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Author Topic: SciFi Post-apocalyptic world RP recruiting for Males and Females.  (Read 332 times)

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    This is a post apocalyptic Role Play set in the near future, I recommend to begin by reading, Overview and introduction of castes, and then work your way down before reading the below. If you make it through the whole, or at least part of the description, the below will be much more relevant for you....
  Ok to begin with, I have never done a group RP before.That being said, I think this RP might just be too big for two people. I am looking for several people to play different types of characters. For example a girl can play lilac, a male can play Master Citrine, another girl could play Mistress Citrine, and someone else could play Absinthe. Finally another male could play an Officer for the CMR, who is secretly networking with Absinthe.
   That would be the main characters so to speak, others could play various characters throughout any of the castes. I am also open to suggestions so feel free to shoot me a PM. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Best regards,

                                                                              Overview and Introduction to Castes
  In 2050 Earth’s mightiest Superpowers resort to all out atomic warfare following the fall of the Russian Federation. Earth is all but completely decimated. The people that do survive live like feral humans in a barren wasteland. They exist only in small clans all over the world. Sixteen years after the catastrophic event an alien species of inter-galactic slavers known as the EGA find the decimated planet and begin a brutal process of colonization. These Aliens are humanoid creatures that sail through galaxies in search of raw resources they can extract and sell to other planets, as well as their most lucrative industry, the selling of enslaved sentient species. As their technology is nearly a thousand years ahead of Earth’s they have little problem taking over the planet. Their first order of business was enslaving all of humanity as chattel property and then implementing a caste system. There are four main classes in this caste system that are as follows…

Oranges: These are the elite of all classes, they serve as land barons and ambassadors of the EGA who reside in the upper atmosphere. They dress completely in the color orange. This group is wealthy but nevertheless is viewed by their alien overlords as chattel. They reside in “pairs,” male and female. They are permitted to own chattel property and gain “Grace” from their overlords by serving up babies to them, to be shipped out and sold across the universe. The Orange culture is a decadent one in which they live high in the lap of luxury and have every whim taken care of. Female Oranges are sterile as are the males, and the females are also eternal virgins. As they are property themselves they are not permitted to marry, but within their own Orange culture, a marriage is legitimized by adopting the first born male of a breeding pair, whom they own, as their heir. This class is also a highly educated class, and the only fully literate class. 

Purple: This caste is compromised of humans who are not sterile. They serve five main functions. (1) produce babies to be sold into slavery across the universe, (2) produce Green, and Gold caste members for Earth, (3) produce a male heirs for the Oranges, (4) serve as pets for their Master and Mistress, (5) older Purples that have reached breeding capacity are made into instructors that both indoctrinate and raise baby Purples to breeding age. Purples are also sold to breed in pairs. Purple male and females are paired at birth to produce the best possible offspring, they are raised and sold off together. Purples are also the only child bearing caste. This group dresses exclusively in purple,

Gold: These are laborers that have proven to be so physically or intellectually apt that they are allowed to join an auxiliary army on Earth. This caste serves two main functions. (1) enforce the EGAs laws, (2) protect the colonies from terrorist threats. They are clad in golden EGA Tech armor.

Green: Greens are the lowest form of humans. They serve five basic functions. (1) laborers for resource extraction, (2) servants for Oranges, (3) pleasure slaves for Golds and low-level Oranges that cannot afford breeders, (4) These members of society also make up the merchants, traders, and small business owners, (5) finally prostitutes and entertainers make up the lowest level of humans within the Green caste.  All members of this caste are only allowed to wear green clothing.
   EGAs, as centuries old slavers have perfected the way in which species gestate. Through hormones, they can increase nearly any species normal number of gestations to 100 or more, they can also accelerate gestation with these hormones so that a normal pregnancy would only last a few weeks. The EGAs govern themselves in an egalitarian style, reporting to no one leader, but rather forming councils to solve particular issues. The EGA high council is democratically elected in a two party system among themselves and serves as the master council and final governing body on all Earth related issues. EGAs rarely visit Earth’s surface as the radiation would almost certainly kill them. They maintain and advanced arsenal of weaponry and have developed the capabilities to warp through space and time. EGAs are nomadic and travel in large Armadas that are spread out throughout the universe with no central base of operation. The City in the Sky is EGAs Earth base that hovers in the upper atmosphere. On few occasions Oranges are allowed to join them for rare celebrations and ceremonial purposes. A good Gold can make his way up to the status of Orange, at the age of 35. This is one of those rare celebrations where Oranges would be invited to The City in the Sky. By far it is much more common for Golds to fall back into the Green caste after 35 and  become either merchants, traders, or small business owners.

