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Author Topic: Mass Effect Custom Galaxy/Story (Seeking partner for co-story creation)  (Read 793 times)

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MRN Sudden Report
Open Report

MRN Sudden Report: Location Helarus Prime

A New Species Discovered – Only No Evidence of Origins

Several days ago, Human sources claim to have discovered a Humanoid aliens species never seen before. A single, female, alien was found in a stasis pod on the planet Helarus Prime – a joint Turian and Human colony. The world had only been inhabited for a short period before the discovery was made. The pod had been found in some old ruins. It is not known if the ruins belong to the female aliens people, as no other ruins have been found on this world.

Currently the alien resides in the Garrian medical facility and is being examined. While Humanoid, her physical appearance is different in many ways to the Asari, Drell, Human, and Asdradi species. Despite having been in a stasis pod, the alien was found to be dead. The body remained in excellent condition, however. Scientists believe the species may have been unable to survive prolonged exposure to stasis.

Unfortunately, this discovery came right before an armed conflict began between Turian dissidents and the Turian Hierarchy erupted on the fledgeling colony. Many within the Relegard Union had hoped to study the creature. Pulsar is also reported as having an interest in the deceased alien. Scientists fear the alien body may be lost in the conflict and have sought aid to remove the body from the world for safe studying.

Seeking information for easier comprehension of article above?

MRN Database
View Codex

MRN seeks to gather data for digestion by the galactic public. No data is seen as trivial. It is our goal to provide an accurate history of current and past events. We know many are curious about their ancestors and curious about what is going on in the galaxy surrounding them. Knowing this we endeavor to piece together events to better the galactic society as a whole.

Disclaimer: Due to era known as "The Collapse", data shortages and holes are common. We appreciate your understanding.

The Collapse
View Codex

Unfortunately not much can be said about one of the greatest galactic events ever. Its very name says tells us enough, however. Society collapsed and with it, most of the information that could enlighten modern society as too what happened. What is known, is that due to the collapse, all races were unable to use higher levels of technology for a few generations until scientists and governments could stabilize enough to begin progressing cultural and societal advancements once more.

Worse than the loss of powerful technology, every alien race suffered significant cultural and governmental setbacks that stunted their growth for varied periods of time. The Salarians and Human's were noted to have recovered the quickest. The Turian's were a very close third thanks to their ancient tradition of serving the society.

While the higher levels of technology were not lost, they instead were either too difficult to maintain and or too expensive. Mass Effect weaponry fell into disuse because of the cost of producing such powerful weapons. More mundane forms of projectile weapons became the norm until scientists discovered how to create energy based weaponry.

Racial Dossiers
View Codex

-Humans: Still a populace race, Humanity doesn't hold as much power as it had before the collapse.
-Turian: The collapse saw the demise of Turian power. They are still a strong people, but they no longer can effect galactic change as they once had been able too.
-Asari: Still the ever seductive and alluring people, they too saw a loss of influence. Asari in current times are more likely to be aggressive and protective. They won't say why. Most just assume something nasty happened to them in their past.
-Krogan: The Krogan are now a truly dying species. Many Krogan of old thought their species was dying, when in reality that was not the case. Now, however, extinction seems all but a eventuality. No one even cares about them anymore. In time they will fade away, unless someone steps in to save them.
-Salarian: Much the same as the other races, the Salarians are simply existing. With their exceedingly short lifespans, they however, have been the fastest to forget and move on. They haven't changed a lot, though they no longer retain the tradition of breeding contracts. They have much more loose breeding habits, similar to Humans and Asari.
-Geth: The Geth long ago returned to obscurity. Not much is known of their current situation. Occasionally some Geth show up to trade or gather news of galactic events, but otherwise, they remain cloistered away.
-Quarians: Before the collapse, the Quarians managed to finally regain nationhood and to regrow themselves as a people. It was a hard growth. Eventually they overcame their weaknesses and could once again walk amongst the stars without the need for environment suits. Unfortunately, they remained a small people and the collapse ravaged them. Not much is known about the effects on their society, except that large numbers of Quarians exist as slaves in modern times. The rest, exist in the shadows (some say alongside the Geth).
-Drell: The Drell cling to existence. While other species were driven to extinction, the Drell managed to survive. Through genetic modification, a Drell no longer has to fear moist environments. Over the generations, in fact, the Drell have become a highly modified species. With the loss of their revered Hanar, the Drell felt alone and vulnerable. To compensate, they turned to genetic modifications to strengthen their race. The Drell have also began extensive research on improving their races natural Bitoic genes.
-Elcor: While the Elcor were a much overlooked species, they were however, a resilient and tough species. They survived the collapse and remain a presence in galactic affairs. As usual, however, they are often overlooked because of their slowness. That has not deterred them in the least.
-Vorcha: Much to the disgruntled groans of other races, they survived the collapse. Their ability to adapt made their survival as a race a foregone conclusion. They still retain their second class status however, as their intelligence has not attained very high levels yet.

