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Author Topic: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment (Open for recruitment)  (Read 8666 times)

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Battletech 3145 - Recruitment (Open for recruitment)
« on: June 16, 2014, 07:50:16 PM »

2+ Slots open; see last post for details

3130. Decades of peace, unprecedented in the Inner Sphere since the fall of the Star League. The end of the Word of Blake’s Jihad and the formation of the Republic of the Sphere had irrecoverably changed the face of the Inner Sphere, bringing with it an end to the major conflicts that had shaped humanity for centuries. Armies shrank, militaries wound down, nations changed and rebuilt and a feeling of relaxed complacency settled across human space, a degree of peace and contentment unseen since the days of the Star League.

And then it all ended.

On August 8, 3132, eighty percent of the HPG network crashed, blacking out interstellar communications. As governments struggled to maintain control in the face of this disaster, peace and contentment were replaced with paranoia, fear and hatred, and the flames of war once again flared across the Inner Sphere. Armies were rebuilt, factionalisim took control, aggression and violence became the order of the day and a new era of warfare erupted across human space. At the same time, the Inner Sphere’s economy collapsed, the fundamental mechanisims that made it work cut out from underneath it, serving only to fuel conflict and discontent.

Now, 3145, thirteen years after the blackout, the Inner Sphere is once again embroiled in war. Conflict rages across every corner of human space as old hatred and dreams of conquest once again drive mankind’s destiny. Every Successor State, every Clan, every Periphery Nation is at war with its neighbours, and now the stakes have become higher than ever. For many, these new wars have become ones not of conquest, but of annihilation or the desperate fight for survival.

Map of the Inner Sphere 3145

What is this game about?

Battletech 3145 is a freeform, forum-based RP. It is set in the Battletech universe, starting in the year 3145 (Funny that), focusing on a small mercenary unit in its conflicts across the new face of the Inner Sphere. The players will be MechWarriors serving in that unit, fighting for glory, fame, fortune and the highest bidder against all manner of opponents.

If you’re new to the Battletech universe, then don’t despair; I will be posting primers and information as I go. Also, feel free to ask questions; I’m more than happy to provide answers and clarify details as needed. If you’re a Battletech veteran, then there will be plenty here for you as well. I want this to be a welcoming, inclusive game and for people to have fun. After all, we all want some stompy giant robot action, don’t we?

Questions and Answers

Q: What section will this game go in?
A: Light: Human Small Groups or Bondage: Human Small Groups, depending on player preferences

Q: How many players are you going to accept?
A: 6-8 depending on interest and the like, but I'm willing to be flexible on this

Q: Is this a system game?
A: No; it is a freeform game. The GM (ie, me) will occasionally ask for a 'behind the scenes' dice roll to determine major events, but the game is not going to be bogged down in mechanics.

Q: What gender roles/sexualities are accepted?
A: Any as long as it is a normal, real-world human; the BattleTech universe, while a sci-fi one is also one with normal humans. There are no aliens, superhumans, catgirls or whatever else. As long as they're humans aged 21+, that's fine.

Q: Can I have a Clan Character?
A: Yes, if you are willing to give them a good background that explains why they are with a Mercenary Unit. Slots for Clan characters will be limited.

Q: Will you allow custom BattleMechs?
A: Only canon/published 'Mechs will be allowed; no custom designs, variants or configurations. Both the Master Unit List and Sarna are great sources for designs. And never hesitate to ask either if you want ideas for a 'Mech choice.

Q: Can I have a Clan-Tech 'Mech?
A: Yes; by 3145 Clan Technology has proliferated massively across the Inner Sphere. Clantech 'Mechs are readily available to those willing to pay; however, slots for Clantech will be limited.

Q: What other restrictions will there be on BattleMech choices?
A: All choices are subject to GM approval, and 'Mechs that make no sense to exist in the time (Blood Kite, Archangel, Omega, LAMs...) obviously won't make that cut. There are also limited slots by weight category to prevent a massively top-heavy game. If you're unsure, ask.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[font=arial black]Character[/font]

[b]Age:[/b] (21+)
[b]Original Faction:[/b]

[b]Description:[/b] (A few sentences describing the physical characteristics of the pilot; picture optional)

[b]Background:[/b] (A paragraph or two about the pilot's history and career)

[b]Personality:[/b] (Just a few sentences on the pilot's personality)

[b]Specialty Skills:[/b] (Anything that doesn't have to do with piloting a 'Mech)

[font=arial black]BattleMech [/font]

[b]Chassis:[/b]  (Base ‘Mech chassis, eg [i]Black Knight[/i])
[b]Model:[/b] (Specific model, eg BL-12-KNT)
[b]Weight Class:[/b] (Light/Medium/Heavy/Assault)
[b]Callsign:[/b] (Nickname for your ‘Mech; optional)
[b]Description:[/b] (A few sentences describing the looks of your mech. Any special paint scheme or extra bits for looks?)
[b]Weapons:[/b] (Listing the armament of the 'Mech)

[b]Equipment:[/b] (Any additional equipment such as Guardian ECM, Active Probes or the like)

[b]Background:[/b] (Does your 'Mech have a history?)

Feel free to pretty the character sheet up as you want, or provide extra details as you wish or even character pictures/illustrations/whatever else, but as long as you cover the basics, it's cool.

Post your character sheet in the thread; even if it's incomplete, then Work In Progress ones are great especially if you're looking for reviews or feedback. If there's details you want to keep secret, then PM them to the GM (ie me)

The Oath of Drake applies to this game. We're here for fun, but everyone should respect each other too.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2014, 07:50:48 PM »
BattleMech technology

BattleMech Technology
BattleMechs (usually referred to as just ‘Mechs) are humanoid war machines, ranging in size from eight to fourteen meters tall, and weighing from 20 to 100 tons. Exceptions exist outside of those ranges, but they are exceptionally rare. Combining awesome destructive power and unparalleled maneuverability, the BattleMech is perhaps the most complex machine ever produced.

Every ‘Mech contains thousands of different components, grouped into six primary systems: cockpit, chassis, locomotion/movement,power systems, armor, weapons and electronics, each of which are covered below. The majority of BattleMechs arebipedal designs. However, a few four-legged (or Quad) BattleMech designs exist.

Every BattleMech contains a cockpit, usually located in the “head” of the ‘Mech; or a close proximity for those with out a clear ‘head.’ Additionally, though the size of a cockpit might vary-generally the larger the ‘Mech, the larger the cockpit-they all have common features.

The command couch is where the MechWarrior sits, restrained by a six-point harness. The warrior’s coolant vest and medical monitors are tied into the chair and most have a small cubbyhole in the back for stashing clothing and emergency rations. Additionally, a command couch is what a MechWarrior will ride out of the cockpit if he is forced to eject; explosive bolts blow away the top or side of the cockpit and the chair rides to safety on jets.

