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April 25, 2019, 02:54:39 AM

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In the wake of some conversations i have had recently with family and others, I thought to bring this up again. I actually care about social consequences and the dangerous precedents they may set for the future. I have said this before, but I have never made necessary distinctions. Perhaps, I should finally do so...

"He is a parasite to humanity. He is irredeemable garbage."


"She lied and caused this damage, therefore deserves no chance at redemption."

This corrosive speech troubles me because it carries the danger of robbing another of choices. It is more than stating opinion or shaming; it is making the choice for them and possibly places a wall to block their path in life. Note, there is a difference between creating a barrier to protect yourself and completely removing one's potential to change. In this, one creates the monster and denies them the capacity to "rejoin the human race" or change their ways...

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"Watchman's Dirge"
- by Dallas, April 06, 2019, 09:38:20 AM
To a friend that had stood beside me, proud.
Years ago, to where none should bound

Your trust in my rifle and throw;
Eyes vigilant for our foes.
Our war never mattered, as you know
The burden that we could never show
A friend, you trusted me to see
The pain you beared, which I now sing.

It saddens my soul to hear of your fall
Had I been there I would stand with you, tall
War you had left, yet another you brought
Had I only known of the pain this had wrought.
Your eyes harbored the seas, lit with worry
But, bright with the fast march! Ever the hurry.

There was nothing wrong in you
Your honor and love; righteous and true.
Shame is knowing you trusted me, free
While I turned back and stripped the sleeve.
This isn't me, I would always say.
Yet, I wish I could speak with you, on this day.

Though warriors live and die by the blade
I was right to re...

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'Am I Evil?' -- Beyond Good and Evil (WiP)
- by Dallas, April 04, 2019, 05:46:04 PM
I had this conversation with my step-mom a couple of weeks ago on the notion of Good and Evil. A peeve of mine is sometimes turning things "black-and-white" when it blurs the root of a given ordeal.

In my experience, few things in life are as simple as good and evil. What makes me laugh, is that I can't seem to escape this mentality in writing stories... even knowing full well that human problems are more complicated and not easy put into a box.

A "good" thing, for example, is to be a good Samaritan. One, however, might avoid helping one in need for many reasons. And it isn't necessarily "evil".

One could fear danger in falling in a trap; a false situation designed to prey on good natured people. A simplistic view couod brand them a coward, but whether this is true or not in the situation... it isn't actually "evil". The same person might not get involved because they may not have time or resources to help the one in need. They could also have selfish...

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To fight oneself is to fight a protracted war that cannot truly be won. Even if you somehow won, you technically defeat yourself. The winner is you, and the loser is still you. Maybe it persists and renews in order to gain some measure of control.

"But why fight yourself?" You might be wondering. Hmmm. Why, indeed. See, it is easy to look at something you might dislike or hate because it goes against your 'convictions'... or some self-image of collective benevolence or virtue. The challenge, really, is to mediate yourself between maintaining this sense of honor and being so critical of every word you speak, or perhaps every action you take. It is a slippery slope, a mistep could lead you falling into ego or self-loathing.

The way I see it? If you don't look at yourself with honest eyes, you end up creating something within you built on lies. Compelled speech is one example of how the "false self" might save face with others, even if it goes against a genui...

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[Philosophy] Ego in Debate
- by Dallas, February 20, 2018, 01:16:31 PM
This is a personal perception and it is frequently evolving and developing. It is not declaring law or rule of any form, but rather a philosophy. There are generalizations, as this is not meant to be specialized for any specific subjects in these situations. This is a rough draft, so I am open to suggestion on either it's legibility or the philosophy itself.

Also, if Staff feels like this could serve better in another area of the site... feel free to run it by me and I will likely be happy to go with it.

It is important to discuss any facts that pertain to the issue. The integrity of this information is even more important. Opinions have their place, but it is important to use tangible information to support a position that serves as the base of our opinions.

Propose any solutions to the table believed to be viable. Verify the correlation and validity of what is being presented. Contend with flawed solutions by identifying them, pre...

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Dimensions of Leadership
- by Dallas, July 26, 2017, 12:32:05 PM
I have decided to write this for myself (and perhaps others if they might need a reminder or second opinion as to what it means). I also understand that people might think of political happenings/figures and other 'leadership' issues our countries might face. One may be tempted to make a snarky comment about such happenings here in my blog.