New Racial Dossiers
View Codex

Historical Note: The MRN refers to the following races as new only to differentiate them from other races, which old records indicate, have been around countless centuries, perhaps millennia, longer.

Asdradi: These awe inspiring flight capable Humanoids are considered the preeminent species of the galaxy as it stands. They look much like Humans, Drell, and Asari, except they have two massive primary wings and two smaller secondary wings. Their fingers are slightly elongated and they have eyes which constantly shift across the color spectrum. They possess immense strength for their size and are formidable opponents in close quarters combat.

Asdradi society enjoys slavery. While many revile it, many admit that Asdradi slavery could be worse. As a people, they are generally aloof but many times can kind and compassionate. They see slavery not as a harsh institution but more as an owner who cares for a prized pet.

Their military might is the strongest in the galaxy and they aren't afraid to use it.

Neflian: Are a hard skinned oxygen breathing race. They have hunched backs, similar to Krogan, but slightly longer necks and tongues which are as long as their torso's. Their tongues are prehensile and can be shot out or withdrawn swiftly. They are vaguely humanoid and thus are considered attractive in some circles.

Since their skin has no pores, nor openings of any kind, they have no need for environment suits. They only have need of a breathing mask when entering hostile environments - unless the environmental conditions can erode away their skin. Resistant to light energy weapons, the Neflians are considered a troublesome race as heavier munitions have to be brought to bare against them.

Neflian's are a neutral species as far as ethics and temperament. They are well aware of the potential to become more, but they seek out a balance and on occasion try to influence the Asdradi and other races to seek out this balance as well.

Nykin: Are a naturally none-aggressive species and as such ended up subsumed into Asdradi society. They serve as pets and assistants, among other capacities. They are another Humanoid species and the primary reason the Asdradi subsumed them. Their sad looking black eyes, and black skin markings are considered highly attractive qualities; they have a soft blue skin hue with suits the black markings well.

They have only four fingers and a ruffled like layer of skin which covers their chests and pelvises, both male and female (much like a shawl or shirt and skirt). Unlike other races which wear clothing to conceal their nudity, many Nykin do not because of this extra skin layer.   

Gralin: These large 'monsters' of an alien species are considered the Batarian replacements, by the Asari. However, they are physically bigger and stronger. Gralin possess a third arm on their right side; something considered freakish by other species. Human's see it as a failed attempt to breed additional arms into the species. This third arm, is however, quite natural.

The Gralin enjoy keeping slaves and abusing them. The Asari loath the Gralin and actively commence unofficial guerrilla attacks against them. The Gralin, despite being a strong race in the current times, find the Asari's tactics hard to counter. However, the Asari are not strong enough to truly cripple the Gralin, regardless of the success of their attacks.

