’ souls and how to get what they want with a look and an eyebrow, and things about the world beyond our world, the place where monsters come from and where lightning is born and where the sun goes at night. They carry swords and they fight like men, they can live off the land and they can make a grown man cry with a look.

Troll-Wives who come back do it for their own inscrutable reasons. Maybe it’s part of some kind of initiation, or maybe they’re back to steal babies or to cause trouble like people say they are. When everything’s going well, no village wants anything to do with them. But when things turn to shit, when the chief turns sick and nothing will fix it, or a baby needs birthing and the midwife’s away, or there’s something from under the ground murdering people, Troll-Wives are suddenly in demand. The payments they ask are sometimes bizarre or onerous, but there’s nothing quite like a Troll-Wife for getting something done.

It's somewhat reminiscent of Apocalypse World...The rules set is simple, so much so that it can be counterintuitive to gamers who are used to dozens of stats with percentile dice and the lot. The characters try to do things...And the world, or the dungeon, tries to do things. The characters have various powers and goals...And so does the dungeon (yeah, it's a dark, wet, scary hole in the world full of terrifying unknowns and its goal might be to REPRODUCE...Yes.). A lot of the time compromises end up being made, with no clear victor...Just both parties walk away changed. The rules run to 29 pages, but that's including the GM's rules and the monster-list and stuff. Players only need to read about 10 pages including the type of character they're interested in playing, and when I say 'page' I mean "easy to read font with what looks like 1.5 spaced lines and a lot of white-space," not "dense-packed 10-point font."

The game is free, the PDF I linked above is from the writer's own article on how he designed it and what he was imagining play would be like. If you're curious about the article, it's here.

All those D&D games on this adult forum that break down into a tentacle-rape orgy and lose track of the idea that they're going somewhere? Yeah, this game takes that in stride and keeps going with the down-the-road after-effects in a weirdly post-apocalyptic fantasy setting.

I don't know if I could GM it. If enough other people are interested and nobody else wants to try I might. I think it'd be interesting with four to six.

If you're hyper-vanilla and easily squicked, this might not be the best game for you. Just saying! It seriously promotes weirdness. Really FREAKY weirdness. The first entry in the Monster-List is "Cock-Slugs." You were warned.

On the other hand, if you found some of the concepts behind Alien or Prometheus oddly erotic, if your first question when encountering tentacles is "Are they hostile or aroused?" or you just plain revel in perversions whether they be unnatural, supernatural, or totally off-the-hook eldritch...This might be your cup of tea.
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Offline Armot

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG anyone? (Yes, it's a real thing.)
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2013, 06:27:52 PM »
This sounds rather interesting, and is right up my ally subject matter-wise.
While I do enjoy RPing with a certain amount of structured gaming factors involved (such as characters sheets, statistics, die rolls, etc.), I am always interested in the meat of the game being the creative writing of each players post.
If this picks up momentum, I may be interested in joining in as a player, if a spot is open. Thanks so much.

Offline Angie

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG anyone? (Yes, it's a real thing.)
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2013, 06:49:24 PM »
This looks...interesting...I'd probably end up breaking every single rule within two posts, but hey.

Offline CarnivalOfTheGoatTopic starter

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2013, 02:37:01 AM »
So that's two so far...I've added excerpts from the Setting and a description of the game's classes...The post is about three times its original size, thus I feel worthy of nudging it back up.

(And a lot of fairly sexy Gerald Brom art, as well as creepy-sexy Oliver Wetter art.)

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG anyone? (Yes, it's a real thing.)
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2013, 03:35:09 AM »
Ooh, Carny, this sounds like fun.  I need to check it out... 

Offline Luna

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2013, 03:47:58 AM »
This sounds like six kinds of awesome! I would love to play if we can get someone to run it for us.  :-)

Offline Rain Keeps fallin

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #6 on: September 04, 2013, 04:25:24 AM »
I would be so down for this, though I fear that I would be bad at the structure, for some one who has played D&D a lot I tend to never pick up on it X_X If who ever is in would be willing to put up with me I am game.

Offline azzmeister89

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #7 on: September 04, 2013, 01:43:27 PM »
Will this be free form or system?