Joysticks mounted on the arms of the command couch allow a MechWarrior to manipulate a ‘Mech’s arms, as well as to torso twist a ‘Mech and target and fire the ‘Mech’s weapons compliment. Foot pedals control the movement of the ‘Mechs legs. Finally, stomping down on both pedals ignite a ‘Mech’s jump jet system, if it thus equipped.

Directly in front of the MechWarrior is a primary view screen, which displays a computer generated, three-sixty degree view of the surrounding area shrunk into a single front view. The targeting reticule appears on the screen, manipulated by the joysticks, to show when a target lock has been achieved. The screen can magnify images.

Above and below and to the right and left of this main screen-the exact placement is different in various designs-are secondary monitors. The radar screen is usually directly below the view screen and can be toggled through a variety of settings: standard, infrared, magnetic anomaly, motion, and so on. The status schematic shows a wire outline of the ‘Mech and tracks external and internal damage, as well as displaying a ‘Mechs offensive and defensive capabilities. A map display allows the MechWarrior to toggle through virtually endless sets of maps, all pre-loaded into the computer, and in some cases can even be tied into local satellite and command headquarter communication systems to get real-time images.

All of those systems would mean nothing without the neural impulse helmet, which actually allows a twelve-meter tall metal giant to walk upright. Commonly called neurohelmets, these bulky items normally cover a MechWarrior’s entire head, attaching firmly to the shoulders of his cooling vest. Electrodes on the interior of the neurohelmets channel sensory information from the BattleMech directly to the pilot, converting raw data on posture, movement, balance and speed into neural impulses for the human brain. At the same time, the helmet and its linked computer translate impulses from the MechWarrior’s brain into signals transmitted directly to the ‘Mech’s gyroscope and myomer musculature. In this way, the pilot controls the reflexive bodily movements of the BattleMech subconsciously, leaving his conscious brain free to control the various weapons and other systems as needed.

Every BattleMech contains a chassis that consists of several dozen “bones.” Each “bone” is a honeycombed, foamed-aluminum core wrapped with stressed silicon-carbide monofilament and protected by a rigid, titanium-steel shell. Each of these artificial “bones” has attachment points for their myomer “muscles” and servos that drive the BattleMech. This skeletal construction helps make BattleMechs less vulnerable and easier to repair than vehicles supported by stressed-skin shells.

A special type of internal structure called ‘endo steel’ has been developed, which is bulkier then the standard skeleton of a ‘Mech, but it weighs half the standard tonnage. Another version exists, known as reinforced structure, which weighs twice as much as standard structure, but is far more rugged and resistant to damage.

Power Systems
BattleMechs require a large, constant power supply for movement and combat. The fusion reactor, which produces enormous amounts of electricity from ordinary water, is the most efficient system for providing this power. Because the fusion reaction created by a BattleMech’s power plant does not release neutrons, the power plant can operate indefinitely without becoming radioactive.

The fusion plant produces electricity by a process known as magneto hydrodynamics. In this process, magnetic fields are used to channel plasma from the fusion reaction into a loop. This plasma is electrically conductive, and so the loop functions as a powerful generating coil, producing both electricity and waste heat. Every BattleMech carries radiators called heat sinks to help dissipate this waste heat. Heat sinks are especially important because excessively high internal temperatures can disrupt the magnetic containment fields around a BattleMech’s reactor. If a power plant’s magnetic “jar” is disrupted, an uncontrolled fusion reaction may occur, releasing neutrons and exposing the BattleMech’s internal systems and its MechWarrior to lethal radiation.

There are three types of ‘Mech engines in common use-standard, light and extra-light (XL); the light and extra-light fusion engines each weighs successively less, but increases in over all size and bulk.

Locomotion/Movement Systems
Two different systems are used to drive BattleMechs and control their movements. Small, electrically driven actuators move a ‘Mech’s light weapons and sensor arrays. Bundles of polyacetylene fibers called myomers control a ‘Mech’s limbs and main weapons. Myomers contract when exposed to electrical current, much like human muscles. If a BattleMech’s myomers are damaged in battle, technicians can replace the fiber bundles with new ones or “transplant” myomers from other parts of the ‘Mech’s skeleton. Transplanted myomer bundles cannot restore full function to a damaged limb, but they do provide limited mobility and strength.

Movement Capabilities
BattleMechs can attain walking or running speeds ranging from forty to well over one hundred kilometers per hour in open terrain. Dense forests, swamps and steep slopes will slow a ‘Mech, but very few terrain features can stop one. In addition, many ‘Mechs can jump over obstacles by superheating air with their fusion reactors and releasing it through so-called jump jets. (Jump-capable BattleMechs operating on worlds without atmospheres often carry small quantities of mercury to use as reaction mass for their jets.) All BattleMechs can also move under-water when crossing rivers or small lakes.

Space borne BattleMechs can make assault landings from low orbit. Special reaction jets housed in their feet allow them to soft-land from altitudes of up to 320 kilometers. During re-entry, breakaway ablative shields protect a BattleMech’s vulnerable sensors and weapons.

Heat-Dissipation Systems and Strategies
Because of a BattleMech’s systems are pushed to their limits during combat, ‘Mechs engaged in combat rapidly generate large amounts of waste heat-heat that can disrupt a fusion reactor’s magnetic containment shields and impair or permanently damage a ‘Mech’s electronics and computer systems, thereby slowing the BattleMech’s movement and reducing the accuracy of its weapons.

Heat sinks are one way of controlling the heat build-up in a ‘Mech. The heat pouring out of these radiators can produce strong infrared (IR) signatures, however, which can make a ‘Mech easy to target. To sidestep this problem, MechWarriors have found other ways to control heat build-up. MechWarriors often place their machines in shallow lakes or rivers. (Through the processes of conduction and convection, moving water helps dissipate a ‘Mechs internal heat.) On temperate or cold worlds, the atmosphere itself can help dissipate waste heat. On the other hand, the high outside temperatures of a desert or jungle environment can exacerbate a BattleMech’s heating problems.

The most common methods by which MechWarriors control heat build-up are manually regulating the movement and firing rates of their ‘Mechs or reprogramming the machine’s movement-control computer and its secondary systems. These computers can be used to limit the ‘Mech’s rate of activity and the resulting heat build-up. For example, when a ‘Mech is sent to a high-temperature world, its activity-rate setting may be lowered. The ‘Mech will move more slowly and fire less often than it would on a temperate planet. When a ‘Mech is sent to fight in an arctic climate, the setting is raised, allowing faster movement and a higher rate of fire. Reprogramming is usually carried out while a BattleMech force is enroute to its assignment aboard DropShips. The process takes approximately two weeks.