Extinct Racial Dossiers
View Codex

-Volus: The Volus were pushed to extinction. The Turians consider it a failure on their part, one they hold with them to this day.
-Batarian: The Human's claim the extinction of the Batarians and stubbornly hold onto it as the only positive thing that they retain from the pre-collapse.
-Hanar: The loss of the Hanar is considered one of the greatest losses – especially to the Asari. Unbeknownst to the other races, the Asari, once a year, hold a ceremony in honor of the once compassionate and peace loving Hanar.

About MRN
View Codex

Disclaimer: This information was gathered and put together by an impartial third party source.

Multi-Racial News (MRN)

The news corporation known as Multi-Racial News is a rare sight among the fractured races and disparate attitudes. Led primarily by the Neflian, the corporation attempts to cover news of any type regardless of race or space. Its primary goal to create an impartial network for galactic news to exist in. Its ethics are heavily influenced by Neflian's natural leanings towards neutrality - something they are famous or infamous for.

MRN has seen the most success in Asdradi space as the Asdradi seem uncaring. This has had its drawbacks, however. The Asdradi don't grant unlimited access, but they don't seem particularly inclined to hassle the corporation either. A large chunk of the news covered, due to this ease of access, is Asdradi in nature. Despite this unparalleled level of access, the MRN corporation is very careful not to step too far. They hope not to anger the Asdradi and thus tend to show a friendly view on the winged people.

This has in turn led to a lot of bad press against MRN. They have received a lot of flak for this from many of the other races as well. Without any way to really defend themselves, MRN copes and strives to convince other races to be more open and tolerant to their presence.

Galactic Map
View Codex

Current Affairs
View Codex

Tet Region

The Tet Region has been a hot-bed of contention between many different races. It is a large swath of space that lays between the Humans, Neflian, Elcor, Salarian, and Turian space. It contains a wealth of habitable worlds for every species involved in the debate, and is seen as room to expand. With the Asdradi expanding by a colony every few years, the other races have begun feeling alarmed and have become more aggressive in their own colonizing efforts.

Currently no one holds any official claim over the territory, but the Humans and Turians have recently created a joint colony in the hopes of forcing things to go their way. Many wonder if the Asdradi will contend the bold decision.

To make matters worse, the Tet Region has long been home to splinter colonies consisting of many different alien species. Many of these colonies are openly opposed to Turian and Human expansion. Several of the colonies even possess considerable militaries; though, not enough to directly oppose the might of the Human-Turian alliance.

For over one hundred years, the Tet region has been a diverse, interesting, and dangerous place. A few records remain of the region called the Terminus systems. Many in refer to Tet as being similar. It is a bit more civil, as many of the colonies are vigilant against Pirates and other unsavory types. This has not kept the Tet Region clean by any means, but it certainly is a much less hostile place to live or travel through.

View Codex

Relegard Union: The name of the Human-Turian alliance arose from the world the two nations chose to meet on. Since neither side could agree on a name based on their own languages or melded languages, the name of the world was suggested instead.

The Human-Turian alliance was seen as a radical and possibly galaxy changing event five years ago. While combined, the two races joint forces still do not match those held by the Asdradi and Gralin nations. This combined force, however, marks the first alliance between races made since before the collapse.

Despite the significance of the alliance, it is still a fragile alliance. The Turians and Humans still remain a fundamentally different people. The biggest reason for success of the creation of the alliance was the current Human government – a Stratocracy (a government, state and all, ruled by the military). The Turians, for as long as anyone can remember or make note of in historical facts, the Turians have been a people devoted to public service through the military. Thanks to the Human government's outlooks, it helped warm the Turians to the idea of an alliance.

Since the creation of the alliance, the two powers have become more aggressive. They are careful to appease the Asdradi, less so the Gralin. This more aggressive behavior has resulted in the creation of the joint colonial effort of  Helarus Prime. The colony's creation angered the Salarian government.

The State of Racial Relations
View Codex

While the tension remains from many years prior, their has been a rise in tolerance, especially among colonies near Asdradi space. While some would contend border colonies are playing nice with the Asdradi, which might be partially true, it has been documented that many are becoming more comfortable with aliens again. Old records indicate a society which was much more open than current times. Many within the galactic society seem to be striving for this old 'unity'.