Offline CarnivalOfTheGoatTopic starter

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #8 on: September 04, 2013, 02:03:29 PM »
Will this be free form or system?

This is using the EXTREMELY simple system in the PDF which is linked from the first post. You roll your dice based on your stats (people start with 1 or 2 in each of 4 stats) so you would roll that many dice, plus three dice, and for each die of at least a certain number, you can pick a result from the table that has that number.

So if the table included (I am not gonna write dozens of things to make a full table).

[4] You fail to completely evade the monster's attempts to grapple you, but you get a grip on it. It does no damage and you can hurt it badly next round as if you had an opening.
[4] The monster gets a good grip on you but you can do some weak damage to it right now.
[4] You and the monster are locked in a test of might, and neither can damage the other, but your friends can attack it as if they have an opening.

And one of your dice comes up '4', you can choose one of those results and describe its outcome. Obviously there'd be other results for 5s and 6s...3 or less usually doesn't mean you accomplish much.
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Offline CarnivalOfTheGoatTopic starter

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #9 on: September 04, 2013, 02:30:18 PM »
Also, since ideas have been pouring into my brain all night, I'm just going to toss my hands up and decide to GM this...But hey, it's my first time GMing this game and my first time GMing on Elliquiy, so use plenty of lubricant...Er, I mean, go easy on me! I've already stated some changes to the ground rules:

  • I'm not married to the gender-assignations, you can have a female Crow-Feeder or a male Troll-Wife, as long as it tells an interesting story!

So now I'm going to make another one:

  • If you aren't the 'standard' gender for your class (i.e., you are a male Troll-Wife or a female Crow-Feeder) then you must pick one gender whose social rules you obey and 'pass' as...Even if everyone knows your birth gender. People will treat you based on the gender you behave as in this regard, as modified by the rules for your class.

You will be starting off guarding a caravan that travels north-south between villages in the mountains and villages in the plains. The caravan will be treated as its own village. If you piss off the caravan enough, they may make you unwelcome in other villages on their route.

World-wise, think of it as what the Earth might look like far enough into the future that you'd need serious archaeological technology to tell where a city was...Concrete has pretty much dissolved, most metal and other substances have collapsed or oxidized back into the environment. Creatures abound which are roughly what you'd expect, plus a few hundred years of Weird added on top...Given the prevalence of zebras in zoos, the odds are that there are more zorses than zebras or horses, for example, and feel free to add Gamma-World-esque minor mutations to flora and fauna (extra eyes, horns, limbs, other such things that really don't tend to work out well or breed true in the really real and unpleasant world of How Mutations Work). Technology is back to swords and crossbows, and there are plenty of places where iron (or the means to work it) is scarce enough that bronze is more common (and flint and clay are more common still). There are a few spots where items of fine quality can be manufactured, but these are rare and command a high price. Out in the World, most people wouldn't know what silk was. But hey, life isn't all nasty, brutish and short...

Just to re-emphasize, this game has some weird outcomes in it. In AD&D and Pathfinder, there's a cursed item called the Girdle of Opposite Gender. Technically, if you're playing those games, there's a chance your character could end up With Significant Differences. There are things in this game which will make that look pretty tame. If you're uncomfortable with the idea that your character might acquire, say, "unusual assets" as a result of an encounter gone wrong (or even right!), that's something you should consider at the door. I mentioned the movies Alien and Prometheus earlier. People might end up becoming monsters. I stumbled across a review for a game a while ago called "Corruption of Champions." It's probably a bit over the top in how easy it is for the lead character to turn into other things (partially or fully)...
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
a quote from the review: "I tried having a character eat everything he came across. Within a few days he had become a six-breasted hermaphrodite slime girl with dog ears. The fact that several common foods can send female characters into heat didn't help."
...but the potential for transformation is certainly there.

