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September 22, 2019, 01:09:20 AM

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For those of you looking at this and asking 'What on earth is this about,' this is about a tabletop rpg, Vampire the Masquerade. It has gone through several editions. This blog is likely going to appeal to those already familiar with it. However, if you have never heard of it & my blog makes you curious, by all means comment or PM me. I'm always happy to talk to people on this subject. Commentary to the thread is generally most welcome in general! (Those of you who know me may literally be groaning that I'm babbling about this game again. I know. I know. I'm obsessed.)

So what is the purpose of this blog? There are several Clans and bloodlines of vampires in the aforementioned tabletop rpg, and my blog is going to explore how their ingrained clan/bloodline curses affect them p...

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Red's Cinematic Blog
- by RedPhoenix, July 19, 2018, 03:22:38 PM
Red's Cinematic Blog

Hi! I watch a lot of movies. Sometimes, I even have thoughts on them. I will post them in this thread! Here you will find reviews, hype about upcoming movies, and discussion about issues in cinema!

For reviews, I will endeavor to give a non-spoilery summary and then post the full review under spoilers. Major Spoilers I may put under their own sub-spoiler tag. I am using the scale here: which I really like and will try to make sure each review includes my thought on each part of the movie.

Personal enjoyment is how much fun did I have watching it. Did I smile, cry, scream or whatever emotion the film was trying to provoke. Basically this category asks the question - did you enjoy the experience?

Aesthetic enjoyment is basically how pretty did I think it was it. This is not just b...

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New Gardening in Florida
- by JuliettaRossi, July 02, 2018, 02:52:38 AM
So, I haven't been on here in quite a while but I noticed the Garden Journal from Peri and read through it and thought I could come back at least and do a little bit of writing about my new time occupier - gardening.

We moved into a new place a few months ago - the selling point was the tropical backyard and the Florida room. For those not living here in Florida, a "Florida-room" is just a sunroom or solarium lol. How we claimed it as our own, I don't know. The room is huge though - the length of the house and really wide. It's got windows the entire length that open, but have no screens right now and the mosquitoes are horrible this year, so we haven't been able to keep them open for very long. I have a few working tables, a tv and stand, a few chairs and a couple of shelving units - all fit comfortably in the room with plenty of space for all the plants. 

Now, disclaimer - I've never grown a thing in my life. I've killed anything I've tired to grow or plants ...

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Mina's Baking and Bunnies
- by PrincessofHeart, June 01, 2018, 05:33:51 PM
Baking and bunnies?  Do those things go together in a way that doesn't make me cry?

Of course they do.  Just look at how cute that is!

Welcome to Mina's Baking and Bunnies Blog, where I'll be discussing my two passions, baking and writing.

For those here for the baking:  I'll be discussing baking projects currently going on in my life, including photos, recipes, tips, tricks, and links to interesting ideas. 

For those here for the writing:  Writing posts will be in the form of plot bunnies.  These may be from a game I'm currently in, or just something that I feel I want to get out of my head.  Obviously, plagiarism is frowned upon, but if something sparks your interest, chances are I'll let you use it for a roleplay.  Just ask!  Writing posts may also includ...

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Square Foot Gardening & Small Scale Aquaponics
- by Imogen, March 22, 2018, 03:14:42 PM
A tiny bit of our garden's history

Ever since hubby and I moved into our current house we have been struggling with our garden.

At first glance, the garden looked ideal. With a surface of no more than 5 by 10 meters (16.4 by 32.9 ft) including garden shed and bicycle parking, it has a pretty good size for someone who doesn't want to spend their entire day gardening, but there's still plenty of room to create something nice. Another plus is that the garden faces Southwest, which meant it should get a lot of sunshine.

Strangely enough, most of our neighbors had their backyards (almost) completely tiled, with tiny strips of green at the borders. How dull, we thought, blissfully ignorant of the implied warning of our neighbors' decisions. We didn't want a garden like that. We'd have a garden that looked lush and green, a place where birds, insects and other animals would feel welcome. It would have a terrace/p...

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[Philosophy] Ego in Debate
- by Dallas, February 20, 2018, 01:16:31 PM
This is a personal perception and it is frequently evolving and developing. It is not declaring law or rule of any form, but rather a philosophy. There are generalizations, as this is not meant to be specialized for any specific subjects in these situations. This is a rough draft, so I am open to suggestion on either it's legibility or the philosophy itself.

Also, if Staff feels like this could serve better in another area of the site... feel free to run it by me and I will likely be happy to go with it.

It is important to discuss any facts that pertain to the issue. The integrity of this information is even more important. Opinions have their place, but it is important to use tangible information to support a position that serves as the base of our opinions.

