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Author Topic: Plot me a river  (Read 1332 times)

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Plot me a river
« on: November 13, 2016, 05:23:03 am »
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Hello and welcome, whoever is reading this! These are just some ideas I've got for roleplays, and what inspired them. I generally prefer writing in forums, but PMs are fine too. And please note that I am in this for us to build a world and a story together. I love me some plotting, so don't be afraid to throw ideas at me. Honestly I get nervous with solo roleplays, so it would be helpful. Also note that while some of my plots would have you play female characters, I'm open to writers of any gender. Send me a PM if you're interested or have an idea you think I might be interested in. These stories are more plot heavy, though there is room for smut.
In the pairing lists, my role will be on the left.

Fantasy: World of Fantasy | Any Pairing | Content Negotiable | Kinks Negotiable | Not Available
Imagine stepping into a new world. A fantastical land filled with impossible creatures, astonishing magics, and awe-inspiring beauty. Perhaps you have become something other than human yourself. However you've changed, you are now stronger, more attractive, and you have in you the ability to reach greatness. At first, you think this is a dream. As time goes on, you start to think that you've been transported to a new world, or have simply gone crazy. But what if this was your world? Just different. The land and all its denizens have been changed. If a person remains human, their memories have been altered regardless. In this new world, you have ascended past the pain and the troubles of your reality. And while you will face new challenges and foes, you have the capability to become a hero, world renowned. But what of those who suffer in this land? And those who have died to mystical beasts and evil beings of great power? Only you, and the few out there like you, can decide whether this is indeed a place better than your reality.


Inspired by
Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced
And this picture from Blythe's positive thread, a thread which has brought me many smiles in dreary times:

I think some system mechanics would do wonders for combat and especially magic in this story. Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about systems.

Medieval Fantasy: A Land At War | M/F, F/F | Human/Nonhuman or Nonhuman/Human, Non sexual torture/gore/mutilation, Possible Pregnancy, Possible Non/Dub Con | Kinks Negotiable | ★★★☆☆
The Kingdom of Vartun is at war with the northern Empire of Parvea. Beyond the broiling chaos, bloodshed and death of the battlefield, there are more subtle acts of aggression. Spies, assassins and the like are not an uncommon thing in times of war, especially those employed by Parvea. The Vartunian people, under siege and losing to the might of Parvea, have employed less than moral means to strike back. Their mages have taken to summoning demons, making great sacrifices to bind the powerful entities and use them in battle. Bordering Vartun is a place oft referred to the Wildlands: Ekna Sodhe. It is a neutral land inhabited by the centaurs. They are a proud and powerful race, and this is why they are mostly left alone. With the war brewing, they have been encroached upon several times, and have come through showing their fierceness and resolve. It is thought that if either side should gain their aid, it would be a major boon capable of tipping the scales irreversibly in their favor.

Possible Stories
  • A mage of Vartun has summoned a demon, knowing fully well that the consequences would be steep. For Their people, however, They would do anything. They make a bargain with the demoness that appears in his summoning circle, and from then on, the two fight together as allies, even knowing she will have Their body and soul in the end.

  • A battle breaks out near the Wildlands, and ends in a most solemn defeat for Parvea. All that is left is one soldier; slowly bleeding to death. A centaur happens upon him, and finds herself making a choice: Will she show him mercy despite his partaking in the war that has brought her people such misery? Or will she put him out of his? As daughter of her peoples' leader, she must make the right decision.
    (Soldier could instead be a spy, freshly escaped from the hands of his torturers and coming to the centaurs for safe haven)

Inspired by
The Witcher
Dragon Age
Most of all, these pictures:

As you can see, this isn't by any means a polished idea. I think this setting has a lot of potential for stories, and it could be possible to play as different characters in totally different situations, switching as we please. Not sure how it'd go in practice, but I'm willing to try if you are. Otherwise, we can just pick one story and run with it. And if you get an idea for another one in this setting, tell me all about it.

Post Apoc Sci-Fi: Apocalyptic Hero | Any Pairing | Non sexual gore/mutilation, Zaniness | Kinks Negotiable | ★★★★☆
The year is 2187. The world has ended. It's over. Zilcho. Do people even say zilcho? Anyway, that's all, folks. All that's left are roaming survivors, fighting to the death over scraps and whatever bit of pleasure they can find. Some tech survives, but morality is dead, just like most of the populous. The world is a barren and dilapidated place, but you know what? This world, shitty as it is, still deserves heroes. People who inspire hope and save those in distress. One such wanderer has claimed this title, and with a gleefulness bordering on insanity, this hero fights the bad guys and saves the handsome damsels and pretty mansels. A bloody revolution ended this world. What's the worst that could happen from trying to re-revolutionize it into a place with meaning, kindness, and justice for everyone?  Fun Sad part is, you just might have to bash in a few heads to do so.