Of course, you're already borderline people to the society of Dungeonfuckers. Crow-Feeders, Nith, Troll-Wives...To the average person, you're almost monsters to begin with. But hey, if the idea of waking up one morning with a tentacle in your pants and discovering it's actually part of 'the new you' is a deal-breaker...You might wand to go back to the game with the unicorns and the tweeting birds. ;)

As a gamemaster, I will often present the party and individual players with choices. Especially via NPCs. That's not to say those are the ONLY choices. This is not one of those 'Go to page 44 if you _______.' books. If the guard at the town gate tells you to pay him a bribe or get lost, those are not your only options! You might sneak around to see if there are other gates, and if the guards there are easier to deal with. You might wait until after dark and try to sneak over the wall, or burrow under it, or sneak into the city through the sewers, or try to intimidate him (hazardous) or try to convince some other traveler or local to reason with the guard and 'get you through'. Or hell, this is Elliquiy, offer him a blow job instead of a bribe. I endeavor to NEVER put a party into situations where they have no options. If you CHOOSE the option involving all the sharp pointy metal bits, then that's up to you. But if you complain to me that you had no choice, I will probably point out plenty of other options which you didn't take. Not that I encourage you to surrender to everything you see, but just a "for instance", being captured offers more options than being dead. You can figure out what to do with the weird eggs in your bellies later. If you attack an opponent obviously capable of wiping the floor with you (I will usually be pretty clear about it if the party is out of its league...And I'll be pretty clear about it when the party can steamroller something, too) then bad things are likely to happen.

Of course, Dungeonworld is shit. Bad things are likely to happen anyway. But some of them will probably be highly entertaining. ;)

But back to the subject of choices...There may be some obvious wrong choices, but there rarely is only one 'right choice'. Running can be a right choice, so can negotiation or trickery. This won't be an open sandbox, there will be quests and callings, but an awful lot of what happens will depend on how the players respond. I can't even begin to list all the options a creative party can come up with. Player characters can be dangerous when you give them string, chewing gum, and a purpose. :)

Other GMing notes: I will do my best to post at least 2 times a week (preferably more, but 2 is my minimum). I'd appreciate it if you all did the same. If you know you're going to vanish for a week, it'd be great if you could let me and the other players know! We promise to leave your character as you found it (mostly).

That sound reasonable to everyone?
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Offline Athos

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #10 on: September 04, 2013, 02:50:41 PM »
This sounds like it could be interesting, I'm interested if you're still looking for people.

Online Jr

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #11 on: September 04, 2013, 06:00:10 PM »
I am all over this! Let me know when you're ready to see character concepts/sheets.

Offline Faustus

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #12 on: September 04, 2013, 06:08:33 PM »
Also probably interested! This would be my first structured game online, so this may prove to be interesting..

Offline Jayna

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #13 on: September 04, 2013, 06:25:35 PM »
I am in if you need people!

Offline CarnivalOfTheGoatTopic starter

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #14 on: September 04, 2013, 08:30:34 PM »
I will probably be closing this to new applicants this weekend and selecting based on what I think will make an interesting and complementary party.

Some notes about squick-factor elements. I am not, personally, into gore and my GMing style will reflect that. I tend to downplay gory things. Not necessarily painful things, but gory things. Don't expect explicit description of something like dismemberment. Combat will almost certainly not be put into gruesome detail.

On the other hand, transformations, weird penetrations, bizarre conditions and things that someone involved is probably trying to get off on will likely have more details.

I also intend to create side-boards as necessary if people are off having sex away from the main group, so that the general drive of roleplay continues without everyone and everything being put on pause until the mage and the cleric are done studying each other's etchings in the back room.

I know I've made some external references to movies and other sources, but just for the sake of clarification, some things that everyone should bear in mind could crop up in the game:
  • consensual sex
  • non-consensual sex
  • monstrous sex (of either variety)
  • nonhuman beasties of diverse sorts...and some humans who are fairly monstrous people
  • tentacle monsters
  • bodily transformation
  • gender transformation
  • quite possibly involuntary monstrous pregnancies or infestation with eggs, spores, young, et al.
  • social shunning due to gender/role/perception of how human one is (note that ALL the player classes come with a degree of this!!!)
(Note that one of the more common 'offs' -- toilet play of all sorts -- is not on the list here...It's not a turn-on for me. If people want to do it in sideboards between their characters, that's up to them, but it won't come up as part of the game.)

