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Author Topic: Literate 1x1 RP with a Chocolate Giraffe  (Read 614 times)

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Offline ChocolateGiraffeTopic starter

Literate 1x1 RP with a Chocolate Giraffe
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:10:58 PM »
Hello! I am chocolategiraffe. I’ve been stalking around here for a while but I figured, what the heck? Get my feet wet. Start making friends! So I’m looking for someone to role play with. I’m usually much more character driven than plot driven so these aren't very in depth plots and they are all adaptable. I might add more as I think of some! Hopefully they are interesting, it's been a while since I've tried to actually develop a plot! I like working with someone to make the full story so I'm starting with just bones.

I'm a  girl but I play either gender, a few of these I have set characters that I want to play already, and others I don't mind who I play!


Rosewater Cafe
On a regular corner in the city there is a cafe. It's usually pretty empty, no one stops in. Inside you'll find a plethora of freshly baked treats, and a wide variety of sweet drinks, some hot, some cold, some caffeinated, some not. It's run by a pretty young thing, with bright cold eyes and blond hair. She's the owner, baker, and waitress, and she's always willing to listen to your story. Thing about her is she's not the brightest crayon in the box, and she's struggling to keep her dream alive.
It's not a plot so much as a place, any character can be put in here. It's also adaptable to many settings. I tend to prefer to keep this one modern realism but I don't mind making it in the future, or even a more fantastical setting.

The Circus
From town to town the circus comes, setting up their tent and taking it down, moving on to the next place. This circus is filled with different kinds of people, some artists, some rogues, some freaks. It is run by a greedy ring master, who doesn't care about acts as long as the perform and bring in money. A new act has arrived, and has to get used to the dynamics of this troupe, and try to survive in this money run family.
This is pretty open, but anyone you want, any gender, any kind of act. I generally play a set of female twin contortionists (though I could change, depending :). I don't care if they are the newbies (or whoever I play), or your character is. If you want to be the ring master be my guest, and if you don't wish him to be so greedy I don't mind! This can be set in the past, present, future, more fantastical with magical acts, or even in an apocalyptic setting.

Warring Families
 It might sound familiar. Two warring families, filled with hate over something that no one can remember. One family has a son, the other a daughter, their only children. However these families are forced to end their feud by the king of the land, and the only solution they find is to have the two of them marry. It isn't exactly love though, and they two of them hate each other as bitterly as they had been taught. Now the two of them must marry, live together, and try not to kill each other, and hopefully figure out a way to coexist. Maybe even find friendship...
They don't have to be human in this one, they could be two different species, or the same species, or anything really. I prefer to play the girl on this one, mostly because it's an old daydream of mine. If you really want to play the girl I can adapt though!

The Merman
He hates everyone from the land. They have killed his people for sport, including his parents. He wants them dead. The rivers are notoriously dangerous, though people don't realize the curse of the river is really the merman. Until one day he doesn't kill someone. One gets away. The merman becomes obsessed with catching his lost prey, but for what purpose? To kill them, or because they might prove him wrong about all the people on the land?
Fantasy of course, I don't care what gender the other character is. I don't mind playing either the merman, or the land person, and if you would prefer him to be a her that's perfectly fine too!

New at the Zoo
A small zoo recently acquired a new large cat (or some other exotic animal). A young zoo keeper is left alone at night, and is closing up, when she discovers that the new animal isn't exactly what it seems. It's a shapeshifter, and it's not happy to be trapped here, and it wants out.
Modern/fantasy I don't care what gender the characters end up being. I can play either or, though I like zoo keeper just slightly more.

Offline Casamir Lirian

Re: Literate 1x1 RP with a Chocolate Giraffe
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 09:51:24 PM »
I need to kill time, so I'll join. You pick an rp of your list and let me know. I like most of them so just lmk

Offline N2O

Re: Literate 1x1 RP with a Chocolate Giraffe
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2011, 11:44:40 PM »
Hello Chocolate Giraffe,

I hope the water is fine. I'd love to RP your "The Circus" plot because I think it could be more character driven. We could focus on the people who perform and cook up some good stories. As for the plot, in "The Circus," you seem to give a lot of leeway and I think this is great foundation for the characters to build upon. So that way we don't have to do something cliché and expected instead we let our characters construct everything for us.

Here's just a brain storm list of performers in addition to your lovely female twin contortionists:
-sword swallower
-knife thrower (who just happens to be the juggler also)
-fire breather
-insane clown posse
-tight rope acrobats

As for the environment, I really like that flexibility you give...its hard to decide but I'll settle on the future (aliens and robots abound huzzah!).

Offline Candy

Re: Literate 1x1 RP with a Chocolate Giraffe
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2011, 01:15:21 PM »
I like the shapeshifter and mermaid ideas. Total fantasy nerd here. :P

Let me know if you start either one up.