Because BattleMechs are always adjusted for the expected external temperature of their combat environments, sudden increases in outside temperature can have a devastating impact on a ‘Mech’s ability to dissipate waste heat. Tacticians have developed a whole series of battle tactics to take advantage of this ‘Mech characteristic. For example, commanders regularly set forests on fire while enemy BattleMechs are advancing through them. The superheated air roaring around the ‘Mech can overload the machines’ cooling systems or drastically reduce their efficiency, thus hampering the BattleMechs’ combat capabilities.

Offensive and Defensive systems
Two separate layers of armor provide BattleMechs with protection against energy and projectile weapons. Aligned-crystal steel is usually used for the outer layer of ‘Mech armor. The aligned-crystal steel has excellent heat-conducting properties, and so it provides excellent protection against lasers and particle-beam weapons. An inner layer of boron nitride impregnated with diamond monofilament stops high-explosive armor piercing (HEAP) rounds and fast neutrons. This second layer of armor also prevents any armor fragments from damaging a BattleMech’s internal systems.

In addition to standard armor, there several different types of specialty armor in general use, each of which is outlined below.

Ferro-Fibrous Armor is an improved version of ordinary BattleMech armor that uses woven fibers of ferro-steel and ferro-titanium to greatly increase its tensile strength. However, ferro-fibrous armor is bulkier than standard armor plating of equivalent weight.
Stealth Armoruses the shape and composition of the ‘Mech’s armor as the corner stone of the system, as well as tied to a Guardian ECM Suite, the system makes the unit more difficult to target at longer ranges, effectively given the ‘Mech a ‘stealth’ ability.
Reflective Armor is specially coated to reduce the damage from lasers and other directed energy weapons, such as PPCs. While this does improve its overall protection, it also makes the armour very brittle and vulnerable to physical damage.
Reactive Armor uses specially designed shaped explosives to deflect explosive damage away from the BattleMech’s structure, reducing the damage done by missile and artillery weapons. However, the technology also runs the risk of accidental detonation of those explosives.
Hardened Armor is thicker then normal armor, allowing BattleMechs to mount twice as much as they normally would. However, the armor is bulky, limiting a ‘Mechs mobility.
Ballistic-Reinforced Armor is a new development that consists of flexible plates with hardened underlay. While providing less overall protection then standard armour, Ballistic Reinforced Armour massively reduces the damage taken from missile, autocannon and gauss weaponry.
Several other types of specialized armour also exist, including Ferro-Lamellor, Impact Resistant, Anti-Penetrative and Heat-Resistant

BattleMechs can mount a wide variety of weaponry. Because energy weapons can be powered virtually indefinitely by a ‘Mech’s onboard fusion reactor and do not require ammunition reloads, BattleMechs usually carry charged-particle-beam weapons or lasers as their primary armaments. Additionally, many BattleMechs carry launching racks for short- or long-range, non-nuclear missiles. Still other ‘Mechs mount rapid-fire autocannons or machine-guns for use against infantry, aircraft and other BattleMechs. Below is a basic overview of each weapon type.

Autocannonsare rapid-firing, auto-loading weapon that fires high-speed streams of high explosive, armor-piercing shells. ‘Standard’ autocannons may utilize numerous submunitions-such as armor piercing, flechette, incendiary and precision. Additionally, there are three types of autocannon that incorporate advanced effects: LB-X, Rotary and Ultra autocannons. Autocannon ammunition can explode inside a ‘Mech, either due to critical damage or the effects of a ‘Mech overheating and cooking the ammo off.
Flamers carried by ‘Mechs taps into the heat generated by the fusion reactor to create a powerful but short-ranged burst of fire. These weapons are rarely mounted on ‘Mechs due to their poor heat-to-damage ratio, but they can be useful incendiary weapons.
Gauss Rifles use a series of magnets to propel a projectile through the rifle barrel toward a target. While it requires a great deal of power to operate, this weapon generates very little heat and can achieve a muzzle velocity twice that of any conventional weapon. There are Heavy, standard and Light gauss rifles. Unlike autocannons, Gauss rifle ammunition does not explode, but if the weapon itself is damaged, it will explode.
Some Inner Sphere BattleMechs come equipped with a Hatchet, which mounts a depleted uranium edge for cutting into armor. The hatchet stays attached to the ‘Mech and must be swung at the target to inflict damage. Other such melee weapons exist, such as maces and swords
Lasersdamage their targets by concentrating extreme heat on a small area. BattleMech lasers are designated micro, small, medium and large, which corresponds to their range and damage. There are also Extended Range, Heavy and Pulse class lasers. Lasers do not explode when damaged and require no ammunition but they cause a significant amount of heat.
Machine Guns are excellent anti-infantry weapons, due to their high rate of fire, but are rarely effective against BattleMechs.
Missile Launchers are devices used to deliver self-propelled and self-guided munitions to inflict damage on a target. There is a plethora of missile launchers: from long-range, to medium-range, to short-range to advanced missile types such as the Clan’s Advanced Tactical Missile System or Streak short-range missiles. Additionally, ‘standard’ long-range missile launchers can accommodate numerous submunitions-such as Flare, Fragmentation, Incendiary and Semi-guided, to mine-laying Thunder munitions. Like autocannons, missile launcher ammunition can explode due to damage or excessive heat.
Particle Projector Cannons (PPC) consist of a magnetic accelerator firing high-energy proton or ion bolts that cause damage through both impact and high temperature. PPCs are among the most effective weapons available to BattleMechs. Standard, Extended-Range, Light, Heavy and Snub-Nosed PPCs exist.

Other Equipment
In addition to Armor and weaponry ‘Mechs can mount a wide array of other systems. Many are electronic systems that can increase weapon accuracy or provide defensive countermeasures, while a handful are purely mechanical systems performing a variety of defensive roles.