If you apply, and I look at your preferences or your O/Os and see something like 'Absolutely no ________.' then expect to see a PM from me asking me what your intentions/outlook on this game is. This isn't a 'you can't come!' message, it's going to be me trying to figure out the details of where you want the boundaries for this game. I would like to encourage a lot of capable role-players and keep the field open for all manner of possibilities. I might be able to arrange things so as to 'exempt' a character from an effect that the rest of the party has walked into, but if that's treated as plot armor to run roughshod over things, I will become most put out...And I'd rather not have to fuss too much about too many flavors of exemption. If we have one person at the dinner table who won't eat crab, another who won't eat meat, a third who won't eat fish and a fourth who dislikes poultry, and nobody really is enthused by vegetables, then it's going to put some serious strain on the chef, capisce? :)

Again, there will be ways to avoid things IC. If you don't want to have an intimate encounter with the really weird looking plant, and you're not confident of your ability to get through it using your hack and slash or gardening skills, then you may want to find some other way to go around it for fear of pollenation (And if half the party is ICly daubing itself with nectar, making fertilization jokes and edging towards the plant, and the other half is OOCly 'Oh hell no, read my O/Os' then I'll see what I can do to manage things...I just would rather minimize how common such situations might be, you know?).

Everything is fringe/edgeplay for someone, even consensual vanilla sex.
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Offline Lockepick

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #15 on: September 05, 2013, 10:10:31 PM »
I figure the game is full, but I was interested enough to say I'd love to toss my hat in the ring. Playing with the gender roles sounds like a pretty neat idea. Plus, I've been really into the idea of monsters, lately.

In general, playing a male Troll-Wife is pretty ripe with opportunities. The customs make it easy to decide why a gay man would move away. Even utilizing the Troll-Wife abilities on men should be an interesting interaction.
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Offline alextaylor

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #16 on: September 06, 2013, 11:39:33 AM »
Oh hell yes, I'm in. That warning list ticks all of my major ons :P This game sounds like something I'd make up myself if I had a few more years of experience with RPG systems and wasn't so stuck with cliches. I love the living dungeon concept. And I love how badly I'll screw up on the rules and not embarrass myself, because there are no dungeonfuckers elitists, unlike with Pathfinder or D&D or M&M or whatever.

In fact, I'll make a character right now.

Ignore this
Old character. Using the one later in the thread but keeping this just for reference.



She's rather short, about 5'4. Shoulder-length blonde hair, and thin. She's not quite flat-chest, but smallish B cups.

Bent rule 8 (A woman does not wield a sword, nor take up a shield, nor don armour).

Lyra is a naive young (virgin) teenager who didn't like the village rules. She did not like the idea of staying at home caring for the family. She thinks that everyone is responsible for the safety of the village. Monster attacks and infestations happened. A lot of men, including her brother, died defending the village. To her, it was wrong that women did not step up and defend their kind. Her family tried to shut her up, telling her to just 'follow the ways' of the village.

Lyra was stubborn. She carved a bow and a set of flint arrows by herself. She sewed up some tough clothes that doubled up as armor. She kept her kitchen knives sharp and learned to fight with them. She bent the rules as far as she could without breaking them. Crafting arms and armor in itself was something that was seen as a manly act in the village, but nobody agreed on it. The villagers saw this and the village elders argued on whether she should be exiled. Some wanted to forgive Lyra for her youthful naivety, others wanted her cut off from the village as they feared that she would be a bad influence.

They called her a troll - a demeaning name for a person who follows the rules but does so in such a manner that disrupts the system. Months passed by and the situation was unresolved, with half of the village shunning her and watching her every move. Lyra got tired of these games.

When the Caravan came by, Lyra was attracted to its independence, and saw it as a way out of the backwards village that she lived in. She proudly declared herself a Troll-Wife, and joined the Caravan. She agreed to join the caravan as a surgeon (not that she has any experience with surgery, but she'll figure it out). Her youthful good looks made her popular with other Caravan members too.