Propose any solutions to the table believed to be viable. Verify the correlation and validity of what is being presented. Contend with flawed solutions by identifying them, pre...

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A Day In The Life Of A Shelter Worker
- by Verdi, February 17, 2018, 01:42:57 PM

I've had a passion for animals my whole life, since the time when I was a little girl saving frogs from drowning in swimming pools to the woman I am now who rescues animals from abusive owners. It is my life, my purpose for being, my reason for living. I take it very seriously. It brings me a lot of happiness, but it also brings me a lot of sorrow. Working with animals is not easy. There's a lot that goes into it that people on the outside looking in just don't see. I've had people tell me that "it must be fun getting to play with puppies all day long", but that's not what I do. I watch animals die. I watch them suffer. I care for dogs who don't even understand how to act like a dog because they've been stuck in a crate their entire life, their time with me being the only time they've ever felt a loving hand. I rehabilitate broken animals who get scar...

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De-stress & Decompress
- by Bly, February 05, 2018, 06:34:13 PM

This is a blog all about dealing with stress, intense situations, and strong emotions. A few things before I get into the more enjoyable content of the blog, as a disclaimer:

* My blog won't be a substitute for RL therapy/counseling, of course, nor for appropriate RL help of any kind. I myself attend counseling, and it's given me some wonderful tools to deal with stress.
* This is not a place to just vent about one's life. Sharing an anecdote or two is fine, but persistent negativity will be directed to the Bad and the Ugly forum or an Apologies & Absences thread.
* Not everything in here will work for everyone! People are all different. I welcome discussion of healthy methods to cope with stress, even when they aren't methods that work for me personally. They might still work for someone else reading along! The methods I tend to g...

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Whither the Submissive?
- by Undine, January 07, 2018, 08:33:29 PM
Oh my…

I’m looking at this blank page, wondering where to start.  I suppose ‘at the beginning’ is the traditional way of doing these things, but much of what’s occupied my thoughts comes at the ending of so much in my life to this point, I might be forgiven for upending custom.  If not?  I probably won’t lose any sleep over it anyway…

The curtains are falling on many long-standing circumstances, great swaths of my life that are coming to a close, and imminently.  My youngest child is graduating high school come summer, and heading off to college.  And when she leaves, her father and I – after almost twenty years of marriage – will be divorcing.  For the moment we stay together, more-or-less roommates and mostly friendly in our house, so our daughter doesn’t have to find a new high school in her senior year.  He lives his life though, and I live mine, quite separately – the way we really should have been years ago.*  We pursue our separate interests, and that is...

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Hello everyone, it's been awhile. As some of you may know, I often blog through poetry. I have a lot of reasons for doing this, but mostly poetry allows me to get to the heart of what I'm trying to express which is something that I find challenging in any other medium. Now before I get to the point, I'm going to provide a little background. Last February my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. What that means, is that she has the worst stage of the second worst cancer a person can have. Prior to her diagnoses, I had been in nursing school. I didn't leave school just to take care of her, honestly there were a lot of reasons I left. Reasons that I still haven't fully come to terms with. Since then, however, I have had the honor and privilege of taking care of her. Of taking her to her appointments, of sitting with her through chemotherapy, of managing her medications and the plethora of other things that a caretaker does. As hard as it has been, I wouldn't trade these la...

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The United States territory of Puerto Rico is home to:

- Three and a half million American Citizens - nearly all without electricity or access to communication.
- Over one hundred thousand veterans
- Dozens of our own website's members.

When Maria's eyewall passed over the island, over 60,000 Puerto Ricans were still without power from Irma.

Media attention to hurricane Maria has been comparatively tepid, as has the destruction it wrought on Puerto Rico. More attention is given to the island by British media than American. Now, the mayor of San Juan has said that the situation is approaching a genocide.

Complicating this situation is the financial situation Puerto Rico has been suffering for years. Through corruption in its own government and inability to obtain or ...

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To give you some history on me, I wasn't always disabled, I didn't always have uncontrollable pain, I didn't always wake up in the middle of the night just to take more medicine to sleep. I didn't always have a hard time climbing my stairs and I didn't always have a hard time just walking a few feet. All of that changed for me on May 18, 2016. What happened to me you may ask that would change my life so drastically? I finished a set of shots in my back for 3 bulging discs and that very night, I felt so bad I was in bed by six pm. I woke up just two hours later with my hands completely asleep in the same position I have slept in all my life and never once had they ever fallen asleep. Since then, my legs have become so sensitive nothing can touch them but hot water. If cold water touches them, it sends my nerves ablaze, if the wind touches them, I hurt so much I want to cry and if the sun touches them, it burns like insanely more than normal. If my cat rubs up against them, I start to m...

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