Active Probes are capable of detecting and identifying even shutdown and camouflaged units at a distance much greater than standard issue electronic warfare (EW) suites, the active probe makes a valuable addition to any recon unit.
Anti-Missile System (AMS) is a rapid-fire, point-defense machine gun capable of tracking, engaging, and destroying incoming missiles. While very effective, the system’s primary drawback is its high ammunition consumption.
Artemis IV Fire Control System improves the accuracy of standard missile launchers.
The Command/Control/Communications (C3) Computer system is an Inner Sphere only system that allows multiple units-to a maximum of twelve-to share targeting data, thus making accurate fire resolution much more precise. The system has sever drawbacks, however, in that parts of the network can be ‘lost’ due to the destruction or damage of the ‘primary master computers’ or due to the interference of an enemy electronic counter measure suite. An Improved C3 Computer exists that eliminates the problems of losing the network due to the lose of the ‘master computers’ but it can only tie in six total units.
Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment (CASE) is a damage-control technology that mitigates the effects of internal ammunition explosions. When ammo explodes in a location protected by CASE, the force of the explosion blows out through specially designed panels and armor, directing the main force of the explosion away from the BattleMech’s vital component, such as the cockpit or the engine.
The Guardian ECM suite is a broad-spectrum jamming and electronic countermeasure device designed to reduce the effectiveness of enemy long-range scanning and surveillance equipment.
Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry (MASC) allows a BattleMech to put on a short burst of speed, at some risk to its fragile leg actuators. It works by boosting the signals to the myomer leg musculature, causing those muscles to contract and relax at a quicker rate than is usually possible. This increases speed, but the stress to actuators and myomer can cause a catastrophic failure especially after prolonged MASC use.
Narc Missile Beacon is a heavily modified missile launcher that fires special missiles, called pods, made up of powerful homing beacons mounted behind a magnetic head. If the missile hits the target, the pod broadcasts a homing signal for any friendly missile systems equipped to receive Narc transmissions. Like the Artemis IV system, Narc pods potentially increase the number of missiles that hit a target. It can also fire an explosive pod. An Improved Narc launcher has been developed that not only increases the range of the standard model but can also fire the following special submunitions: Homing, Explosive, ECM, Haywire and Nemesis.
Target Acquisition Gear (TAG) gear is used to designate a target for attack by a homing missile fired from an Arrow IV Missile Artillery System or semi-guided missiles fired from an LRM launcher.
Triple-Strength Myomer is a special type of myomer “muscle” that becomes exceedingly strong when a ‘Mech overheats, allowing it to move faster and hit harder in physical attacks.

BattleMech Types
BattleMechs come in four main classes, divided up by their weight; Light, Medium, Heavy and Assault.

All 'Mechs weighing from 20 up to 35 tons are classified as "light". Their skeleton can only carry limited armor, but the higher efficiency of smaller fusion reactors means that light 'Mechs benefit from superior mobility; Light ‘Mechs often have top speeds over 100 km/h, and some can reach over 200. They are typically fast but lightly armed and armored. These 'Mechs are generally used as scout 'Mechs and anti-personnel units instead of frontline combat duty, but some are designated combat 'Mechs with relatively heavy armament. Their low production cost, high proliferation, and relatively good supply of spare parts meant that they saw widespread use throughout history in virtually any role.

Medium 'Mechs are the workhorse 'Mechs of most armies. Weighing between 40 and 55 tons they naturally fall somewhere in between the agile light 'Mechs and the powerfully armed heavy 'Mechs. While matching neither in their respective niche, medium 'Mechs tend to have the best combination between speed, armor, and payload which gives them unmatched versatility. The fastest medium 'Mechs often serve as command units among light 'Mechs with similar speed. Better armed than light 'Mechs, medium 'Mechs can often outmaneuver heavier opponents in combat and bring their weapons to bear with better effect to the point of being superior combatants in single combat, given time and suitable terrain.

Heavy 'Mechs are those designed for frontline combat duty, and weigh in between 60 and 75 tons. They are slightly less versatile and generally slower than medium 'Mechs, but tend to have much heavier armor and weapon payloads. Capable of delivering sustained heavy fire over long ranges while retaining adequate mobility, they are formidable and powerful foes. Some designs are adapted to special roles in combat which greatly improves the combat performance of their unit but makes them a poor choice in single combat situations.

Assault 'Mechs are the heaviest regular class of BattleMechs, weighing in between 80 and 100 tons. Some of these huge 'Mechs can mount up to 50 tons of weapons as well as very thick armor protection. They can project tremendous firepower, and perform best as the spearhead of frontal assaults or in defending entrenched positions. The trade-off is in speed and maneuverability, as assault 'Mechs are generally very slow. As such, they often require friendly units to protect them from being outmaneuvered. Assault 'Mechs are typically used as command units, heavy assault platforms, and in fire-support roles, but due to their prohibitive costs and limited production, they actually make up only a small fraction of all BattleMechs.

“Quad” ‘Mechs use their "arms" for legs which gives these designs some additional stability and maneuverability (such as sidestepping, also known as lateral shift movement). While Quad ‘Mechs gain benefits in terms of stability and mobility, they sacrifice versatility and internal space to achieve those benefits. Quad ‘Mechs can be of any weight category.

An OmniMech is a highly configurable (sub-)type of BattleMech developed by the Clans and duplicated by Inner Sphere scientists. OmniMechs mount some (or all) of their loadout in modular OmniMech-compatible OmniPods. This gives Omnis the ability to replace damaged components and change battlefield role to fulfill mission requirements. OmniPods can contain a wide range of weapon systems and a limited selection of structural components and equipment. An OmniMech's capabilities are mostly limited by the amount of Pod Space it possesses (both in mass and bulk) and durability, though OmniMech logistics, like available Pod-mounted components, facilities, and even short reconfiguration times, can also affect performance. OmniMechs can be of any weight category; Quad OmniMechs also exist, but are exceptionally rare
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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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The Universe at a Glance

The Successor States
Capellan Confederation
Capitol World: Sian
Ruler: Chancellor Daoshen Liao
Other notable personalities:Danai Liao-Centralla (Heir-apparent), Isabelle Fisk (Commander, CCAF)
Major Cultural influences: Chinese, Russian. Vietnamese

Originally settled by people from Terra’s Asian nations, one can see the roots of Chinese and Russian culture in people of House Liao’s Capellan Confederation. The smallest of the five Great Houses after centuries of unrelenting warfare, House Liao has come to embrace the harsh reality of police state politics and ruthless control to ensure their nation’s survival against its enemies. The Maskirovka, the Capellan secret police, keeps a cold and calculating eye on the Confederation’s people, who must earn their rights to be citizens, rather than expect such privileges from birth.

Nearly shattered by House Davion in the Fourth Succession War, the Confederation teetered on the edge of extinction until itsthen Chancellor, Sun-Tzu Liao, rose to form the Trinity Alliance with the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat and reclaim much of what his realm lost in the Fourth Succession War. After bringing the renegade St. Ives Compact back into the fold during his wildly successful Xin Sheng political movement, Sun-Tzu’s reign promised the Confederation a return to its former glory—until the Word of Blake Jihad erupted and soon engulfed his state in a new Sphere-spanning war.

Rather then joining Deviln Stone’s coalition, the Confederation chose to fight the Word on their own. In the end, they were victorious, but at the cost of a devastated state. In the decades that followed, the Confederation chose to bide its time secretly building up its armies while other nations reduced theirs. With the collapse of the HPG network, the Confederation was the first Successor State to go to war, invading first the Republic of the Sphere and then the Federated Suns.