Hard: 1 point (hated her village)
Soft: 2 points (made her family happy, heartbroken at leaving them behind)

Strength: Skinny (0)
Reflexes: Lithe (1)
Looks: Cute (3)
Skill: Cunning (2)

A warm cloak, a staff, a bronze knife, good clothes, a bow, snares and lures, medicinal herbs.
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Offline CarnivalOfTheGoatTopic starter

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #17 on: September 06, 2013, 09:33:08 PM »
Alright, here's what I'm going to want on character submissions (nice start, Alextaylor):

  • Your character sheet, based on one of the three classes from the pdf.
  • A brief history of the character including a little about the sort of town they came from.
  • The rule your character broke, and how, and who was involved...If you fucked someone you shouldn't have, I'm going to want a name, and how it happened (not a porn writeup, but how the decision got made...what made you willing to break the rules with that person?) and how you got caught and punished (were you caught or ratted out? By who? Why?), if you did something inappropriate to your gender, I'm going to want to know if it was a public thing (like insisting on picking up a sword and fighting) or a private thing, and who came down on you. If it was private, again, were you caught or ratted out, and by who, and why.
  • How you came to join the Caravan: What are you to the Caravaneers? A guide? A scout? A healer? A guard? Did you make any promises to the Old Man in charge? (More on the Old Man and the Caravan below)
  • A brief description of your character. Pictures are welcome but optional, so if you do use a picture be sure to describe how your character differs from the picture in terms of their gear, mode of dress, and general attitude.

Sorry Alextaylor, but this world isn't quite organized enough for 'military recruitment drive'. Most towns are under two hundred people. Perhaps she killed someone or something with a man's weapon, rather than waiting for a man to show up and protect her?

Think Dark Ages Europe. Itty bitty villages, linked by couriers and those willing to dare the roads, such as the roads are (I say 'road', but really, it's more like 'path', and the folks who travel between towns know it, mostly, but it's not even a well-established pair of wagon wheel-ruts yet, it's certainly not paved, nor kept clear, nor patrolled...Such things are the hallmark of better times, when the bad things kept to the forest and good folk could roam abroad with impunity. Nowadays, good folk stay near their town, or in it, and the monsters own the night and the forests). Rumor has it that there's a REALLY BIG town somewhere north of the mountains and the desert (but no-one anyone knows has been there), where the nice stuff that the caravans occasionally carry comes from...The kind of stuff only chiefs and hetmans of really well-off towns can afford to barter for. Blades of good steel that will cut iron, fabric that feels like water flowing over one's skin and comes in brilliant colors like flowers...That's not from around here. A good steel blade is a treasure in and of itself (if you remember your Conan!), most folks who have cutting tools use bronze (which can be made quite shiny and sharp!), or if they're poor, flint. Those who are better off have weapons of black iron. STEEL is almost magically rare... Armor will trend towards woven-rope, leather and hide, with metal reserved for the helms and shield-bosses of the greatest and wealthiest warriors and town-chiefs. A steel weapon is worth its weight in gold (gold and silver being much easier to refine and work than steel). A Nith with a better-than-bronze knife will have some explaining to do!

You will all be with a caravan, as guards or helpers. The caravan has its own vague set of rules, the most important of which is 'Thou shalt not get the caravan in trouble.' The player characters will have joined the caravan in the past few weeks...No more than two months ago.

When the caravan comes to a town, it's a tricky situation. Some towns won't even let caravanners inside the walls and you all camp outside. Sometimes it's convenient for rules to get broken: it's a lot easier to blame someone from far away who nobody knows, and having seen the world outside the village has its own allure to some town-bound types. If you're going to cheat on your spouse, you're more likely to get caught if it's someone who lives in your town, who everyone knows... Sooner or later it will all come out, but it's a lot easier to hide a one-night fling with some dark stranger.

Every town responds to caravaneers a little differently. Some are almost hostile, but still want to trade, others treat it as a carnival, an occasion for the rules to be put aside for just a day or so to blow off steam...But it's dangerous to pre-suppose on what looks like too-easy hospitality. The Nith often have it easiest, as their skulking in and out of a town is taken for granted, and they often share their own stories and experiences to help each other survive.