Please Don't. Please do not shift or distract the intended focus of my work here. This is not a PROC thread. This is my work and largely spoken from my own mouth.

This is also gradually developing. You are welcome to make suggestions and comment, of course. This is meant to translate my take on what it means to lead in somewhat to all forms of leadership (World Leaders to even those such as that run and maintain forums on the internet;  Leadership is leadership).

This is also not formal rule, by the way. This is simply philosophy.

I. Dimension o...

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'Commitment, Confidence and Male Struggles'

A quick disclaimer here... I am going to be talking about my past (and somewhat current) struggles experiences with relationships and dating. Keep in mind that this is from a perspective of one male. I am not speaking on behalf of all men, nor am I speaking for all women out there. I usually go up to bat for people that try to do right by others, even when relationships go south. There are good-hearted people and some are... well...

Honestly, I don't even think this is about "bad" people... just mostly making my own personal space to clear my head and decompress. Maybe even introspect a bit. Some frustration with myself, as well as with others that have rather conflicted expectations from me as a male. That sorta thing. An...

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'Persist or Surrender?'

Heh... Let's see if I can gather my thoughts in such a way that minimizes confusion. Forgive me, if something does not seem to be clear. I do my best to be legible. ;)

Now... I am pursuing a path that enables me to create games and stories for a living. Not for any earnings that I may (or may not) achieve, but for the simple joy in which I find in it. What others may enjoy from what I create. Naturally, there are other elements that complicate that goal. While money would normally be one, it isn't so much of a bother in my situation. I'm still poor, but I don't have a lot of expenses and I live within my means. I can still make ends meet for a while if I remain focused on the business plan. However, one key element of complication is my relationships with people. As ...

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'The Root of Hypocrisy'

Disclaimer: I feel that this gets a tad ranty... so I apologize. ^-^

You know, I would say that hypocrisy bothers me more than anything but... I think what I find to be the root of hypocrisy is more offensive to me. Particularly when it is gleefully swallowed like just another shot of hard liquor.

While I am indeed aggravated by hypocrites... I am also a firm believer that anyone (and everyone) can stumble in those weeds by losing track of themselves every now and then. After all... we are all supposed to be human, right? But I strongly feel that hypocrisy is bred by ignorance as its chief catalyst. I don't think there is anything I hate more than being profiled, type-casted or stereotyped... especially by people that are...

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'The Friend I Needed'

The great "quest" in single life continues... as always, doesn't it? Wake up, hurry up, wait in traffic, rush off to our crap-sack job and just hope the day breezes by problem-free. Then once the nightmare is over with that day, find stuff to do to fill in whatever gaps of time we have to ourselves.

Now, back in my own shoes at the present time. Here I sit peering into a screen, mulling over concerns and possible directions I should take on my own. Sure enough, I always have that fond memory of a friend that remains dear to me. Remembering that person that's now missing from my puzzle. The one that I look back on as a role model, then remember just where to keep driving on if I'm ever lost.

That one... that one that stuck with me for years...
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'Hidden Romancist'

I'm probably going to get weird for some folks here, but I can only really write my feelings on this based on my instincts. So I'm just gonna roll with it. Humor me, won't you?

When you get to be in your late twenties, I swear... people like me apparently really get to thinking a lot about where in blue hell our lives are going from here. It doesn't help that I was always one of those people with an "older mindset" than my peers. So I feel like I've been thinking over-thinking this for the past ten years.

I sometimes still feel like I should have my act together and my life in order, by now. Though I can never decide what my own standards are for what "in order" actually means, in truth. Talks with my mother about my "dread in turning 30" com...

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A Temple of Two Spirits -- 4: Dallas the Liar
- by Dallas, February 16, 2016, 01:32:26 AM
'Dallas the Liar'

This is just one of those nights where I do that battle with myself that my previous entries have mentioned.

Heh. Where the compassionate empath duels with that protective bird with old wounds. For those that ever wondered why my last moniker on Elliquiy was 'Twisted Crow'... well, now you understand what it references to. In about 20 years of experience with being a caring, wounded bird; I've learned that sometimes the "wrong" thing to do is be honest about how you feel. These are one of those times where life does not normally "reward you for honesty"... instead, it damns you. Despite the common misnomer, most people don't want to hear the truth. They want to hear what makes them feel good. They want you to put their min...

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