Inspired by
Romantically Apocalyptic
This picture:

Your character could be a person the hero has saved and who travels with them afterward, or perhaps a like-minded (enough) individual who teams up with them before or at the start of the story.

Sci-Fi: Project Genesis | F/F, M/Any, F/M | Non sexual gore, Possible Non/Dub Con | Kinks Negotiable | ★★★☆☆
In the year 2738, a great deal of the galaxy is under the guiding hand of the Galactic Federation. It is difficult to keep so many planets under their control, and to reign in the chaos that undesirables so love to wreak. Aside from their weaponry, spaceships, and law enforcement agents of many races, they have other means of maintaining order. Unofficial projects. Classified, and highly questionable. One such project is titled Genesis. Pregnant persons are selectively chosen to undergo a series of experiments, and the resulting child-- should it survive-- is imbued with special abilities. Psychokinesis, Telepathy, and enhanced strength, senses, and intellect are some of the gifts these Gen children tend to develop. They are raised and taught to be the perfect agents, and assist in many fields. Most notably, they make excellent assassins, as their power and finesse are seldom rivaled. Their handlers are often highly skilled agents fitted with bionic enhancements. All the better to survive the deadly altercations Gen are forced into, and to handle possible rebellion from their charges. There are safety measures to ensure Gen don't reveal Federation secrets to their enemies or turn on their handlers. They are programmed to respond to certain code phrases, which can put them in an emotionless, receptive state. They have also been implanted with devices which will deliver enough voltage to fry their brains should they be activated.

Inspired by
Stranger Things
Fallout 4
Mass Effect
This picture, and mostly the song below it:

MC will be the handler and YC the Gen. I'm also happy to go vice versa.

Medieval/Futuristic Fantasy: The Burden of Royalty | M/F | Romance, Human/Nonhuman (Type is negotiable), Possible Pregnancy | Kinks Negotiable | ★★★★★
In a time long past, brave heroes and heroines of all races fought and died for glory and honor, and in so doing, earned the favor of the Gods themselves. The Chosen-- those touched by the Gods-- carried their mark and a fraction of their power for the rest of their days. They could use magic without years of formal training or catalysts, and were granted a special power dependent on the God or Goddess that blessed them. These symbols of favor have passed down the family lines of the Chosen, and their heirs now stand as rulers of entire nations by divine right. The power of the gods' blessings have diluted down the line, unfortunately, and it is said that only those proven worthy may truly inherit the power their forebears once held.

Much like the Gods who have blessed them, the royal families have rarely gotten along, and a number of wars have been fought because of this. Only recently has the first notable and extended instance of cooperation between nations taken place. This led to a proposal between monarchs. A marriage between their families would occur, and their blessed lines would join together, granting more power, and an alliance that would last forevermore. However, there are many who see this as a greed-filled act of heresy against the gods and nature, and even as the day of the royal wedding approaches, a sinister plot brews.

Inspired By
This post by King Serperior | NSFW
Your parents have arranged your a Tentacle Girl who knows Bubble Magic!

So, basically, MC would be a prince from a royal line of humans, marked by the Goddess of Death. YC would be a princess from a line of nonhumans (tentacle girl above, dragon, lamia, centaur, dullahan, tentacle cylcops? etc). You can pick some type of elf or a catgirl or what have you. Whatever you're most comfortable with. YC could be marked by the God of Healing, or of War, or anything else you might fancy. We can hash out the details of powers and such in PMs. I think it would be fun if my human character is of a patriarchal society, and yours of a matriarchal one. Being the one getting married off, my guy would have to deal with the fact that the title of Queen is more important that King where he's going.

I'm thinking the story would kick off with them meeting days prior to the wedding, and during or just after the special event, the chaos would ensue. They'd wind up on the run, and trying to survive in the guise of commoners/adventurers while hoping to find some way to gain the power and support to take back what is theirs.

Things I'm into

This is for settings and genres I'd be happy to participate in. I'll probably be editing this part a lot to include things I forgot or haven't thought of yet, so consider this not complete.
  • Supernatural
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi (Not very experienced with this genre, but still interested)
  • Star Wars (with original characters)
  • Steampunk (See Sci-fi)
  • Cyberpunk (See Sci-fi)
  • World of Darkness. I'm only familiar with VtM, and the Revised edition at that, but I'm up for trying other games in the series.
  • Pathfinder. Total newbie, but very much wanting to give it a go!

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Re: Plot me a river
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