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Author Topic: Solo RPs (Dom, sub, everything in between) M/F [MUL]  (Read 943 times)

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Solo RPs (Dom, sub, everything in between) M/F [MUL]
« on: March 13, 2009, 02:22:41 am »
Having started to get my feet wet with another one-on-one RP, I think I ought to try a few of those before moving onto groups.

I'm male, and generally play straight male parts. My posting speed is slow-to-moderate, though I can speed it up for more intense scenes - no point in making a fight last two weeks. But if you want a plot that moves at lightning speed, I may not be the person to play with.

Possible scenarios:

(Image source:

The Madgirl's Pet (TAKEN)

Pairing: Villainess-in-training/Reluctant Catboy Slave
Opening for: Someone to play the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter.
Plot/smut ratio: Negotiable.
Setting: Ahistorical fantasy, with elements of early 20th-century serials.

Premise: When the diabolical Doctor Desperil conquered the catpeople village, those who did not flee were captured and set to work in his Unobtanium Mines - with the exception of one catboy, the poor soul his daughter pointed to. Mel NcCourt was his name, he was an assistant librarian seventeen years of age, and, as he was carted to Desperil's island fortress, he had the sneaking suspicion that he might have been better off in the mines.

Stories of the girl's depravity were legion, and were terrifying. Admittedly, NcCourt's family considered leaving the electric light on while making love to be a form of depravity, so this all had to be taken in context, but Mel suspected that he might be better off in the mines. If the girl knew of the legendary submissive streak - no, he wouldn't dishonor his family. He'd find a way to avenge them...


(Pic-base is Gary Cooper in Suspicion)

The Rake from Out of Time (CURRENTLY FILLED)

Pairing: Man of Indeterminate Origin (demon?)/Victorian maiden
Opening for: Someone to play a young lady in a bind.
Plot/smut ratio: Likely to be high smut
Setting: Victorian, with one anachronistic element

Premise: "Get out..." her father said, choking on his words. "Now..."

She had run to the study without thinking, awakened by a shout and a crash. Now, the risk she had taken was evident. The Tall Man had her father by the neck, and was lifting him off the floor with one hand. "You'll pay me for what I give," he said, "Or I will take everything."

She had seen the Tall Man angry before, but never quite like this. Until tonight, every visit ended with his father taking a few clues for his case, and the Tall Man vanishing into the fireplace. But now that the arrangement had apparently gone sour, she did what was natural to her - she grabbed a fireplace poker and tried to approach the Tall Man from behind, quaking as she did.

Her fate was sealed the moment she stepped across the chalk circle. In a flash, she, her father, and the Tall Man were in a room of red silks and divans and barely audible screams. "I can't touch her," said the Tall Man, in an accent that she couldn't place, perhaps because the Tall Man had carelessly picked a persona from fifty years in the future. "Too pure." Her father sighed with relief, then yelped as he vanished back to his home.

She was left behind, now held in bonds made of a metal that looked like steel, but wasn't. "Much too pure," said the Tall Man, lighting a cigar. "We'll have to do somethin' about that."


Fandom interests and pairings

Odds are, if you propose a game in one of the following fandoms/pairings, I'll be at least interested in following it, and possibly in playing. Top picks are bolded:


Discworld (Anybody, but especially Teatime x Susan, Vetinari x OC or Margolotta)
Peter Wimsey mysteries (Peter x Harriet)
The Thirteen Clocks (Duke of Coffin Castle x Saralinda)


Girl Genius (Agatha x Gil, Agatha x Tarvek, Agatha x Gil x Tarvek)
Narbonic (ANYTHING.)
Skin Horse (Tip x Dr. Lee)


Chrono Trigger (Magus x Lucca)
Gabriel Knight (Gabriel x Grace)
Phoenix Wright (Anybody x Dahlia, Phoenix x Edgeworth, Edgeworth x Lana, Anybody x Ema)
Quest for Glory (Hero x Johari, Erana, or Katrina)
The Secret of Monkey Island (Guybrush x Elaine)
The World Ends with You (Neku x Shiki, Joshua, or both)


Real Genius (Jordan x Mitch)
The Bride of Frankenstein (Dr. Pretorius x Dr. Frankenstein)


Iolanthe (Anybody x Phyllis)
Ruddigore (Anybody x Rose)
The Tempest (Caliban x Miranda)


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Kyon x Yuki, Kyon x Haruhi)
Ouran High School Host Club (Kyouya x Haruhi, Kyouya x Tamaki x Haruhi)
Pushing Daisies (Ned x Chuck)
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ("I'm in despair! Being gang-banged by my most psychotic students has left me in despair!")
xxxHOLiC ("This isn't part of our contract, Yuuko-san!", Watanuki x Doumeki)

More scenarios will be posted later. Post below or PM me if you're interested!
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Re: Solo RPs (Dom, sub, everything in between) M/F [MUL]
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2009, 02:29:23 am »
Fandoms added. At the moment, I'm not beginning any more RPs for a few weeks, but I'd love to plan in advance.