Rules of the Caravan (that you know of, the Old Man gets the right to change the rules):
A: Everyone respects the Old Man.
2: Respect the property of other Caravaneers.
3: Don't kill other Caravaneers.
4: Never duel with another Caravaneer in a Town, or after dark.
5: Caravaneers before Townies.
6: It's the Old Man's right to defend the Caravan's honor, not yours.
7: What happens in someone else's tent is no concern of yours.
8: Respect the rules of the Towns when in the Towns.
9: If someone cries out against you and won't duel you, take it to the Old Man.
10: Do whatever is necessary for the Caravan's survival; anything that hurts it will hurt you.
J: Don't blame the beer for what comes out of your mouth, you put it in there.
Q: Don't flaunt your possessions or spurn another Caravaneer in need.
K: Don't do anything to get the Caravan in trouble. Don't fail to do anything to help protect it.

The Caravan is kind of like a small wandering Town, and just like a Town, most adventures will occur outside of it.

I'm going to tentatively close submissions Tuesday at midnight PST, and I'm probably going to take 4-5 characters (which is to say, if I really can't narrow it below 6, it might be 6, but if I only get 3 that seem to work out, I might only take 3, but 4-5 seems like a good number), but it depends on what I get...It's hard to sort a party for a game system one doesn't know, where there aren't guidelines of a 'Well, we need a controller, and a healer, and some DPS, and...' sort. I probably won't choose by throwing darts at a list of names, but it'll likely end up being what I think will make an interesting party, and that's hard to define or spell out!

EDIT: changed it to Tuesday, not Monday. I'd rather not see too many forlorn 'If only I had had time!' messages. If you can't get it all done, then the character sheet is the LEAST important thing. The most important (in order) are the background, the broken rule, and how you came to the Caravan.
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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #18 on: September 07, 2013, 01:10:27 AM »
Well, here's mine. Let me know what you think, GM.
Finn the Nith

Broke rule 5 (A man provides for his family first.)
In his home village, Finn had never been anything more than a drunken wastrel. He spent his nights drinking, fighting, wenching and gambling. His days, sleeping off the previous night's revelry. He had a wife, who he won in a game of dice with her gambling-addicted wretch of a father, but he never saw her for longer than it took to stumble through his front door and pass out. Quite frankly, the whole village was sick of him. One of the more impulsive men challenged his honor after losing a bit of coin in a game. In the resulting fight, a knife was pulled and thrusted straight between Finn's legs, piercing his scrotum right through. He killed the bastard after that, and the elders deemed it an honorable killing, but the wound became infected and a medicine man had to amputate his balls. Without an heir and unable to provide his wife with children, the man who was worth nothing became nothing. He was marked a nith and decided to leave with the next caravan, doing whatever menial labor they saw fit for him.

Hard: 3 points (for killing/hating his castrator and fucking a lot of whores)
Soft: 3 points (for being married, depending on his wife, and losing some barfights)

Strength: Masculine (2)
Reflexes: Quick (2)
Looks: Symmetrical (1)
Skill: Experienced (1)

A warm cloak, boots, a cudgel, dice, a knife, ragged clothes.

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #19 on: September 07, 2013, 01:24:04 AM »
I know I expressed interest before, but I kinda wanna just watch at this point. I'm kinda confused about the whole thing, really.

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
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Just wondering if this has been closed off I read you were cutting off on tuesday but was wondering if you hadn't filled up all the character slots

Offline alextaylor

Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #21 on: September 07, 2013, 02:43:43 AM »
Ok, edited my character and added a bunch of stuff.

Just wondering if this has been closed off I read you were cutting off on tuesday but was wondering if you hadn't filled up all the character slots

I think it's still open. Just make a character and GM will decide which characters fit.

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #22 on: September 07, 2013, 03:13:32 AM »
Just wondering if this has been closed off I read you were cutting off on tuesday but was wondering if you hadn't filled up all the character slots

That's Tuesday, as in three-four days from now depending on your timezone. And no, I haven't filled up slots because I haven't guaranteed anyone a character. I'm waiting to see what characters are submitted, so go right ahead if you're interested.

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #23 on: September 07, 2013, 10:38:46 AM »
Working on an application!

Did you want them posted here? Or via PM?

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Re: Dungeonfuckers RPG (That which does not kill us, makes us...stranger.)
« Reply #24 on: September 07, 2013, 10:50:15 AM »
Working on an application!

Did you want them posted here? Or via PM?

Post apps here, please and thank you. :)