                                                                                      Colonial Resistance Movement
There is also a fifth group of humans known as the Colonial Resistance Movement (CMR). The CMR was formed in the early years of EGAs colonization. It was composed of the last remaining intellectuals, generals, and scientists from the old regimes. It began in New York shortly after the nuclear holocaust ensued, or Event One, as the Human Survival Front. Once the EGAs arrived 16 years later they were galvanized into action. Many of CMRs members are clandestine, they hide among the ranks of the Greens, Golds, and even Oranges. Other members are completely off the grid hiding in a network of underground bunkers built by the U.S. Government to withstand nuclear war. CMR recruits and trains feral humans bringing them in to help invent, build, and maintain a network of cells that is globally fighting for the same cause, universal human freedom. CMR relies heavily on clandestine intelligence, sabotage, and misinformation, they are constantly being hunted by the Golds. Their leader is an 88 year-old man known only as the Eagle. His father was a founding member of the Human Survival Front. Under the Eagle’s guidance the CMR has expanded exponentially to include a global network of cells that has incorporated both seized EGA Tech, AmeriTech, ChiTech, and RussoTech weaponry. As CMR has little access to the natural resources on Earth they have been clever in augmenting the existing technology to run off of electromagnetic waves from the atmosphere. While highly sophisticated and numbering in 1.2 million members, they are overall outmatched by the EGAs.


Women in the Green and Gold caste are considered equal to men, Although none are merchants, traders, or business owners. Women of the Purple caste are equal to men as well. In the Orange caste women are considered lower than men in the social schema. They are also eternal virgins, and are not permitted to engage in penetrative sex.


Male traders, merchants and business owners make up the tip of the Green caste, while sex is irrelevant in the Gold caste as it is based on ability, sex is highly important in the Orange caste, where men serve as the ambassadors, and land barons for their EGA masters, and women simply serve as their “pair” roughly equivalent to marriage.

                                                                                                             The Plot
This story would revolve (note it takes place in 2138, or around 74 years after colonization begins) a pair of Purples named Mallow and Lilac that are sold to a wealthy Orange pair, Master and Mistress Citrine. The Citrine’s desperately want an heir as it is seen as a way of legitimizing a union. They also want to climb the social ladder by providing their EGA masters with many babies. Master Citrine is an influential land baron that reports directly to the EGA high council and oversees massive amounts of resource extraction globally. The Citrine’s also maintain a large staff of Green servants, one of which named Absinthe, a young female, is a clandestine agent from the CMR. Master Citrine was careful in choosing his breeders, the slaves with the highest level of intelligence sell for the most, thus EGAs heavily reward Oranges for producing them in scores. Mallow and Lilac each posses an intelligence score of 225, an unheard of amount. Upon realizing the aptitude of the two Purples, Absinthe begins to vet them, and eventually recruit them to help with operation “Rising Phenix”. The operation is the most ambitious one  Eagle has ever dreamed up. It requires two extremely capable pilots to fly an early Colonial Era EGA wing craft so that they can successfully deliver a payload of reclaimed nuclear weapons to the City in the Sky and peace, freedom, and justice can reign down on all.

If you managed to read the entire 1,400 words above, or at least most of them, it mean you are interested. So now what? Send me a PM so we can discuss any lingering questions, or so that you can provide me with suggestions and feed back.
Best regards,