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Author Topic: CupidCatt's Dreamatorium  (Read 807 times)

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CupidCatt's Dreamatorium
« on: March 08, 2013, 07:28:24 AM »


This is where I'll be premiering new ideas for RPs, and keeping tabs on what I've been up to so far. Exciting stuff, right?

If anything piques your fancy, please PM me. Everything is up for discussion, the stuff I've written below should be considered as a guideline, and what makes any roleplay really come alive is collaboration. So hit me with your best, and let's get to it.

Group RP:

Father Knows Best (for more information, click here)
Genre: Historical, 1950s
Major kinks: group Incest/NC/BDSM
Characters: we still need two more characters, both female: MOM and the MAID
Synopsis: It is the 1950's and the threat of impending nuclear war has spiked paranoia sky high. A sudden alert sends a wealthy family into their shelter - but when the father realizes the alert was a false alarm and decides not to inform the rest of his family... things take a dark turn towards depravity. The family itself starts off as quintessential Americana, FATHER is a wealthy business man, MOTHER is an elegant housewife, DAUGHTER is a potential homecoming queen and SON is home from military school. MAID is, in true 1950s style, African-American and working at way lower than her pay grade. Ah, the '50s!

One-on-One RP:

Lasso the Moon (for more information, click here)
Genre: Historical, It's a Wonderful Life, pop culture subversion
Major kinks: rough, BDSM, humiliation
Characters: George and Mary Bailey
Synopsis: George is made destitute by Mr Potter and spends his days getting stinking drunk. He returns home to Mary in a state of abject frustration - sexual fireworks ensue.

Firefly in the Ointment [TAKEN]
Genre: Sci-Fi: Firefly (TV series - awesome, if you haven't watched it.... do so)
Major kinks: rough, BDSM
Characters: Rich Bastard and Inara Serra
Synopsis: Inara Serra, a noted companion (courtesan) in several dozen planetary systems, is entertaining a rich and powerful business leader in her quarters. Unbeknownst to her, he has slipped a little something into her drink - half way through their evening together her body begins to crave sex. While her mind fights the overwhelming need, her body responds to every caress - and it soon becomes obvious that her client has certain rather dark fantasies she is obliged to fulfill. 

Vive La Resistance! [TAKEN]
Genre: Historical, WW2
Major kinks: non-con, torture, humiliation
Characters: Gestapo officer, terrified young woman
Synopsis: Nazi flags are waving all around Germany and now, they've entered France. Isabel is a politically aware young student, who has been participating in the Resistance by couriering copies of its newsletter across Paris. She is intercepted en route from the publishing station and all her comrades are killed - she alone is spared. She's delivered to a cell, beaten and bruised, and ordered to divulge the names of each and every person involved in her group by a sadistic Gestapo officer.

Virgin Sacrifice
Genre: Horror, Lovecraftian
Major kinks: Incest, Sadomasocism
Characters: Priest/Father, various villagers, sacrifice/daughter
Synopsis: It's 2013, in some random village somewhere off the coast of South America. The mayor's daughter has celebrated her 16th birthday, and is ready to be initiated into the village's secret life - the worship of Dagon, Lord of Fertility. She has been prepared all her life for this momentous occasion, offering her body and spirit to the mysteries of this strange sea deity. As the mayor's only daughter (and he's the cult's high priest too boot) she is taken from house to house and "filled" by the heads of each family, before ultimately being offered to Dagon himself.
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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 05:54:55 AM »

Long Cold Winter
Partner: Retribution
(NC: Human-Freeform Solos)
Genre: Historical, 1900s USA Western Frontier
Kinks: D/s, rough
Synopsis: A trapper trades his wares with a group of Natives in exchange for a young woman to warm his bed.

Partner: Victor
(Extreme Solos)
Genre: Contemporary, Alternative Culture
Kinks: Incest, Watersports, Humiliation
Synopsis: A girl's 16th birthday heralds her passage into womanhood with a series of bizarre rituals.

Forced Vacation
(NC: Exotic-Freeform Solos)
Genre: Southern Gothic
Kinks: Incest, NC
Synopsis: A family vacation to Disneyworld turns deviant when their car breaks down beside a seemingly deserted motel.

A Firefly in the Ointment
(Extreme Solos)
Genre: Sci-Fi FanFic, Firefly
Kinks: Drugged, NC
Synopsis: Companion Inara Serra is given a powerful aphrodisiac by a client with dark designs on her body, and mind.

The Secretary and the Sturmbannfuhrer
(Extreme Solos)
Genre: Historical, WW2 - Nazis
Kinks: BDSM
Synopsis: Accused of crimes she didn't commit, secretary Sofie Kirsch is at the mercy of a ruthless SS officer.
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