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Author Topic: Magic has come, A world is born! [Setting]  (Read 987 times)

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Magic has come, A world is born! [Setting]
« on: September 30, 2016, 07:09:08 PM »
The Setting!
Back in 2057 the world’s energy crisis was coming to a climax. Millions around the world were beginning to run out of power and no true clean ways of producing the energy required had been found. Turning to natural fuels, the U.N began looking towards the earth once more in an attempt to find a source of intense geothermal energy. Three years passed before a suitable spot was found; a massive source of heat and energy almost 20 miles beneath the surface. To reach it the U.N began the first ever deep sea mining program. Equipped with the most advanced drilling equipment ever created, a team of scientists oversaw the 5 year long operation to dig down from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to the spot required.

However when they finally reached the location detected they did not find what they expected. Instead of a great lake of lava or a geothermal vent they found a shimmering mirror almost 50ft in diameter sitting in the center of a large cavern. Desperate for anything that could help them, the U.N instructed the scientists to take the mirror however upon touching it a massive pillar of golden light shot up through the sea, piercing the clouds and illuminating the night sky for the entire west coast. Within days the effects of the golden beam became evident. All around the world Humans were beginning to develop powers, strange and wonderful abilities which allowed them to teleport, control the elements, manipulate things with their minds and so on. These people were named Sparks. The first mages.

However the Sparks were not the only things to arise from the mirror. Soon beings of magical heritage began to appear; undead, vampires and werewolves, elements and spirits, genies and ghosts, animal-human hybrids, dragons, unicorns, demons, angels and many more. These creatures were dubbed by the world, Non-humans or Outsiders. In addition many machines and inventions were created by the Sparks which would never have been possible before and among these was the Particle Generator. A source of infinite energy. Finally it seemed the world’s energy problem was solved… however it came at a cost.

Apart from the Sparks, many of whom used their powers for self-gain regardless, regular human weapons had almost no chance of stopping the Outsiders and so humankind was forced to watch as Outsiders ran free, doing anything they wished while ignoring the human collateral. Two years later the U.C.S.O (United Coalition of Sparks and Outsiders) finished the Infinity Well. A giant drain of magical energies which left most Outsiders powerless or weak enough that they could be stopped. With this new development Humankind came together for the first time in history as one to go on a vicious crusade of vengeance known as the Purge, hunting down and slaughtering or enslaving almost every Outsider on the planet. The only Outsiders powerful enough to resist were the Dragons who retreated to the corners of the world and have not been seen since, the rest who tried were hunting down using the S.W.O.R.D (Spark Worldwide Outsider Reconnaissance Device) which allowed Sparks to identify Outsiders and their respective powers. By 2064 there were no Outsiders left outside of bondage except the Dragons and Humans once again reigned supreme.

Following the capture of Outsiders the world had a technological boom. Things which had been impossible beforehand suddenly became easy in the face of magical powers and Magical Study became a compulsory subject taught to all. With the aid of Outsider slave labour and magic, many inhospitable places because centers of agriculture or industry and Human Kind energy a new golden era, built upon the backs of Outsiders.

Years later, in 2070, the world had become used to the presence of Outsiders and it was a common site to see them everywhere. From fire elementals heating homes to demons guarding banks. However in the summer of 2071 everything changed. A slave owner, fearing a potential revolt and escape from a particularly rowdy group of elementals had over 200 elementals slain along with the 50 angels watching over them with no warning and no mercy given. While acts of this magnitude were commonplace in the Purge for such a gruesome act to be committed during peace opened the eyes of the world and an outcry for Outsider equality began which would last for years.

After 15 years of protest, revolts, campaigns and speeches the slavery of Outsiders was abolished and with its abolishment came many changes. The S.W.O.R.D was turned off, restoring full power to Outsiders across the world. However to prevent the Outsiders from running amok once more the U.N.E (United Nations of Earth) created the Outsider Retribution Bureau (O.R.B) and gave them the device known as the S.H.I.E.L.D (The Spark Haven Initiative and Energy Level Dampener). A device that allowed for global bursts of magic dampening energy to be deployed anywhere on earth using the power of the pillar which allowed O.R.B to fight on an equal footing with criminal Outsiders.

