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Author Topic: [FxF - World of Warcraft] Crimson Valley: The Council of Six  (Read 773 times)

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[FxF - World of Warcraft] Crimson Valley: The Council of Six
« on: January 27, 2014, 10:40:02 AM »

Once known as the Redridge Mountains; the Crimson Valley stands independent, a pact formed between numerous races and different settlements alike.
The well known Humans within the region including Half-Elves whereas Quel'dorei joins the fray also, Draenei and broken alike contributing at best,
whereas the Dwarven exist within also being of both Ironforge and Wildhammer origin.
The genius gnomes also offering their aid within these once fragile lands.

Presented upon the other half of the province lays the dark horde under guidance of a former agent of the legion, a rogue Natherezim which is a promise for sorrow.
Many have united underneath; the dark forest trolls which have oppressed the gnolls within the region, whereas the Ettins have joined their far in origin brethren the Ogres,
the continuous presence of the Blackrock clan and Dark Goblins whom follow faithfully under their grand warlock and the roaming young black dragon.

Over the years both sides have suffered losses yet prospered also, the burden of war always present weighs heavily on all.

Heverstill - King Stillwatcher, Arthur
Deverstill - Thane Copperbeard, Thuradin
Quel'Thylus - Ranger-General Stormblaze, Selina
Hammertree Village - Thane Hammertree, Falring
Gnomeregan Island - President Tinkeregan, Ted
Shat'aran Settlement - Mayor Sahrtar, Nuhrua

Renamed as to provide honor to the past, the city of Everstill stands proud and refined, enlarged as to what once was Lakeshire.
Divided in two districts; Deverstill, namely referring to the Dwarven part whereas it rests connected Stormwind and Ironforge through the deepdram.
Thane Copperbeard oversees the area and renown for securing funding from Ironforge, which still remains part of the Grand Alliance,
albeit they too grow weary of the constant struggle of power upon another front remaining restless closeby their capital.
The other district being the Human one which goes under Heverstill and is led by the claimed Kingship Stillwatcher, providing the yearly Everfall festival
in honor of the Independance, the fallen and numerous things more to be stated of emotional importance. Due to the Dwarven Coalition, the walls
remain heavily fortified by rifles and mortars alike as to provide a prosperous living during these harsh warring times.

Hammertree Village
Existing out of those that adore the wild and worship nature itself through ritualistic, druidic and shamanistic the Hammertree village remains without
foreign influence. Aiming to avoid unnecessary destruction and thus led by Hammertree himself, the council member which brands siege weapons evil itself.
Stated to be neutral and to themselves in the past, Hammertree's son forced the family to settle within the Crimson pact,
this due to the enormous grow in Dark Horde influence  upon condition that the existing council take them in.

Gnomeregan Island
A mechanical island with at the center an observatory-artillery station as well as the seat of the current elected president,
genius developer of the island and current council member: President Tinkeregan. Those under the guidance of the infamous Tinkeregan
broke off the Grand Allegiance due to lack of support as to liberate their former capital and thus decided to prosper elsewhere,
being allowed to create a masterpiece to overtake profound nostalgia and aid in the Crimson endeavor.
A mecha-dome, a powerful weaponized island resting at the center of the province itself.

Shat'aran Settlement
A caravan of refugees and outcasts alike mostly existing out of Draenei and broken alike yet few Kaldorei who meddled with affairs or arts they shouldn't have.
Managing to secure a position in the pact, Sahrtar which has provided mayorship for several years was offered a position in the council
in accordance if providing a militia; outcasts and refugees were often frowned upon yet they are those that survive and possess skill, it was told.
This the settlement grew with different cultures, mentalities and an open mind whilst forced to contribute to the effort within the valley.

Foundation built to be a safe haven for Quel'dorei and Half'dorei's alike, however serving as an outpost with toppling spires as to oversee
the dark forests, fortress and tower included. Sorcerers and Rangers aswel as those without skill have settled for living here whereas others
have taken up arms under the guidance of their Ranger-General, keeping the Highway and troubling forests safe.

Deathrock Fortress - Natherezim Kariguth
Thos'Arth Tower - Advisor-Warlock Thos'Arth
Gnarbol's Lair - Two-headed Sorcerer Gnarbol
Jathar Forest - Dark, Voodoo-Priest Vol'Jath

Deathrock Fortress
A fragile companionship among goblins and orcs of dark skin and origin alike under guidance of the troubling Natherezim remain restless within and
around the fortress' deadly walls. Barbaric feasting, constant bickering and trashing remains ongoing and seems to be something easily forgotten.
Many goblin aerbalistas rest high whereas racks of weaponry remain nearby, always awaiting and ready to engage those that draw near.

Thos'Arth Tower
Within the hanging tower rests a warlock which mostly is unspoken of, the Nathrezim too grows restless of his name as he befriended a young black dragon.
A strange, dark mysterious aura dwells around the area whereas the soil seems rotten to the very core. Any who draw near would need a good reason.

Gnarbol's Lair
Consisting of bones of old and many races alike, the Ettins and Ogres dwell within aswel as outside. Whereas many are made out to be dumb brutes, others are intelligent as they have proven by providing a most lethal and fragile order within the Dark Horde. Often they travel to haunt the mill near Everstill.

Jathar Forest
Named after the infamous Vol'Jath for seeing the forest corrupted. Many Dark Forest trolls inhabit the area and roam beyond as to slaughter an enemy of old: The Quel'dorei. They have embraced the Gnolls as their slaves, forcing those that get beyond the barricade to commit banditry and slaughter upon Lakeridge Highway.

Many greetings,

With good and evil existing within the province, either roleplayer is allowed to tell story whilst playing one or more main characters.
However, this can be discussed and an arrangement can be met. What I expect is adventure, war, drama aswell as erotique.
Thus that said, characters can be chosen albeit I first had thought to play a household existing out a Draenei Matron potentially
being the Mayor of the settlement and her daughter and the youngling's lover whereas also a servant.

Should you be interested then feel free to PM me.
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Re: [FxF - World of Warcraft] Crimson Valley: The Council of Six
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Re: [FxF - World of Warcraft] Crimson Valley: The Council of Six
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Still looking for a partner.

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Re: [FxF - World of Warcraft] Crimson Valley: The Council of Six
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Bump :(?

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Re: [FxF - World of Warcraft] Crimson Valley: The Council of Six
« Reply #4 on: September 20, 2014, 05:18:42 AM »
Add me on Skype if you're interested > Thy-Vixen