Things are far from perfect, but an ancient colony, an Asari hold, Illium remains a bastion for multi-racial showmanship. While it is a heavily defended world, the Asari of the colony have a distinctly less paranoid and defensive attitude towards the galaxy. They are quite open and friendly to aliens. Even Gralin are known to reside on the world, though in smaller numbers than other species.

Many consider the RU alliance to be among the most intolerant of other aliens. Splinter Human or Turian colonies may or may not be more tolerant. This places the Relegard Union with the Gralin as far as the galactic eye is concerned regarding racial prejudice or intolerance.

The Asdradi and the Neflian's are at the top of the most tolerant list. Many consider it incredibly ironic that the Asdradi are so tolerant yet can be so insensitive as they expand near relentlessly and continuously create tension among other races.

The Gralin are considered the brutes and bullies of the galaxy and the Asdradi are seen as the only ones who can put them in their place. For the most part the Asdradi are content to pretend at ignoring the Gralin. On occasion, however, the Asdradi do step in and put a stop to the Gralin.

Paramilitary Organizations
View Codex

Zelar Mercenary Band: The Zelari are a well-rounded and prepared mercenary band which has risen to high levels renown. Not considered the most powerful, Zelar is definitely a contender for that position. Zelar is pragmatic and cautious in its approach to any mission. While some of its members may not be quite so cautious, the company as a whole is.

It is one of the few companies that employs some of the few remaining Krogan. These Krogan are seen as highly dangerous as they are well noted as saying that have nothing to lose. Aside from the potentially lose cannon Krogan, the Zelari tend to higher Asari, Human's, and Drell with the highest priority. Turians are a close second to the top three. Other races are quite welcome, however.

Pulsar: Pulsar is a PMC (Private Military Company) and as such, puts even the most heavily armed mercenary band to shame. Pulsar makes its money by participating in full-scale wars or conflicts too big for a mercenary company to be of much use for more than extra bodies. Pulsar sees action primarily on worlds owned by a particular race that are too far away to provide regular assistance too.

When tasked with protecting or re-taking a certain world, they are generally on their own and must provide for themselves. When the military forces of a client are able to assist, Pulsar is even more dangerous as its soldiers are trained to work well with a true military force.

Due to the near constant strife seen in the past several hundred years, Pulsar has grown to become nearly a small nation of its own. The PMC owns several worlds and space stations. Its population breached four million years ago. It maintains a large supporting civilian populace. Many believe if Pulsar was to gain nationhood that it would be no different than the Stratocracy of Humanity. In many respects this would be true.

Pulsar consists mostly of Human's and Turian, with a small percentage of Drell and Asari. Other races make up a mix as well.

Pulsar sees extensive deployment in the Tet Region among other areas of the galaxy.

Seeking information for easier comprehension of your potential partner?

Xanatos Database
View Database

My Thanks For the Interest
View Codex

Thank you for the interest. Let me begin by saying that I am seeking a partner who is willing to help me create ideas and a story. While I must admit to being a slightly jealous writer, and thus reserve the right to some ideas, I am by no means against new ideas and or altering current ones. Just realize that since this is my creation, I don't want complete revisions being given to me without a good reason.

I am a character driven writer, and as such, expect the same of my partners. Mass Effect is as well. Anyone who joins a Mass Effect RP should know this and honor this. Otherwise, its not really the same thing. It would just be another shooter to toss on the heap of so-so shooters that have come before it.

Let me say this now. Sex can happen, but its not the main thing. If it happens, it should be more natural. I'm not against some spontaneous sex, it will just be kept to a tolerable minimum.