Despite these changes the underground slave market is still a thing and, although racism between humans is almost non-existent, racism towards Outsiders is a serious problem. While the fight for Outsider Equality still battles on, the world looks towards the future and what Humans and Outsiders could achieve together.

Stepping into this situation is you. A newcomer to the grand city of Pinnacle. The greatest city on earth and home to the Summit Tower. Situated directly over the pillar of light which still shines forth after all these years, Pinnacle is the first ever city in the world to truly allow Outsiders complete freedom.  The centre of the city is dominated by the Summit Tower which houses the great pillar and is also the main base of O.R.B and the resting place of the active SHIELD and the de-powered SWORD. Not only is Pinnacle all this and more it is also the place you meet Her.

The Story!
So story wide I haven't quite got a set story in mind. There are many different types of story that could be run in this setting. A romance between Outsider and Human which is purely a love story. A more combat/romance story set as members of O.R.B who are sent around the world on missions but find love at home. An adventure story where two people/outsiders explore the new world and attempt to uncover ancient artifacts or the dragons. It's very freeform.

Miss Nova
My main character that I have created for this setting is Miss Nova. One of the few demons who joined the Coalition to stop the rampage of Outsiders. An outstanding fighter and confident, some say to the point of arrogant, diplomat; Nova rose quickly through the ranks of O.R.B when it was founded. Although she preaches equality in public many believe that she works for O.R.B to remove to more powerful Outsiders so that she can gain more power however this claim has never been taken seriously. She now lives in the city of Pinnacle. Some say that her O.R.B days are over but she still disappears, sometimes for days, for no discernible reason and there are some who think she is part of a secret team, one dedicated to bringing back the S.W.O.R.D.

Miss Nova has the passionate disposition expected of a Fire Demon. Her calm manner hides her temper and when faced with a situation that she does not like she is likely to revert to displays of power or flashes of magic to get what she wants. Due to her skill and power she is cocky and smug towards most, safe in the knowledge that she could easily overpower them however, to the ones she cares for, she is protective to a fault; stemming from an urge to protect the fires of life which manifests itself in some demons. Due to this when a loved one is threatened she is likely to attack first and asks questions later, willing to wipe out dozens of innocents in the crossfire as long as the ones she cares about are protected. This trait makes her vicious in a court and she is often called on to put criminals to justice, her demonic nature giving her a natural love for law and contracts. This trait is tempered slightly by the fact that she'll only represent someone who she feels is right, meaning she cant always be relied on.

While under her shimmer, Miss Nova is hardly what one would call impressive at first glance. Shorter than most and leaning towards cute rather than beautiful, it is only when one see's her up close than they understand why she is known for being so ruthless. An almost palpable aura of control surrounds her, everything from her gaze to her voice exudes confidence and she is known for throwing people off with offhand remarks to gain control of a conversation. With hair that blazes like flames; red at its roots fading to orange at the tips, and ruby eyes it is not hard to tell her true heritage even with her shimmer on. (although whether she's a fire elemental or demon is hard to tell)

When her shimmer is off however she becomes a sight to behold. Curved horns spiral from her head and a long tail swishes behind her, meanwhile her body burns with an ever-present flame and her eyes seem to glow with energy. Her skin takes on a dark burnt yellow tone and her features change to match her new form, fingers become claws, teeth become fangs and her feet become hooves. When truly faced with danger in this form, Miss Nova can bring forth wings of flame and a sword of molten energy to protect herself.

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One of my main secondary characters, Telnea is a nature elemental who wields the energy of life to suit her own needs. Once, long ago, she was the protector of an ancient forest, a guardian and mother to the creatures of the forest. However when she was brought to earth she lost something inside of her that left her broken. (tbc)



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If you wish to RP in the universe or ask me about any more details, feel free to PM me. I will post story ideas set in this world when they come to me and other characters as well. Hope to hear from you guys soon!