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January 20, 2019, 12:01:20 PM

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Author Topic: Quill is feeling that anime fandom itch (F for M character)  (Read 368 times)

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Offline LamentingQuillTopic starter

Becoming the God's property- Fruits basket Fandom- Akito/Tohru

When Hatori falls ill for a day and Tohru generously offers to fill in taking care of Akito that day in order to help out her friend... what happens when Akito decides he really likes all the tender care and pampering from Tohru and orders her to move in with him at the Honk?

At first Tohru just think it's simply about wanting her to be his personal care giver or maid or whatever it was he wanted to call it... but that begins to change... and Akito wants more... and more... and more... he wants everything until he possesses Tohru completely... until every shred of her devotion belongs entirely to him instead of his unworthy cousins...

Taken by the Lord of the West- Inuyasha Fandom- Sesshomaru/Kagome (NON-CON WARNING!!!)
On the night of the full moon, Sesshomaru transforms into his beast form and as wanders the land in this primal form, he scents the camp of his hanyou brother and his group... but one scent in particular calls to him in such a powerful intense way that it cannot be ignored... it smells so unbelievably good...
He comes to a secluded little lagoon not too far from the camp to find the human miko Kagome taking a bath... the incredible smell is so strong now... along with the urge to mate...

Kagome is about to find herself with Inuyasha's brother in a way she would never have imagined in a gazillion years... over and over and over...

(Synopsis isn't the best, but you get the idea)

A saiyan prince and a lunarian princess- DBZ/Sailor Moon fandom- Usagi/Vegeta
{Important- Takes place before the whole thing with Bulma and Vegeta, that won't be happening here}

In a devastating battle with an enemy far too strong, the Sailor Senshi team... are all brutally slain... all but Sailor Moon herself, the Ginzuisho transported her at the last moment before she too would have been killed... to a world with a large set of it's own big problems...

As the Z team are conducting training exercises (location to be discuss with partner)... as bright flash of white light bursts in the sky like a single strike of lightning and from the sky plummets a beautiful golden haired girl...

I am thinking Goku or Krillin would be the first ones to zoom up to rescue a falling female, given their heroic nature.

They'd bring her to Chi Chi to allow another woman to examine the unconscious female as she looks like she just fought a whole army by herself... bruised and filthy, her transformation would have worn off in her exhausted state.

I imagine that Vegeta watches the whole thing standing at a further distance than the others... but I'm certain his interest would certainly be peaked when Usagi's royal origins are discovered.