My Characters
View Codex

First Character

Name: Ezri Janasari
Race: Human (genetically modified cyborg Drell-hybrid)
Gender: F
Role: Assassin

Appearance: The Drell-genes Ezri received altered her appearance, giving her a slightly stiffer off-green skin and made her hair harder. Because of the horrific scarring she received from the inferno ammo she had been struck with, she still bears some of the scarring over portions of her body; not all of it was deemed necessary to remove. The expense of her alterations were costly enough without spending money on pointless cosmetics.

The scarring mixed with her Drell-genes, makes her look a bit like a different race. Some confuse her, from afar, for a new species. Up close she isn't as commonly mistaken for a new species.

Personality: Ezri is reserved with a subtle inquisitiveness that belies her otherwise withdrawn behavior. She likes to experience new things, though often does so alone or when not being widely observed. One of her favorite things to do is eat Dextro-Amino acid foods as others watch, surprised (her gene modification allows her to safely eat such food). While this goes against her reserved nature, it is something she only does on the spur of the moment. Like many reserved individuals, when she gets to know someone better, she opens up.

Deathly calm instilled through training, little upsets her or ruffles her feathers. Like a leaf afloat in an ocean, Ezri takes life as it comes.

Fatalistic: Ezri has somewhat of a fatalistic attitude towards life thanks to the close call she had with death. Her memories on that moment are still hazy, despite her sharper memory. That, however, only honed the attitude. While she cannot recall it well, it lingers over her thoughts like a gloomy cloud.

Drell Attraction: Ezri finds Drell males highly attractive due to her period of isolation among the Drell as they trained her.

Medical Issues: Thanks to the life saving, and altering surgery, Ezri will most likely remain addicted to a powerful drug which can control overwhelming flash-backs. These flash-backs are due to the Drell genes which she had been modified with in an attempt to give her eidetic memory. Her brain was unable to properly handle it; she has a much more acute memory but has moments of solipsism which can debilitate her when not on the drug.

Because the drug is so powerful, she also became addicted to it. Unless she receives further gene modification which fixes the problem, she can never wean herself off of the drug for fear of possible death from the moments of solipsism.

Drell Overseers: Ezri is owned by the Drell who trained her as an assassin and use her as such. They keep a loose leash, for the most part. They let her do her own thing until they want her to assassinate someone. They figure letting her be in plain-sight allows her to be a better assassin as it means she will be easily overlooked as opposed to someone who only appears shortly before a target is assassinated.

Because the Drell are the only species that make the drug she needs, they are confident they don't need to control her every move as she has to come back to them periodically too receive a new supply.

Background: Ezri belonged to the Human organization Blue Halo, an organization suspected of maintaining a powerful intelligence network throughout the galaxy. Ezri had been a mid-level operative sent to gather intel about Drell space.

Her duties were low-risk, as she had orders not to interfere with Drell internal affairs nor to get too close. The Drell, however, had quickly discovered her identity. They decided to wait and watch; occasionally feeding her information in the hopes that Blue Halo would keep her in Drell space.

An unrelated event to her duties or the Drell, caused the Drell to jump at the chance to get their hands on a Blue Halo operative. During a freak encounter with two fighting Krogan, Ezri inadvertently managed to get caught in the middle. One of the Krogan had been using inferno ammo and Ezri was near death when the Drell swooped in and saved her life – only through the use of extensive body modifications, including cybernetics, gene modification, and the inclusion of Drell genes. As far as the Blue Halo is concerned, she is dead – the Drell insured this was the case.

During the months of extensive modifications and healing, Ezri remained mostly unconscious. She suffered sporadic memory loss; many parts of her past remain hazy or are altogether gone. Her past as a Blue Halo operative was intentionally removed.

After she had been healed, the Drell began training her as an assassin. They had already gathered what information she had on the Blue Halo, now they would make use of her and the money invested in her.

Years of training and further augmentation have left Ezri an entirely different woman. She is loyal (mostly) to the Drell, feeling a mixed sense of gratitude and resentment towards them. She knows they changed her, but she also knows they saved her life.

Second Character

Note: This character is the dead alien mentioned in the MRN Sudden report above. I already know how I want the story to progress from that report. Alterations can be made depending on partners input.

