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Author Topic: Creative M Looking for Sexy Story with Imagination with a F (Be My Muse.)  (Read 953 times)

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Let me start with a few facts about myself.  I am creative and deep.  I have detailed stories pumping through me all the time... kind of like blood.  I like to have stories with a lot of sex, but sex shouldnt be all thats going on.  It just gets... repeditive and becomes a... lets see what else I can do to the poor girl, or whatever, scenario played out over and over.  I long for action.  I long for my characters to feel things... to change and grow as the story continues.  I like it when the girl takes my story and adds a spin of her own.  Then it becomes ours and we play out the most wonderful storylines.

Golden Standards
Precious Alicorn
This is a love story between a captured unicorn and the princess who was used unwittingly to lure him.  It is my only completed Elliquiy story.  My partner added the twist that she was intelligent.  I had tried this before, and the stories crashed quickly and always had a princess who seemed to 'feel the world' through the lips of her pussy or something.  Gold stars for my partner, Milanthe.  She has all my love and respect.  The story keeps the princess a virgin, till the end, of course.  There are many sexual encounters along the way for her, though, which kept the plot interesting and flowing, in my opinion.
Here There Be Dragons
This is a modern day La Blue Girl/Tomb Raider/Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind of story, but more realistic.  I hate traditional vampires... since the Twilight series.  In my setting, vampires are the degnerated spawn of dragons, cursed by anceint magus bloodlines.  They are cold blooded, rather than undead.  They are solid reptilians, rather than anything insubstantial, ghostly, or misty.  They dont have the gothic fog strewn castles, but they do have tentacles.  I guess you can see where this goes.  The main character starts as thier victum, but quickly becomes a Dragonslayer... with macho partners and military backing and a curse...
Anything To Survive
This was a fun post apopcalyptic storyline.  There was real heart and a lot of very violet and fun action.  I always loved those Mad Max or Night of the Commet style action and epic setting.  I had a wonderful partner, GnothiSeauton, who was willing to explore a wonderful taboo with me I had never had the chance to before.  There was a lot of fun planned ahead... this 'Leathal Weapon Riggs-like' character was going to fall in love with the main girl, who would be pregnant with his child.  He would have to rescue her from a lesbian gangbanger compound though.  Lots of grindhouse potential.

Now, you may notice there are a lot of exotic and extreme themes in my storylines.  The truth is I like to push borders.  I like to find limits and explor them.  I know my own world and what I can do in it, but... what if I were a werewolf.  What would sex be like with him?  What if I were a coldblooded assassin... and I was so distant from people, I kept a girl I was supposed to kill just so I could feel connected again.          (One of my milder ones.)
There is a lot I can do.  I do like to swim in the deep end of the pool, but you have to know, Ive been swimming these kind of pools a long time.  Think... over a decade.  How many times can one portray vanilla love?  How many times can one portray a sweet lesbian coupling?  Take my hand.  Swim in the deep end of the pool and let me knock out a couple of lights.  Lets make something fun together.

I am interested in stories similar to the ones listed (especially the werewolf one), or any of many more.  I could just cut and paste story after story, but... well, thats alot of reading to expet someone to wade through on my behalf.  (I had a good one about a Nazi plot agains Wonder Woman's amazon home island, but never got too far.  Was supposed to end with a naked Wonder Woman singlehandedly sinking the fleet.)
They all have plot... they all have somewhere to go.  My characters are interesting and think things and I usually have no problem banging out two paragraph responces to anything I do.  I love to have stories posting once a day, at least.  Sometimes, I am in an internship, I might be overrun or tired for a few days or a week, but this is very rare.  I love to write.  It means something to me... it is my soul.

Perhaps you have an idea and would like to see someone animate a fantasy of your own.  Perhaps you can populate my world and see where I can take you.  Dance the ether with me as your partner.  I promise we will go someplace you havent been before.  Isnt that a good definition for a good story?  Thanks in advanced for your concideration.


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