Today, the CCAF stands as the most powerful military in the Inner Sphere, while the Confederation itself is poised on the brink of seeming victory. Having reclaimed worlds it has not held in generations or even centuries, as well as crushing the Federated Suns’ Capellan March, the Confederation appears to be invincible.

Capitol World: Luthien
Ruler: Coordinator Yori Kurita
Other notable personalities:Matsuhari Toronaga (Commander, DCMS), Ramadeep Bhiata (Director ISF)
Major Cultural influences: Japanese, Arabic

Patterned on the culture of feudal Japan, and ruled by a hierarchy of warlords loyal to the shogunate ideals of the ruling House Kurita, the Draconis Combine is a realm whose warriors and citizenry embrace the tenets of bushido—the ancient Japanese Way of the Warrior. To the people of the Combine, honor and duty are the very cornerstones of society, without which there can be nothing. A particularly harsh and xenophobic society, the Draconis Combine maintains a socialist market economy and a rigid leadership divided into social castes. Militarily, the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery continues to struggle with the competing ideals of personal honor and glory, and the need to function as a unit against a determined enemy. Thus, in battle it is as common to see a lone Combine warrior challenge a superior force as it is to see entire formations combine their might to bring down an enemy.

Hard pressed during the Clan invasion—to the point where their own capital of Luthien teetered on the brink of a Clan occupation—the “Dragon” repaid its would-be conquerors by leading the charge to Annihilate Clan Smoke Jaguar. However, the nation’s social problems came to the fore during the Jihad, with the Combine beset not only by the Word of Blake but with its military divided between loyalists and the treacherous Black Dragon society.

In the aftermath of the Jihad, and a final purge of the Black Dragons, the Combine rebuilt itself and reclaimed much of its lost power. Recent events, including the death of the Coordinator and his near family, a civil war and the extermination of Clan Nova Cat, seem to have actually strengthened the Combine. Now its forces have poured into the Federated Suns, ravaging its worlds while marching towards the capitol.

Federated Suns
Capitol World: New Avalon
Ruler: First Prince Julian Davion
Other notable personalities: Erik Sandoval-Grossel (Regent and Prince’s Champion),
Major Cultural influences: French, English, Spanish, American

Seen by many as a realm that glorifies warfare, House Davion’s Federated Suns has one of the Inner Sphere’s most capable military forces, and their First Prince is seen as one of the mightiest rulers in the Sphere. Primarily settled and ruled by descendants of Terra’s Western Europe, the Federated Suns has adopted a nobility system based on feudal England and France, and professes the ideals of personal freedom and rule of law above all else.The Federated Suns is very liberal when it comes to personal freedom and trade, with a free market economy that allows its citizens to pursue personal profit. Militarily, they prefer combined-arms warfare and strategic initiative, valuing the virtues of logistics and maneuvering over brute force and savagery.

House Davion’s archenemies are its neighbours, the Capellan Confederation and the Draconis Combine. During the Fourth Succession War, the Federated Suns united with House Steiner’s Lyran Commonwealth to create the Federated Commonwealth. Under this union, Houses Davion and Steiner conquered half the Confederation, and went on to challenge the might of House Kurita in the War of 3039. But this alliance eventually sundered during the FedCom Civil War in the 3060s.

During the Word of Blake Jihad, the Federated Suns became the strongest supporters of Devlin Stone and his Coalition, and eventually became key allies of the Republic of the Sphere. The Suns took full advantage of the golden age of peace that followed the Jihad, strengthening its economy while winding down its military.

This would cost them after the HPG blackout as forces from both the Draconis Combine and the Capellan Confederation invaded its realm. With its military caught napping and unready for a full-scale war, the Federated Suns was pushed back, suffering severe losses on both fronts. The recent death of First Prince Caleb Davion and the destruction of thirteen AFFS regiments on Palamyria is a disaster from which the Federated Suns may not be able to recover.

Free Worlds League
Capitol World: Atreus
Ruler: Captain-General Jessica Marik
Other notable personalities:NikolMarik (Warden General of the Free Worlds League), Kenyon Marik (Minister General of the Free Worlds League), Rikkard Nova Cat (Galaxy Commander, Clan Protectorate)
Major Cultural influences: English, Spanish, Romanian, Pakistani, Greek, Clan

Unlike the other feudal realms of the Inner Sphere, the Free Worlds League is—at least on paper—a democracy. Although largely run by the Marik family for centuries (due to various circumstances and the provisions of an “emergency resolution” passed in the late 2700s), the League is actually a conglomerate of many smaller states and planets that allied long ago, and stands today as the oldest of the Successor States.

Though internally divisive by nature and riddled with bureaucracy, the League existed in relative peace for many years, and even escaped the worst of the Fourth Succession War. The League gradually rose in stature over the decades since, fighting only a small and very effective war in 3057 while harboring the breakaway Word of Blake after that group’s formation. Becoming the arms dealer for the Inner Sphere after the Clans’ arrival, the Free Worlds’ industry and economy boomed, but with the start of the Jihad, even the people of the League were not immune. Shocked to learn that their Captain-General, Thomas Marik, was actually an impostor set on the throne by ComStar many decades ago, the League has begun to unravel at its seams.

Shattered at the end of the Jihad into numerous feuding states, the former Free Worlds League was nearly destroyed by a combined invasion by the Lyran Commonwealth and Clan Wolf. In the face of near annihilation Jessica Marik, the daughter of the imposter Thomas Marik, was able to reunify the nation, bringing together not only its former states but unexpected allies from the Clans and the former Republic of the Sphere.

Today the Free Worlds League is still weak, its territory gutted and facing enemies on all sides. However, it has been able to purchase time and breathing room, which may let allow it to not only survive but also grow and thrive in this new age of uncertainty.

Lyran Commonwealth
Capitol World: Tharkad
Ruler: Archon Trillian Steiner
Other notable personalities: Roderick Steiner (Commander of the LCAF), Jasek Kelswa-Steiner (Commander, Donegal Province)
Major Cultural influences: German, Scandinavian, Scottish, Italian

House Steiner’s Lyran Alliance is widely recognized as a nation of merchants and industrialists first, and warriors a distant second. Settled and dominated by predominantly Germanic and Scottish cultures, and ruled by the Steiner family through a combination of political intrigue and brute economic force, the Lyran state is united in the pursuit of status and wealth. The Lyran state enjoys an open market economy that boasts centuries of stability and success, boosted by the presence of some of the Inner Sphere’s most industrialized worlds. The influence of the so-called “social generals” and widespread confidence in “bigger equals better” firepower has resulted in the nation being seen as militarily inept. Indeed, the Lyran solution to most problems is typically negotiation, barter, or covert action—but with their resources and wealth, the armies of House Steiner can often field heavier and more numerous forces than their enemies, producing a virtual wall of steel against an enemy advance.