A cybernetic AI biotic who was planted on the Helarus colony by an unknown alien species (alien to be determined). The purpose is for the aliens to determine how successful an AI can integrate into the culture of the modern galactic society.

The alien race she is modeled after has; digitigrade legs, four arms (the bottom ones being a third shorter), five fingered hands with a retractable 'sixth' finger that is made of flexible cartilage located in the wrist, solid radiant purple eyes (glow faintly), two prehensile tentacle-like appendages that 'sprout' out of the back underneath the shoulders (these appendages are semi-fragile, though extremely flexible). Skin color is a slightly shiny dark crimson red and black.

Species is humanoid in every other way, looking a lot like Humans, Asari, and Drell.

She knows general knowledge and at times seems normal and quite intelligence and elegant, then at other times her nativity shows through. She was programmed with gathered information that was widely known, but she is mostly clueless on more closely kept information. Slang and like information she has a hard time with. 

Her biotics will be a bit unstable. While she is intentionally powerful, I will intentionally downplay it most of the time. The power is a side-effect of the character concept and can be worked into the aliens plans to help her survive hostile encounters.

Ideas for Your Character
View Codex

I am more than willing to hear your ideas. I do, however, have some of my own which may help you create your character. You can create more than one if you wish. I might do the same.

-Your character is a mercenary, perhaps Zelar or a PMC soldier belonging to Pulsar. Your interest in my character is personal or a mix of personal and professionalism. Either way, my character is "dragged" along. My AI is programmed with a 'desire' to explore and experience.
    -Expanding on the top, your character has his or her own ship and enough authority to have a lot of autonomy.
-Your character is an Asdradi who arrives to steal away the alien, much to the disgruntled disgust of the other races.

-Note: Preferred races for my partner are, Asari, Turian, Drell, Human, and Asdradi. A Neflian has its... strong points too if you know what I'm thinking. I am leaving open the possibility for a relationship to form between PC's and as such, I am only comfortable with attractive Humanoid alien races. If my partner wants to play more than one char, then the character who will not be a romantic interest can be any race, I have no objections.

(will update ideas list as the ideas form)

Important Requirements For You
View Codex

Important Note: Please be sure to read everything. Because I have had bad luck with RP's and because of my own failures, I will be a bit more stringent in who I choose, even if it means not commencing this RP. I want this to succeed. Thus I will be choosing committed and serious partners. Fun is not out the question, but I don't want to pour effort into this just to see it fail for anything but a good reason.

Commitment/Writing Skill: I would like to get two partners or perhaps only one, who plays both women, willing to commit to this RP. Its nothing major. My own time is limited thanks to school/work. I would enjoy to see this RP just go on. I do, however, ask that an effort be made to respond to make posts within a day or two of my reply and I will make the same effort on my partner(s) behalf. My inspiration suffers and I lose interest after three-four days of no activity. If I am contacted via PM, that is different. I don't expect everything to always go perfectly. I am looking for a mellow, fun, game that is, however, taken seriously and not seen as stupid or just an easy write.

To that end, I desire a good writing partner(s). I write well (far from perfect), and enjoy having partners who can match me, come close to it, or write better than me. Reading of this kind is plain fun. I don't expect perfection. I won't snap over mistakes (I make a ton of my own, heh).

Partner(s): Male or female suits me fine. If partner is playing opposite sex, I would expect a level of competency at playing opposite gender. I will do my best as well (since I play females often, and will be in this RP).

O/O's: Please make sure we are compatible. It is important we can share similar, if not the same, sexual elements.

What I Would Like To See In the RP

I would like to try and replicate some of the feel of Mass Effect. Obviously without a team of writers, we might not succeed in quite the same manner. However, that is to be expected. I would like action, romance (and all it entails), and more. Details can be fine tuned.

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Added in a second character that can take the story in a whole different direction than my original idea. It is listed under the "First Character" section of "My Characters" in the "Xanatos Database."