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January 19, 2022, 07:47:21 am

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Author Topic: Endangered Humanity (Post Apocalyptic Dystopian) MxF  (Read 319 times)

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Endangered Humanity (Post Apocalyptic Dystopian) MxF
« on: June 30, 2021, 11:28:13 am »
These story prompts all take place within the World I built here. And yes, I understand that it has a very Handmaiden’s Tale feel to it, but I’ve never read the book(s) or watched the TV show. It’s just been brought to my attention several times.

What follows are little more than story seeds meant to give a starting point for discussion. Any kinks, fetishes, and story elements are up for discussion

Elite Male (MC) and Handler (YC)
My character is a freshly graduated Elite Male and is being released into (City of our Choice) to do his job. Your character has been matched to him through an intensive series of tests. Psychological, personality, sexuality, and everything you can imagine. Your job is to help him acclimate to the real world. A world strange and foreign to him now that he’s no longer a normal male.

Bull (MC) and Trainer (YC)
My character is fresh out of recovering from the alterations made to his mind and body and now comes the training and learning how to live in his new body. Your character is responsible for the batch that MC is a part of but that doesn’t prevent you from having favorites and taking a shine to one or two.

Bull (MC) and Breeder (YC)
My character is fresh out of recovering from the alterations made to his mind and body. Now comes the training. He’s been partnered with you as part of a pilot program. You’ve both been paired in a similar manner as to how an Elite Male and a Handler would be, but you’re both inexperienced and untrained. You are to attend classes together and live together and do just about everything together.

Elite Male (MC) and Breeder (YC)
Your character is a free woman just going about her day to day life with a green implant when she’s selected by an Elite Male (MC). Having been bred, YC feels that life will go on as usual, maybe with the addition of being pregnant. Except your character finds herself getting flowers, chocolates, sexy lingerie, and other gifts from MC. It might seem a little far fetched, normal women don’t draw the prolonged attention of an Elite Male… or do they?

Elite Male (MC) and Cow (YC)
A new pilot program has been started where instead of being kept in a ranch style setting where the Cows are bred several times a day or kept in seclusion to be milked. It has been decided that in an attempt to improve conception rates for Cows that they be given to a dedicated Elite Male in a form of slavery. He is free to use her as he wishes, so long as he attempts to breed her.

Elite Male (MC) and his Stable
This seed would require that my partner be willing and able to play more than one female character. This doesn’t necessary have to mean that sex scenes will be MxFF(+), just that he has choices and there is the story side of maintaining peace within the house.

The number of possibilities in the world are endless as long as my partner is willing to keep an open mind.

What I require of my partner
Be open to risk of pregnancy/Pregnancy as it's thematically necessary. The actual pregnancy and childbirth itself doesn't need to be played out unless you want to do so.
Non-monogamy. My characters are incapable of monogamy by design. That's not to say we'll play out his every interaction, but if you're looking for the romantic guy falls in love and foresakes all for YC story, this isn't gonna work
Post length: I take a certain pride in posting a minimum of 500 to 1000+ words per post. And while I don't expect you to try to match me word for word, getting a reply of under a hundred words will kill the story pretty quick.
Willingness to communicate. If there is a problem, speak up. Please! if something I do in a post triggers you, I'd like to know about it. I am very willing to edit or, if necessary, rewrite an entire post to avoid sensitive issues. If IRL becomes an issue and you need to take a break, just let me know. But please don't ghost on me. If the muse just isn't there, please let me know.

What my partners can expect of me
An openness to most kinks. I don't shame. But I will tell you if it's not my cup of tea. We're writing a story, not engaging in them in real life.
A hard wall between story and us. I am not my characters nor are you yours. I will never treat you like you are your characters.
A willingness to communicate. I really do like to talk with my partners. Be it through discord or PM. And if something bugs me, then I'll speak up.
Post Length and frequency: As stated above anywhere from 500 words and up as the scene may demand.  And I can post multiple times a day if things become necessary.

My only limits are
No children under 18
No MxM (just not my cup of tea, sorry)
Binary only
No Furries
Me playing submissive males (Sorry, but I’ve tried it and it never ends well)
No Diapers
No Scat
No Vore
No Anime pics or artwork for characters. I prefer using face claims to represent our characters.

I’ll discuss anything else that might come up as far as kinks/fetishes are concerned.

Please feel free to reach out to me, but please, please do not post in this thread.