Often on the defensive in the Succession Wars, House Steiner’s peace initiatives sparked the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, but when the Clans invaded, the Lyran half of that alliance suffered the bulk of their assault. The strain of this event and others led to the sundering of the Federated Commonwealth, the birth of the Lyran Alliance, and the eruption of the FedCom Civil War. In the wake of that conflict, the battered Alliance hoped to reclaim its lost glories under a new Archon, only to see the start of the Word of Blake Jihad firsthand with a surprise assault on their own capital world of Tharkad.

The Lyrans survived the Jihad, joining Devlin Stone’s coalition and supporting the formation of the Republic of the Sphere. However, in the decades that followed, that relationship soured as new Archons sought ways to expand their territories. The collapse of the HPG blackout presented them with a chance, the Lyrans allying with the Wolf Clan to invade the former Free Worlds League.

However, two events would turn their gains against them; first came an invasion by Clan Jade Falcon, one aimed at destroying the Lyran state. The second was the Wolves’ betrayal of their alliance, choosing to instead carve out their own nation from their worlds. Today the Lyran Commonwealth is battered and bleeding, with massive swathes of its worlds under Clan control and its most vital holdings under threat.

Republic of the Sphere
Capitol World: Terra
Ruler: Unknown

Born from the ashes of the Jihad, the Republic of the Sphere is a realm like no other. Noble Houses do not rule this nation with unquestioned authority, but share their voice with those of their subjects and their neighbors. Armies of BattleMechs do not stand ready on the borders, awaiting an excuse to invade or attack, but instead remain out of sight, valiant defenders called upon only when needed. Freedom and unity are more than mere buzzwords or rallying cries here, but are the guiding principles of billions of men, women, and children who have seen their fill of mankind’s folly.

Though there was widespread support for the establishment of a new nation in the ashes of the Word of Blake Protectorate, not everyone wished to give up planets to Stone’s control. Within weeks of its founding, the fledgling Republic was fighting against those who would deny it life. The dedication of the Republic Armed Forces—many of whom came from the very states now opposed to Stone’s dream—saw the new nation through the worst of the conflict and provided strong evidence that the ideals espoused by the Republic were worth dying to protect. With the defeat of first the former Free Worlds League states and then the Capellan Confederation the Republic won for itself a place amongst the great powers of the Inner Sphere.

Unfortunately, the Republic’s very nature would prove to be its undoing. With the collapse of the HPG network, the Republic began to fracture along nationalist lines as old hatreds flared up. While it tried to regain control, external invasions and internal rebellions quickly saw the situation spiral out of control. The result was a radical step, with the Republic abandoning much of its territory, retreating inside the walls of what it called “Fortress Republic”

A decade later, nobody knows what lies on the other side of the fortress wall. No ship has been able to enter the Republic; those that do either vanish, or return not only destroyed, but crushed and reshaped by unimaginable forces, their crews dead.

The Clans
The Clans of 3145 are virtually unrecognisable as the same force that invaded the Inner Sphere nearly a century ago. Cut off from their homeworlds by events that they refuse to discuss and remain a secret even to this day, the surviving Inner Sphere clans have changed and adapted, unifying with the populations of the worlds they once conquered in various ways.

Clan Hells Horses
Capitol World: Csesztreg
Ruler: Khan Gottfried Aimrault
Other notable personalities:saKhan Fulk Lassenera

The Hells Horses were relative latecomers to the Inner Sphere, arriving only during the midst of the Jihad. Firm believers in combined arms warfare, the Hells Horses are driven by the philosophy that the Warrior is more important than the machine he commands. This has lead them to embrace not only BattleMechs and Battle Armour, but also conventional vehicles and even ProtoMechs to a degree that outstrips any other clan.

In recent years, the Hells Horses became allies of the Jade Falcons, unified by the shared Mongol philosophy of total warfare. The Horses joined Malvina Hazen’s golden ordun in its rampage across the Lyran Commonwealth, enjoying a string of victories bur also at great cost. Recently, cracks have begun to emerge in the clan between the pro-Falcon Mongols, and the more conservative Warden members of the Clan. It remains to be seen what comes of this development.

Clan Jade Falcon
Capitol World: Sudeten
Ruler: chinggis Kahn Malvina Hazen

Clan Jade Falcon has historically ranked among the most powerful and active Clans. Aggressive and tenacious, this Clan constantly strives to advance its own agenda without losing sight of Nicholas Kerensky’s teachings (as the Falcons interpret them). Centuries ago, the Falcons were the driving force behind the development of the Crusader philosophy. Now, they are ruled by their new Mongol philosophy, one of total warfare.

Under the rule of Malvina Hazen, the Jade Falcons have rampaged across the Lyran Commonwealth, devastating all that has stood before them. No longer limiting themselves to ‘honourable’ combat, the Falcons see everything, military or civilian, as a legitimate target if it will further their aims. They have even gone so far as to use orbital bombardment and nuclear weapons to defeat their foes, and show no signs of slowing.

Clan Sea Fox
Capitol World: Tukkayid
Ruler: Khan Mori Hawker
Other notable personalities: ovKhan Petr Kalsaka

The most changed of the Clans, the Sea Foxes, formerly Clan Diamond Shark, have transformed themselves into roaming warrior-merchants. With much of their population living onboard massive ArcShips, the Sea Foxes ply the stars, seeking out ways to profit rather than opportunities for battle. They have become the Inner Sphere’s premier arms dealers, selling Clan technology to any who are willing to pay the price.

However, just because they are merchants does not mean the Sea Foxes are weak by any means. They maintain a powerful military, one that stands ready to defend their assets and their people if needed. The eruption of conflict across the Inner Sphere has been good for the clan, their merchants seeing it as a new opportunity to gain profit and spread their influence. Most dramatically, the Sea Foxes have begun directly supporting the new Free Worlds League

Rasalhauge Dominion
Capitol World: Rasalhauge
Ruler: Khan Dalia Bekker, Prince Hjalmer Miraborg
Major Cultural influences: Scandinavian, Japanese, Clan

Born of the fusion of the remnants of the Free Rasalhauge Republic with Clan Ghost Bear, the Rasalhauge Dominion is an unusual hybrid nation, ruled by two separate but equal systems. The Clans control the military, while the Rasalhaugian Prince rules the civilian population. Together, the two powers built a prosperous and powerful nation, one which matched military might with a relatively open society.

Following the Blackout, the Dominion stepped in to stabilise a portion of the crumbing Republic, bringing those worlds under its protection. Since then the Dominion has been quiet, but there are rumblings of discontent from within. New ideas have begun to permeate the Clan side of its culture, and its people have begun to call for greater freedoms and independence.

Raven Alliance
Capitol World: Alpheratz
Ruler: Kahn Sterling McKenna, President Christian Avellar
Major Cultural influences:English, French, Clan

Like the Rasalhauge Dominion, the Raven Alliance is a hybrid state, formed from the union of the Outworlds Alliance and Clan Snow Raven. Unlike the Dominion, however, there has been no attempt at integration between the two peoples. Instead, the Ravens simply rule over the Alliance, and dictate terms to a largely indifferent populace that care little for their Clan allies. The result is isolated, high-tech enclaves on otherwise primitive worlds.

The Raven Alliance was a long-time ally of the Federated Suns, but in recent years, seems to have changed its direction. The Ravens seem to have had a hand in the Palamyria disaster, and in its aftermath have invaded a number of Federated Suns worlds. Weather they are acting as allies of the Combine, or instead following their own agenda, remains unknown.

Wolf Empire
Capitol World: Gineah
Ruler: Khan Alaric Ward
Other notable personalities: Star Colonel Anastasia Kerensky
Major Cultural influences: German, Greek, Romanian, Clan

After decades of stagnation and decline, Clan Wolf’s alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth presented it with an opportunity to advance its cause. Aiding them in their invasion of the former Free Worlds League, the Wolves traded the battered and spent worlds of its occupation zone for fresh opportunities and glory. However, the Wolves had their own agenda, choosing to sign a non-aggression pact with the reunified Free Worlds League and then turn on the Lyrans.

The result was the birth of the Wolf Empire, a nation carved from the Commonwealth and under the control of a resurgent Wolf Clan. Choosing to take a light approach to their conquered peoples, the Wolves left the existing governments and nobles of their conquests to continue acting as they always had, as long as they chose to swear their loyalty to their new Clan leaders. Recently, Khan Alaric Ward has declared himself to be the rightful Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth; what will come of this remains to be seen.

Clan Wolf (in Exile)
Capitol World: Arc-Royal
Ruler: Khan Patrik Fetladral

Decades of alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth saw Clan Wolf (in Exile) lose much of its former power. Cut off from their sources of Clan technology, the Exiles became increasingly dependent on the Sea Foxes and Lyrans as sources for their weapons, while at the same dime dedicating much of what production they had to the Lyran military. In the 3130s, talks began towards reunification with the Wolves, but in the end the Exiles chose to maintain their independence and their home in the Lyran Commonwealth.

Today, Wolf (in Exile) is a spent force its military in tatters and battered by the Jade Falcons. They hold the line, raiding the expanded Falcon occupation zone, slowly dying by degrees as they suffer irreplaceable losses. For the exiles, it is a grim equation; they can either continue to slowly grind themselves down, or run the risk of a massive Falcon assault that could wipe them out completely.
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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Other Technology and information

(Placeholder while I write text)

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Re-using an old character to develop him more.  Work in progress.  Open to feedback.


Name:  Hiro Kagekaze
Sex:  Male
Age:  30's
BattleMech:  Spider
Homeworld:  Shionoha, Dieron District
Original Faction:  Draconis Combine

Description:  Hiro is of medium height with a lean, muscular build.  He has straight black hair and a goatee.  He is more of a pilot than a gunner, eager to push the limits of a BattleMech in terms of its speed, jumps and melee attacks.  He acts as a scout, lures enemies into traps and uses guerilla tactics.  For example, he uses his 'Mech's sword to chop down trees, then shoots lasers to set them ablaze, using the fire, heat and smoke to his advantage.

Background:  Hiro is from the Dieron District of the Draconis Combine.  He grew up poor, but managed to break through the barrier of not being a member of the privileged class.  He was skilled enough to enroll in the Dieron District Gymnasium (DDG), which graduates 15 to 20 mech pilots per year with a complete disregard for the students' political and philosophical leanings.

Like almost all of his fellow DDG graduates, Hiro was recruited to the 2nd Dieron Regulars, a veteran unit with questionable loyalty specializing in mountain combat and emphasizing honor through victory - in other words, they strive to win by any means necessary.  Ambushes, false truces and "playing dead" were all viable tactics.  Furthermore, the atmosphere of the unit itself was one of constant backstabbing among its troops, which kept everyone on their toes.

Hiro's commanding officer (CO) had the resources to ruin careers and the willingness to do so.  After another member of his unit tricked Hiro into sleeping with the CO's daughters, Hiro got caught and the CO booted him from the front-line unit to a garrison one.

Personality:  In times of peace, Hiro is a trickster and a goofball.  In times of war, he sometimes acts aggressively and impatiently.  He doesn't always consider the consequences of his actions, yet he manages to come up with sound combat tactics when it really matters.  He fights dirty, and plays dirtier.

Specialty Skills:  Due to his childhood in a rough neighborhood and his training in a combat-oriented school, Hiro is skilled in unarmed combat (particularly jiujitsu), armed combat (especially swords), and small arms (preferably paired pistols).  He is also stealthy, athletic, acrobatic and perceptive.


Chassis:  Spider
Model: SDR-8Xr
Weight Class: Light
Callsign: Ronin
Description: Dark gray, dark green, beige (see picture)
Weapons: 5 ER Small Lasers, Sword

Equipment: Partial Wing, Jump Jets

Background: He won Ronin by placing bets on a duel he intentionally but convincingly lost.  The loser of the duel had to leave the Draconis Combine unit.  Hiro was going to do desert anyway, but he needed some cash and a mech to do it.  He had intermediaries bet his savings on the underdog, his opponent.  He used the winnings to buy a Spider, an old, battlefield-modified model that was surplus Draconis Combine inventory.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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That's a great start! Of course, you get bonus points from me for using a particularly crazy Spider variant

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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That's a great start! Of course, you get bonus points from me for using a particularly crazy Spider variant

Thanks!  I'll work on him more within the next 12-24 hours.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Look forward to it. I've also added some more background stuff, with more to come when I get a chance to work on it

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Still thinking about stuff. 

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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I'd like to sign up. Any chance I can pilot an LAM?

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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I'd like to sign up. Any chance I can pilot an LAM?

Unfortunately, a LAM is definitely out of the question (In fact, I mentioned them on the first post)

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Oh no, my lack of knowledge has come to haunt me. Must fluff! xD
Sorry for not having a character up yet. Hectic work week! Joy!

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Oh no, my lack of knowledge has come to haunt me. Must fluff! xD
Sorry for not having a character up yet. Hectic work week! Joy!

Perfectly fine. If you have questions, feel free to ask them here or via PM.

And as allways, RL comes first.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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I will come up with something tonight hopefully. I have a character idea, just trying to decide on a fun mech to pilot.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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I will come up with something tonight hopefully. I have a character idea, just trying to decide on a fun mech to pilot.

That's allways the hard part, isn't it? Feel free to ask if you want some suggestions or advice or general silliness.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Oh I didn't know general silliness was an option! How tempting!

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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If you ask me for 'Mech advice, odds are either a) that I will come up with something solid or b) that I will come up with something ridiculous just because I like it.

And remember, you're talking to someone who loves the Tundra Wolf.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Name: Allia Rowe
Sex: Female
Age: (21+) 27
BattleMech: Gheistwulf
Homeworld: Hesperus II
Original Faction: Lyran Commonwealth

Description: Allia is fairly short in stature what most would call mousy.  She's spent most of her life being overlooked by people even though her phsyique is well built.  She maintains her gymnast style physique very well, making her uncommonly nimble and quick.

Background: Allia grew up in a family with a long history of serving in the Lyran Military.  Three generations of her family had served in the 15th Lyran Guards until they were destroyed in 3070.  Her Grandfather and Father served with the Fifth Lyran Guards after they were sent to Hesperus II to help rebuild and defend the planet after the Jihad.  Her father and older brother eventually were hired on by Defiance Industries as part of the companies Self Protection Force. Allia grew up around Mechs and stories of war and combat, driving her first Mech at age 12.  When her father retired from service on her 18th birthday, Defiance Industries sponsored Allia at Nagelring, where she studied for three years until an altercation with a number of family members of the Steiner household drove an early release from the school.  Wanting to cover up the fact that the Steiner name may have been sullied through the actions of its members, Nagelring graduated Allia without finishing her final year.

Returning to Hesperus II, she took on a position with the Fourth Lyran Guards using a fully operational Ghost Mech handed down by her father.  After three years with the Fourth Allia decided regimented military life of garrison duty was not for her, driving her to seek out more exciting warrior lifestyle.

Personality: Allia is relatively quiet and introverted.  She tends to sit back and watch, collecting information and keeping details.  In comfortable situations she opens up her personality and can be very friendly and outgoing.

Specialty Skills: Allia is ambidextrous with almost anything she does.  She is expert trained in martial arts and small arms making her dangerous both in and out of the cockpit. 


Chassis:  Ghost
Model: GST-10
Weight Class: Medium
Callsign: Gheistwulf
Description: Gheistwulf is typically painted to match the environment of Hesperus II.  Allia takes a lot of pride in her stealthy skills and will repaint her Mech to match the expected combat zone to make her less visible and more stealthy.
Weapons: 2x Light PPC, 2x MML-3s, 1xER Medium Laser

Equipment: Nashan trac V-102 w/Active Probe, Beagle Active Probe, Stealth Armor, Guardian ECM Suite.
Background: Ghost was originally issued to her Grandfather during the battle of Terra where the 5th Lyran Guards formed hunter killer teams to hunting down remnants of Blakist forces.  Gheistwulf was handed down to her father once her Grandfather came to Hesperus II with the 5th Lyran Guards.  Ending his career working for Defiance Industries, her father was able to get the company to upgrade the mech with the most up to date systems.  Allia is the third family member to pilot Gheistwulf and she basically grew up in the mech making it the closest thing to home she has away from Hesperus.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Awesome profile. I don't know if it's a final, but it's definitely approved!

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Been busy with work.

Kayla, you have any suggestions for my character?

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Been busy with work.

Kayla, you have any suggestions for my character?

Really he looks fantastic as is; if you wanted to go with that, then I'd gladly accept it.

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Sure, I'll take a stab at this. Pity I can't re-use Alroy...but he'd be over a hundred and twenty years old by now. One of his descendants, maybe, for fun, and still driving Tanya the King Crab. Or maybe something else.

With regards to the canon policy (which I otherwise wholeheartedly support), is it still considered 'canon' to have an otherwise stock-published 'Mech design with Clan parts replacing IS parts? Just to pick a random and simple example, a 'Clanapult' that is a CPLT-C1 with Clan LRM-15s and Clan Medium (Pulse?) Lasers?

EDIT: Definitely something else, I've fallen in love with the Blitzkrieg BTZ-4F. Would still like to Clanify it though, if such would be permitted.

Silly Edit: What if three people want to make characters who collectively crew an Ares? ;D
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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Sure, I'll take a stab at this. Pity I can't re-use Alroy...but he'd be over a hundred and twenty years old by now. One of his descendants, maybe, for fun, and still driving Tanya the King Crab. Or maybe something else.

With regards to the canon policy (which I otherwise wholeheartedly support), is it still considered 'canon' to have an otherwise stock-published 'Mech design with Clan parts replacing IS parts? Just to pick a random and simple example, a 'Clanapult' that is a CPLT-C1 with Clan LRM-15s and Clan Medium (Pulse?) Lasers?

EDIT: Definitely something else, I've fallen in love with the Blitzkrieg BTZ-4F. Would still like to Clanify it though, if such would be permitted.

Silly Edit: What if three people want to make characters who collectively crew an Ares? ;D

The Ares is seen as something of an urban myth by most of the universe. It'd be fun, don't get me wrong, but...

At the moment, we're sticking to stock variants for a number of reasons (my sanity being but one of them) but again, you've got a pretty huge range to work from. And for what it's worth, the Blitzkreig 4F is one of my personal favourites. And as the game goes on, upgrades and modifications could happen, just depending on how things go.

Glad to see you!

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Have some E-stuff to catch up on, but then I'll be putting an application together! :)

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Re: Battletech 3145 - Recruitment
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Sure, I'll take a stab at this. Pity I can't re-use Alroy...but he'd be over a hundred and twenty years old by now. One of his descendants, maybe, for fun, and still driving Tanya the King Crab. Or maybe something else.

With regards to the canon policy (which I otherwise wholeheartedly support), is it still considered 'canon' to have an otherwise stock-published 'Mech design with Clan parts replacing IS parts? Just to pick a random and simple example, a 'Clanapult' that is a CPLT-C1 with Clan LRM-15s and Clan Medium (Pulse?) Lasers?

EDIT: Definitely something else, I've fallen in love with the Blitzkrieg BTZ-4F. Would still like to Clanify it though, if such would be permitted.
Silly Edit: What if three people want to make characters who collectively crew an Ares? ;D

Also keep in mind by this time IS has had so much time to study and copy Clan tech that Clan tech on IS mech is not really that necessary anymore.  There are a number of IS omni mechs but unless you're modifying and Industrial mech, there's really no need to throw together some Frankenstien monster like that.  ehehehe 

It'd be fun to have Alroy.
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